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These are the 11 fantastic natural springs in Texas

Natural springs in Texas are extremely popular among tourists and locals looking to cool off in a spring nestled in the middle of nature after a stressful week at work.

If you are hunting for the most beautiful natural spring Texas, you are in the right place.
This article puts together the most beautiful Texas natural springs.

So no matter what part of the Lone Star State you choose to visit, if there is a fabulous spring in that area, you will surely find it in this list.

There are many different types of springs that you can visit. You can find springs for relaxing, adventure, or even spending time with your family.

There are many different types of springs. You can find springs for relaxing, adventure, or even spending time with your family.

Barton springs pool overview
Barton springs pool overview

A natural spring is a place where groundwater comes to the surface. It becomes surface water at this point.

All the rivers, waterfalls, and waters on Earth come from a spring.

Springs have been humans’ most important source of fresh water for years.

There are two types of natural springs if we classify them from the water temperature:

  • Normal springs
  • Hot springs or thermal springs where the water temperature is significantly higher than the air temperature.

In this article, I included both types of the natural springs, so you can choose whichever you like most.

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Stunning natural springs in Texas

1. Krause Springs

Krause Springs is one of the most beautiful springs in Texas, with a very popular camping site.

It is located near Austin and is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city, home to beautiful springs.

Krause Springs Texas swing rope
Krause Springs Texas swing rope

Since 1955, people have been able to visit this natural spring water in Texas. The park has more than 32 springs that people can enjoy.

You can swim in natural springs and pools to cool down your body during the hot summer days. The water is the perfect temperature to refresh yourself.

Near the springs are the stunning Butterfly Gardens, the perfect area to experience the fabulous wildlife in the area.

Krause Springs Texas Swimming pools
Krause Springs Texas Swimming pools

On this property, you are allowed to camp in a tent or RV. Some areas are just for tents, and other areas are just for RVs.

Go to the official website for ticket rates and to see if camping is open and the springs are accessible. This is one of the most beautiful water springs in Texas.

Krause Springs Texas falls
Krause Springs Texas falls

Sleeping close to Krause Springs

Coventry Casa from Spicewood is where you must stay with your family and friends. This 5-bedroom rental house features fantastic views of the lake, a fully equipped kitchen, and 4 bathrooms. Towels and bed linen are available, and a beautiful outdoor pool is waiting for you.

2. Big Bend National Park Hot Springs

Big Bend National Park is the best place to go if you are looking for natural hot springs in Texas.

The most famous hot spring in the park is called Langford Hot Springs located along the Rio Grande River.

Another famous hot spring in the park is called Boquillas Hot Springs or Big Bend Hot Springs. It is located close to the Mexican border.

This national park used to be home to indigenous people. You can see their rock art when you explore the park today.

big bend national park river view
big bend national park river view

The geothermal springs in the park are heated by the earth’s heat and have the same temperature all year long. The average temperature is 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

The salt found on the rocks and then in the waters of the springs is said to have healing properties.

If you want to go to the hot springs, you have to walk on a path for about half a mile. Make sure you don’t leave anything behind in the car!

Follow the hiking path if you want to see more of the national park. You will get to a point where you can see the Rio Grande River.

This is a great place to go if you want to relax in a hot spring. You will feel refreshed and new after coming here.

big bend national park canoeing natural springs in Texas
big bend national park canoeing

You are not allowed to spend the night in the area around these natural hot springs in Texas.

However, there are designated tent camping areas inside the national park where you can put your tent and camp for the night.

Sleeping close to Big Bend National Park

The 5-star Lajitas Golf Resort is where you have to spend your night. This stunning golf resort features a gourmet West Texas cuisine restaurant, a full-service spa, and spacious rooms. Hiking, fossil explorations, and horseback riding are also available at the property.

Lajitas Golf Resort dining area
Lajitas Golf Resort dining area

3. Jacob’s Well

Located a short drive from Austin, Texas, Jacob’s Well is a very popular place among explorers worldwide. 

This underwater cave system is a place where people go to see natural springs in Texas.

People also go there to see the well that goes into the darkness above the caves.

jacobs well overview
jacobs well overview

The second longest underwater cave in Texas is found here.

The karstic spring forms Cypress Creek and goes through Wimberly into the Blanco River.

This spring has a lot of plants and animals because the water has a lot of nutrients that help them grow.

It is the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day, but you must make a reservation first.

This reservation is only good for 2 hours. You have to pay to enter if you want to swim here.

If you want to explore the area, you can just go there.

But it is better to get there early in the morning. This way you have a better chance of getting what you want because it is first come, first served.

jacob well limestone cliffs
jacob well limestone cliffs

There are a lot of hiking trails near here.

But before you go on one, it is a good idea to check how long it is, how hard it will be, and how long it will take. That way, you can be prepared for the hike.

During the colder months of the year, you can take a guided tour from October to April.

A professional guide who knows much about geology, nature, and history will tell you interesting facts about wildlife and the aquifer system.

You need to make a reservation for this tour as they are conducted only by request.

Sleeping close to Jacob’s Well

Wimberley Inn is the place to spend your holiday as it has the best price-quality in the area. The hotel features a beautiful garden and a terrace, spacious rooms with seating areas, and flat screen TV.

4. Comal Springs

Looking for the most impressive and largest natural springs in Texas?

Comal Springs should be the first place on your list to visit.

These are the largest springs in Texas and are located in Landa Park.

There are seven big springs and many small springs around them.

People have found things like tools and jewelry near the springs.

This proves that long ago, people who used these things were living in the area.

In 2013, when people started to improve the land again, they found more than 450 springs.

Now this place is known as the biggest spring in Texas and southwestern America.

Kayaking Lake Comal Springs
Kayaking Lake Comal Springs

The area is packed with outdoor activities, including paddle boarding, canoeing, and kayaking.

There is even a golf course near the water, and a miniature train goes around the area.

Don’t forget to take your picnic basket with some goodies and a lot of water as there is a designated area where you can picnic.

There are many hiking trails available for you to explore the park.

You can hike on them to see the wildlife, trees, and plants.

Swimming is no longer allowed in a large portion of Landa Lake. This is mainly because this lake is home to an impressive number of endangered species.

Sleeping close to Comal Springs

The beautiful The Resort at Schlitterbahn is the right place to spend your holiday and is close to Comal Springs.

The rooms are big and clean and have a refrigerator, cable TV, and microwave to prepare a snack before going to sleep.

The Resort at Schlitterbahn lazy river
The Resort at Schlitterbahn lazy river

5. Blue Hole

The 125 acres of the park where Blue Hole is located is open to the public of all ages and is one of the most visited places in Texas.

This park has a lot of outdoor activities, so it is a great place for a summer vacation with your family.

Blue Hole in Texas Blue Hole Lagoon
Blue Hole in Texas Blue Hole Lagoon

You can swim here during the summer days from May to September, but only if you have a reservation.

So make sure you reserve your seat in advance if you want to enjoy this natural beauty with your family.

From October to April, you can’t swim because the water is too cold. But you can explore and hike in the area.

The Blue Hole Springs is a place where you can hike on a trail for 4 and a half hours.

You can also see the plants and animals that live there. It is a good place to go to relax and think.

There is a sand volleyball court and a basketball court near the springs. You will not be bored if you come here to visit.

Austin Cottage on Cypress Creek near Blue Hole Texas
Austin Cottage on Cypress Creek near Blue Hole Texas

There is an entrance fee for adults if you want to enter the park, but as I said earlier, make sure you reserve your seat in advance.

For more details about Blue Hole, please read the full article here.

Sleeping close to Blue Hole

Austin Cottage on Cypress Creek is another wonderful vacation home located in Wimberley, a short drive from Blue Hole.

The property has one bathroom and one bedroom, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a beautiful patio with a river view.

6. Boykin Springs 

Located in Zavalla, this rocky spring is one of the most beautiful Texas natural springs that should be on your list.

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit Boykin Springs, but I drop below the ones that really matter.

You can camp in the Boykin Springs Recreation Area or stay in a cabin inside the park.

You can come with your RV. There is a special area for RVs with each camper having their own space.

Boykin Springs camping area
Boykin Springs camping area

There is one thing I want to tell you about camping inside the park before moving forward: you can find drinking water all over the park, but none of the campsites have access to the water.

Among the most popular activities you can try while in the park I would like to mention:

  • fishing, as you can fish directly from the springs
  • Hiking, and here I recommend Sawmill Hiking Trail
  • Swim into the spring

The list of places where you can swim inside the park is quite long, and some spots with sandy beaches are perfect for families with kids.

So, if you have toddlers, don’t forget to bring sand toys that will keep your kid busy the whole time.

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Sleeping close to Boykin Springs

There is no better place to spend a holiday than at Brookeland Resort Cabin with Golf and Lake Access, a wonderful holiday home with 3 bedrooms, a flat-screen TV, and a fully equipped kitchen.

The vacation home is located about 17 km from Jasper and is easy to access by car.

7. Hamilton Pool Preserve

Ranked by experts as one of the most beautiful swimming holes in Texas, Hamilton Pool Preserve has one of the bluest water in the region.

Pedernales Rives feeds the pool, creating a 50-foot waterfall that plunges from a limestone outcropping and forms one of Texas’s most spectacular swimming spots.

Hamilton Falls Texas
Hamilton Falls Texas

This place belongs to nature so sometimes because of the falling rocks and bad weather, the pool might be closed, so that is why we strongly recommend you to check the official website to see if swimming is allowed when you plan to go.

There is no lifeguard here, so you swim at your own risk; don’t forget to bring a lifevest for your kids and beginners to avoid accidents.

When the pool is open for a swim, you have access only with a prior reservation, and the place might become really crowded sometimes.

Hamilton pool reserve Texas waterfall Hamilton pool reserve Texas
Hamilton pool reserve Texas waterfall

For this reason, I recommend you reserve your seat in advance and don’t forget to book a parking space for your car.

From the parking lot to the swimming pool, you have a 30-minute hike, and the terrain might be rough and rugged, so bring some hiking shoes with you, and don’t go with flip-flops.

Guide hikes are also available in the park, where professional guides will provide you a ton of useful information about the area and the wildlife from there.

Hamilton pool reserve Texas general view
Hamilton pool reserve Texas general view

Generally, these guided tours go to the areas you cannot go on your own, so they are a really interesting experience which you should consider when visiting the area.

Please read the full article here for more details about Hamilton Pool Preserve.

Sleeping close to Hamilton Pool Preserve

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Austin Buda is a 3 star hotel located just 4 km from the Hamilton Pool featuring spacious rooms with private bathrooms, bed linen and towels and a delicious breakfast available for an extra fee

8. Balmorhea State Park

If you want to see the largest spring-fed swimming pool, you must go to Balmorhea State Park, the pool is filled with the waters of San Solomon Springs.

These stunning natural springs in Texas have one of the clearest water in Texas; the place is known as one of the best diving places in the whole state.

Balmorhea State Park Waterhole in Texas
Balmorhea State Park Waterhole in Texas

Swimming is extremely popular here, but you can also bring your snorkeling mask to explore the underwater world.

You need to get special permission to dive in these waters and to bring your equipment, as there are no renting kiosks in the area.

On average, the pool have about 25 feet deep and has an average temperature of 76 degrees so you can dive here all year round.

There is an entrance fee to be paid at the park entrance, but the good news is that you don’t need to reserve a seat in advance.

San Solomon Springs in Balmorhea State Park
San Solomon Springs in Balmorhea State Park

Other popular activities in the area are bird watching, geocaching, and exploring the deserted wetlands area.

You can camp inside the park, and all the campsites have electricity, but for this, you need to reserve in advance.

9. Barton Springs Pool

Located inside the Zilker Park near Austin, Texa, Barton Springs Pool is a real Texas gem you should not miss.

The place was considered sacred by Native American tribes, who used these waters to purify their body and soul during purification rituals.

Barton springs pool Tx entrance Austin Texas beaches
Barton springs pool Tx entrance

Today the place is packed with tourists and locals and is considered one of the best swimming holes in Texas, with a maximum depth of 18 feet.

It is the perfect place to go if you want to perfect your tan, cool off into the refreshing spring waters, and have a picnic with your beloved ones.

The waters from this pool come directly from a natural spring and have a constant temperature all year round, somewhere between 67 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Barton springs pool swimming
Barton springs pool swimming

Barton Springs Pool is today part of the Zilker Park, a place packed with outdoor activities, so if you plan to go in the area, book some extra time to explore the area.

Bathing into this fantastic swimming hole is not for free; adults have to pay a 9 USD day pass while kids between 12 to 17 years old will pay just 5 USD.

Younger visitors below 4 years, pay just 4 USD for a day pass, and you’d better book in advance as the park gets really crowded during the hot summer days.

Barton springs pool in summer
Barton springs pool in summer

Austin: Kayaking Tour through Downtown to Barton Springs is a different way to get to Barton Springs from Austin Downtown.

You will meet your guide in Austin downtown, get familiarized with your kayak, paddle, and life vest, and start your kayaking adventure.

You will see from the water the Congress Avenue Bridge, enter into the waters of Lady Bird Lake and kayak down to the crystal waters of Barton Springs. The tour last for about 2 hours and offers a completely new way to discover Austin and Barton Springs.

Austin Kayaking Tour through Downtown to Barton Springs guide
Austin Kayaking Tour through Downtown to Barton Springs guide

For more details about Barton Springs, please read the full article here.

Sleeping close to Barton Springs

Aloft Austin Downtown is the perfect destination for tourists looking to connect with the city and locals, featuring a spacious room with a private bathroom and breakfast included in the room price.

10. Chinati Hot Springs

Located in the Chihuahuan Desert, The Chinati Hot Springs is a popular destination among those looking to relax and recharge, famous for its positive vibe and healing waters.

Starting with 1930, the place has been open to the public, and tourists and locals of all ages are welcomed here.

Chinati Hot Springs overview
Chinati Hot Springs overview

You can go here for relaxation, sunbathing and swimming but there are a lot of other interesting activities to be done in the area.

You can even camp overnight in the area in the designated places, and the camping sites offer basic conditions for your overnight stay.

11. Capote Springs

Capote Springs is formed from multiple springs that flow from Quaternary gravel in a remote area northeast of Candelaria.

Along the river, you will find the beautiful Capote Falls with a drop of about 185 feet, a spectacular drop of water not to miss when in the area, classified as the largest and tallest waterfall from the state.

The fauna and flora of the area are impressive, the area is home to a large number of plants, trees, and animals.

Capote falls Capote Springs
Capote falls Capote Springs

The waters of the springs have a constant temperature of around 100 degrees Fahrenheit all year round and very well-known healing properties.

Being quite remote, you won’t find many people here, so if you don’t mind walking a little bit, this is the right place to go for a quiet weekend with your family and friends.

What to pack for a day trip to a natural spring in Texas

I am sure you won’t visit natural springs in Texas without taking a refreshing bath in the pool formed by these springs where swimming is allowed.

So that is why I prepared a list of the most important things you need to pack with you for a day in nature, exploring the Texas natural springs.


Whether you are looking for a place to relax near a hot spring in Big Bend, or to swim and explore the underwater world, there is always a natural spring in Texas just waiting for you.

Some natural spring pools in Texas are located near big cities, making them the perfect day trip destination, while others are more remote, perfect for a weekend getaway.

Just the one you like most, grab your swimsuit and the sun cream and discover these fascinating places, ideal for a summer getaway.


Is there any natural springs in Texas?

There are dozens of natural springs across Texas spread across the country, some close to major cities while others in more remote areas. Whether you choose a hot spring from Big Bend National Park or a natural spring near Austin, all are equally beautiful and unique.

Are there fresh water springs in Texas?

Of course, there are, and Balmorhea State Park is the right place to go if you want to swim, dive and snorkel on the clearest freshwater springs in Texas. The water temperature is constant all year round, making Balmorhea the perfect swimming place all year round.

How many natural springs are in Texas?

More than 3,050 natural springs are spread across the country, some feeding natural pools that are perfect places to relax and cool off on a hot summer day.

Where are the most natural springs in Texas?

If you want to see the largest natural spring pool in Texas, you must go to Balmorhea State Park.

These stunning natural springs from Texas have one of the clearest water in Texas; the place is known as one of the best diving places in the whole state.

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