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Top 5 Beaches in Rhodes for an Unforgettable Summer Vacation

Sunny days, sandy beaches and turquoise waters are the perfect ingredients for your beach holiday.

Rhodes is one of the places where you can find all these elements packed together.

Did you know that in Rhodes, during summer months there is no rain?! Yes, that’s right! No rain at all! This fact together with the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful sandy beach make from the island the perfect holiday destination.

Rent a car and explore the island! It is the best way to explore the area!

Have a unique experience by exploring the area in your own rented car

Whether you prefer day trips from your hotel or a tour around the country, car rental is the best way for creating your own experience and live your dream vacation

Here are a top 5 with the most beautiful Rhodes beaches to visit during your holiday!

     1. Anthony Quinn beach

Named after the famous actor who used to come and swim in this waters, Anthony Quinn beach is just 20 km away from Rhodes town. It is a small and narrow strip of land with sandy and pebbly and beautiful sunbeds and umbrellas where to spend all your day! 

Best 5 Rhodes beaches for your summer holiday

Anthony Quinn beach Rhodes Greece

Pine trees, natural stone surfaces and emerald green water surround the area.

The beach is located just 4 km away from Faliraki and is famous for its lush vegetation and emerald waters.

You can reach this beach by car or public transport.

Book some nights in Faliraki and enjoy the beauty of this beach! There are plenty of options to choose from suitable for every budget.

     2. St Paul’s bay

Located right near Lindos village, this beautiful place is on the southeast coast of Rhodes in beautiful golf with shallow and warm water. It is the best place to spend a few days in the sun!

Best 5 Rhodes beaches for your summer holiday

St Paul’s Bay Lindos Greece

Because the place is very beautiful, it is very crowded too, especially during the summer months! Wake up early in the morning and go to the beach to choose your favourite place where to spend your day!

This is the best place to relax and enjoy the sun!

We booked a few nights in Lindos and we reached the beach by car! It is a very short drive and totally worth it!

     3. Lindos beach one of the most beautiful Rhodes beaches

Located near Lindos village, Lindos beach is 48 km away from Rhodes. To get here you need a car or public transport.

Best 5 Rhodes beaches for your summer holiday

Lindos Beach Rhodes Greece

But once you get there you will have a very pleasant surprise. I liked a lot this place! Its beautiful golden sandy beach and the crystal clear water makes from this spot the ideal destination for families. Along the beach, there are bars and restaurants where you can drink a cocktail and relax.

Best 5 Rhodes Beaches Greece

Best 5 Rhodes Beaches Greece

The beach is located close to the village and there is public transport to get here. Obviously the car is the best option because you don’t have to be stressed out by bus schedule and crowds.

Book a few nights in Lindos and enjoy the days on the beach!

     4. Tsambika beach

Looking for a place to have fun and party all day and night? This is the perfect spot! The beach is full of restaurants and bars where to enjoy a drink! It is a nonstop party place!

Best 5 Rhodes beaches for your summer holiday

Tsambika beach Rhodes Greece

Tsambika beach is also the perfect place to practice water sports! It is a good way to spend your time and enjoy the day! Water sports providers are very easy to find and guarantee total fun! It is not the perfect place for families with kids! I would say it is the best option for people searching for parties and water activities and one of the best Rhodes beaches!

You can find fancy and modern accommodation very close to the beach and each day take your car to go to Tsambika! The beach is not very far from Kolymbia!

    5. Faliraki beach

I would say that Faliraki is the most crowded and popular beach from the island. Water sports centres are everywhere! You can practice water skiing, diving and windsurfing!

Best 5 Rhodes beaches for your summer holiday

Faliraki Beach Rhodes Greece

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Along the beach, there are many restaurants and tavernas, the ideal places to try local cuisine.

Faliraki is the ideal place for families and couples, too.

At a very short distance from the main beach, you can find the nudist beach, a small and very well organised strip of sand with colourful sunbeds and umbrellas, nice bars and cosy restaurants. It’s good to know that you have this option, too! Rhodes beaches are for everybody, no matter what are they searching for!

Best 5 Beaches in Rhodes Greece for this summer

Best 5 Beaches in Rhodes Greece for this summer

There are plenty of things to do in the area, so booking a few nights in Faliraki is a good option! It is the easiest, fastest and comfortable way to explore the area!

Rhodes has many beautiful beaches! Some of them are more wild and unknown, while others are very crowded and popular among tourists. Get a car and explore the island to see which one is perfect for you!