5 reasons why spring is the best time of year to visit Netherlands

The Netherlands or “the low countries” has more than 50% of the whole country just 1 meter above sea level. It has one of the most interesting and efficient systems of water evacuation in the world.
By the way, did you know that the Netherlands is the world’s second-largest beer exporter and cycling in this country is the safest in the world?! Interesting isn’t it?!

Netherlands is famous because of its windmills, unlimited tulip fields, bike-friendly cities and a large variety of beer.
The country is an all-year-round destination. Each of the four seasons has its own activities do be done and its beauty.

How about spring? Why spring is the best time of year to visit Netherlands?

First of all, I want to tell you that in spring the temperature is somewhere between 4 to 17 degrees Celsius and the days are mostly sunny and warm. There are not that many tourists as in summer so you will enjoy more the time spent at the most interesting attractions in the country.

Besides that, I will give you the best 5 reasons why you should visit this interesting country in spring!

1. Tulips are blooming

From mid-March to early May is the flower season in the Netherlands. All the fields are full of colourful flowers. Tulips are the most beautiful and colourful of all. Yellow, red, purple and many other vibrant colours beauty the landscape! No wonder why the Netherlands is famous for its flowers! The most famous tulip park from the country is Keukenhof. It is actually a tulip garden, the Netherlands’ hot spot during the blooming season!

5 reasons why spring is the best time of year to visit Netherlands
Netherlands Tulip fields

Although it is shoulder season, the garden is very crowded in the blooming season. If you want to take great pictures of the place and avoid the crowds then you’d better visit the place early in the morning or on weekdays. Do not try to go here on weekends! It is overcrowded!

2. The Dutch celebrate Queen’s Day

If you are a party lover and a fan of parades then the period between the last weekend of April to the first weekend of May is the best time of year to visit Netherlands. On this period of the year, Netherlands is the host of the largest party from the entire year. The locals celebrate Queen Day and Liberation Day, which is the end of World War II.

5 reasons why spring is the best time of year to visit Netherlands
Netherlands Queen’s Day

During this period of a year the hotel and car rental prices explore! Everybody is celebrating! It is the most important public holiday! And locals like to party! So prepare yourself to party till morning and to spend a lot of money because everything is much more expensive than usual.

3. It is the European Fine Art Fair

European Fine Art Fair is the world most important antique and art fair. It usually takes place in the middle of March in Maastricht. It is the dreamland for antique collectors!
Here you can find everything you could think about and even more!

4. Take the bike in the park

After a long and cold winter, the days become warmer and sunny, nature wakes up from the long winter sleep! It is a good period to explore Netherlands cities and parks by bike.

5 reasons why spring is the best time of year to visit Netherlands
Visit Amsterdam Canal by Bike

Spring is the best time of year to visit Netherlands by bike! Everything is green and all the flowers are blooming! It is a unique landscape and which better way to choose to enjoy the view than bike?!
Being such a safe country for bikers, you should not be worried! Rent a bike and visit a park or even a city! You will get a completely new perspective over the place after a bike tour!

5. Is Alkmaar Cheese Market

Cheese lovers, this is the perfect place! The Netherlands is famous for its tasty cheese! They even have an international market dedicated to Cheese. The Market takes place in Alkmaar and is very popular among cheese lovers. It usually takes place in April each year in the city called Alkmaar.

5 reasons why spring is the best time of year to visit Netherlands
Alkmaar Cheese Market Netherlands

Now that is why I consider spring to be the best time of year to visit Netherlands! Nature comes to life, there are many markets and many reasons to celebrate! It is the ideal period to visit the Netherlands as the prices are lower than in summer and the number of tourists is still reasonable.

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