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Every San Antonio brewery you need to visit

If you are looking for the best San Antonio brewery you are in the right place, as this article brings you the best breweries in San Antonio that you cannot miss.

San Antonio is one of the largest cities in Texas, with many interesting attractions, rich history, and a vibrant atmosphere.

The cosmopolitan cities of Austin, Houston, and Dallas might come with more breweries and pubs, but the San Antonio beer is innovative, bold, and extremely tasteful.

You will be surprised by the number of breweries in San Antonio TX, all offering their clients a large variety of beers so that even the pickiest ones will find something to like.

15 Best breweries in San Antonio

Check out:  1.Alamo Beer Company; 2. Blue Star Brewing Company; 3. Freetail Brewing Co; 4. 5 Stones Artisan Brewery; 5. Roadmap Brewing Company; 6. Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling; 7.  MadPecker Brewing Co.; 8. Southernleigh Fine Food && Brewing; 9. Weathered Souls Brewing Co; 10. Kuenstler Brewing; 11. Black Laboratory Brewing; 12. Dorcol Distilling & Brewing Co; 13. Busted Sandal Brewing Company; 14. Dos Sirenos Brewing; 15. Pearl Brewery

Join us to discover the 15 best breweries in San Antonio TX, all offering award-winning beer, cozy hangout spots, and a fantastic atmosphere.

1. Alamo Beer Company

The Alamo Beer Company is located near San Antonio. It became famous because its beers are “independent, courageous, unrestrained, and true.”

The brewery was opened in 2014, but Simon, the owner, has been selling beer on a beer wagon since 1997.

San Antonio brewery tanks
San Antonio brewery tanks

Here you can find a wide variety of beer, including Luna Blanca White, Golden Ale, pale ale, pilsner, IPA, and more.

Like Germans, the owners of Alamo Beer Co celebrate each year Oktoberfest with special types of beer like dark lagers, malty lagers as well as pretzels, and many other Bavarian specialties. 

The brewery is big and has both outdoor and indoor seating. Many people think it is the best brewery in San Antonio.

The onsite kitchen serves specialties that can be paired with beer out of which the most popular are pulled pork sandwich and jumbo soft pretzels.

Quite often, this brewery in San Antonio hosts karaoke, trivia, fundraising initiatives, live music, and other events so that anytime you go; something is happening around you always.

2. Blue Star Brewing Company

Blue Star Brewery Company is one of the best San Antonio breweries right near the city’s riverwalk.

It is the best place to hang out with your friends, taste delicious beer and relax.

The brewery is one of the oldest microbreweries in the area, and it was opened in 1996. 

San Antonio brewery hop
San Antonio brewery hop

It offers a wide range of organic beers, around 14 craft bees, out of which my favorite ones are Green Tractor IPA, Spire Stout, and the crisp, dry Texican.

Together with a beer goes perfectly with something to eat, cooked from locally-grown and fresh ingredients.

We strongly recommend you try the jalapeno poppers, the brisket sandwich or the fried mushrooms.

If you are a party lover, don’t miss the Tuesday Jazz Night with live artists between 8 and 10 pm.

3. Freetail Brewing Co

Without any doubt, you won’t find any other beer depot in San Antonio to embody the spirit of the city as Freetail Brewing Co does.

There are two locations open across the city, and its name comes from Texas’ official flying animal, the Mexican Freetailed Bat.

The brewery is famous for its experiments that are done to prepare new and innovative types of beer.

You should try the Soul Doubt, a beer with an interesting twist of citrus, pine, orchard fruit and wildflower.

Another interesting beer is the Bat Outta Helles, a silky, light malt flavor with a slightly herbal touch.

San Antonio brewery beer glass
San Antonio brewery beer glass

The brewery has its permanent collection of beer and some seasonal types, of which Yo Soy Un Berliner and Oktoberfiesta are the most popular.

For those who prefer classical beer, I recommend going with San Antonio Pale Ale and American Amber.

If you want to see how the beer is made, then go for a brewery tour available each Saturday from 3 to 5 pm.

Stand-up lovers, make sure you don’t miss the first Thursday of each month when there is a stand-up comedy night with famous artists.

4. 5 Stones Artisan Brewery

5 Stones Artisan Brewery is a place where people go to have fun and relax. It opened in 2013 and became popular very quickly.

The brewery is located about 30 minutes drive from San Antonio downtown to New Braunfels.

The outdoor space of this brewery is simply stunning, with plenty of tables spread under huge oak trees and far from the city’s pollution.

Here are classical beers and some very interesting varieties like the Aloha Pina, a golden beer with pineapple and jalapenos.

Brewery in San Antonio
Brewery in San Antonio

There is live music and food trucks in the area, and a lot of space to run so bring your kids and pets with you when going to 5 Stones Artisan Brewery.

Their beer is so popular that they sell it all across San Antonio and people say about it that it is the best San Antonio brewery.

5. Roadmap Brewing Company

Roadmap Brewing Company is a family-owned brewery that started in a garage and evolved into a downtown destination.

Today it is a beautiful brewery, a great place to chill and spend quality time with your friends and family.

There is plenty of space indoors and outdoors, and the menu is very rich, serving beers on tap suitable for everyone.

Brewery in San Antonio hang out friends
Brewery in San Antonio hang out friends

Go for the Minivan Dad, a double IPA with exotic citrus and mango flavors, or order a tasting flight and find your favorite beer.

The brewery doesn’t serve food, but a food truck on the property called Project Pollo serves some really tasty treats.

6. Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling

One of the most interesting breweries in San Antonio Texas is Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling, the first brewstillery in Texas that produces both beer and whiskey.

The most delicious beers that can be served at Rangers Creek are:

  • Strawberry Milk Stout, a chocolate covered strawberries beer
  • Love Struck Hefe, a slightly sweet German Beer with a Texas flair that carries notes of clove and banana.
  • Regular beers like San Antonio Lager and Skytrooper IPA.
Breweries in San Antonio
Breweries in San Antonio

Most of the beers sold here had been named after the local landmarks.

As for the whisky, you definitely have to try the .36 Texas Straight Bourbon with flavors of butterscotch, caramel, and cinnamon.

7. MadPecker Brewing Co.

Located in the vicinity of Sea World San Antonio, MadPecker Brewing Co is a San Antonio brewery you should not miss on your brewery tour across the city.

What is unique and interesting about this small brewery is that it looks like a dive bar from the inside.

The collection of beers is not very large, but all beers are tasty. You can try them on a single visit.

Breweries in San Antonio Tx
Breweries in San Antonio Tx

Three beers are produced all year round, and some seasonal ones with interesting and local flavors.

If you can only pick one beer, go for the Bitter Soul beer. It is unique and different from other beers. Plus, it supports local businesses.

8. Southerleigh Fine Food && Brewing

If you are a beer fan and plan to explore San Antonio, then you cannot skip the Southerleigh Fine Food && Brewing.

The menu from this brewery was developed by Chef Jeff Balfour, while the beers served at this microbrewery are among the best in town.

The brewery is located in the historic Pearl District and features a stunning dining room with dark wood floors, high ceilings, leather chairs, and an interesting view of the brewing tanks.

The brewery was established in 1883 and today is a very popular restaurant and bar with 15 barrel brew house.

Best brewery in San Antonio
Best brewery in San Antonio

The place is kid and pet friendly, so it is the perfect destination for an evening out with the whole family.

The food menu is extremely rich, with snapper throats, Mississippi mud pies, and deviled eggs.

You can choose classic wines from the menu and cocktails like the frozen pineapple cocktail.

More than 20 types of beer go well with the food on the menu. There are also local ciders and hard seltzers that would be a good choice.

Start your beer tasting with a traditional German-style lager. Then try a fruitier beer like Gimme Some Mora.

9. Weathered Souls Brewing Co

Weathered Sould Brewing Co is another interesting option when talking about breweries in San Antonio.

The San Antonio Brewery is a place where people can go to drink beer. It is located near the airport and has a old-fashioned feel to it.

The brewery is huge, with high ceilings, a positive atmosphere, and a long list of constantly changing beers.

Best breweries in San Antonio
Best breweries in San Antonio

The owners bring the beers from South Texas and try always to have a new small-batch beer every Thursday.

One of the best beers from Weathered is Dale Shine Lager, a light and crispy beer that goes perfectly with the food from the menu.

It is the best brewery in San Antonio TX, if you want to hang out with your friends, eat something good and drink a good beer.

10. Kuenstler Brewing

Opened in 2017 by Vera and Brent Deckard, Kuenstler Brewing is a good choice for an evening out in the beautiful city of San Antonio.

This is one of the best places to drink craft beer from the whole town, and only at Kuenstler can you find both Texas and German beer.

The brewery is great for hanging out with friends, drinking beer, and eating something yummy.

There are indoor and outdoor spaces where you can drink, eat, and breathe fresh air.

On the menu, you can find more than 15 craft beers, all locally made, from lagers to pale ales.

11. Black Laboratory Brewing

Black Laboratory Brewing is one of the best breweries in San Antonio when speaking about IPA beer.

Although it is quite a new brewery, don’t let yourself be fooled, as it is managed by two former chemists who worked at a food testing laboratory.

At Black Laboratory Brewing producing beer is more about creativity and a new and innovative twist.

Beer depot in San Antonio
Beer depot in San Antonio

Two of their most popular beers are the Bindi Blonde Ale and the Vanilla Joe stout, which is made with Costa Rican coffee and Mexican vanilla.

Some seasonable flavors are also used to produce cider, like apple, pumpkin spice and blueberry pie.

There are all kinds of daily and weekly events like bike rides, yoga classes, and happy hours, which involve beer.

12. Dorcol Distilling & Brewing Co

The distillery and beer producer became famous for its Kinsman apricot rakia. It became a popular spot among beer lovers of San Antonio.

Most of their beers are inspired by European styles like English porters and Belgian Saisons.

Beer depot in San Antonio craft beer
Beer depot in San Antonio craft beer

A must-try beer is the West Coast-style IPA, a comfortable mix of European and local influences with notes of citrus and tropical fruits.

13. Busted Sandal Brewing Company

Busted Sandal Brewing Company is, without any doubt, one of the top breweries in San Antonio. 

When touring the city and looking for the best brewery in San Antonio, this place must be on your list.

The brewery is located on Oaklawn Drive in Oak Hills, about 15-minute drive from San Antonio downtown.

The made here is from local and natural ingredients, and the energy they use in the beer production is 100% green.

Craft Beer San Antonio
Craft Beer San Antonio

Busted Sandal is owned by two friends who love drinking good quality beer, so the atmosphere is very cozy, perfect for making new friends and drinking something delicious.

On the menu, there are year-round beers and seasonal varieties.

You can choose IPA, Mexican lager, porter, Hefeweizen, and light are among the most popular year-round beers.

The most popular variety is the Jeffeweizen, a delicious beer named after the head brewer, Jeff.

14. Lone Star Brewery in San Antonio

One of the oldest breweries in Texas and the first large mechanized brewery in the state is the Lone Star Brewery in San Antonio, built-in 1884 and located on Lone Star Boulevard.

The company was closed during Prohibition in 1921 and then reopened in 1933.

Lone Star Brewery site suffered multiple transformations over the years, and finally, in 1996, it was closed to the public.

The local municipality has tried to resuscitate the place and is planning to open it again for locals and tourists looking to have fun, eat something good and drink a delicious beer.

beer San Antonio
beer San Antonio

The property was sold to local developer GrayStreet Partners, who partnered with Houston-based developer Midway to create something similar to the Pearl, a wonderful Lone Star District for entertainment.

The local municipality allocated 24 million USD in funding for private investors to transform Lone Star Brewery in one of the most popular spots south of downtown.

15. Pearl Brewery

Pearl Brewery is one of the best breweries in San Antonio. It has a long and rich history with many twists and turns.

This San Antonio brewery was built in 1883. After 4 years of research and multiple tries, the company developed its legendary receipt that is still used today, and it is the most popular beer in Texas.

Over the years, the company had multiple owners, and in 2001, it was closed for a short period of time.

craft beer San Antonio TX
craft beer San Antonio TX

A lot of people thought that the brewery was going to close forever, but they were wrong. The brewery reopened, and it looks different now.

Today it is one of the most vibrant places in San Antonio, with wide varieties of beer, award-winning restaurants, beautiful green spaces and an excellent shopping area.

Best hotels in San Antonio close to breweries

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott San Antonio Downtown/Alamo Plaza is our top choice for this magnificent city.

The hotel is about a 5-minute walk from the riverwalk and The Alamo. It has an outdoor swimming pool and modern guestrooms.

Fairfield Inn Suites by Marriott San Antonio Downtown
Fairfield Inn Suites by Marriott San Antonio Downtown

A complimentary breakfast is served daily at the property, and in your room, you have a coffee maker to start your day with a good coffee.