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Here’s all you need to know about Devils water hole Texas

Devils water hole is located inside the Inks Lake State Park and is one of the most beautiful places where you can swim, row your canoe, and jump from the cliffs.

The place is a great place to hide from the heat on a hot summer day, but you need to make a reservation in advance to get a spot.

For more details about the reservation process, what you can do in the area, and other useful information please read the article about Devil’s swimming hole Texas.

The natural pool is located on the east side of Ink Lake State Park. You can get to it by hiking a short distance from the parking lot or by paddling.

This swim hole in Texas is surrounded by cliffs that are almost 40 feet tall. You can jump from the cliffs directly into the water.

Since there is no lifeguard, you need to be careful when swimming. Make sure you know your limits and stay away from the cliffs.

Inks Lake Devils water hole Texas 60
Inks Lake Devil water hole Texas

Before I tell you more about Devil’s watering hole, let me give you some background information about it.

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Why the name Devils swimming hole?

According to the stories, the owner of this land used to shout loudly every time his wagon got stuck while crossing this area.

The Devils water hole Texas
The Devil’s water hole Texas

Where is Devils’ pool located?

Devil’s water hole is located inside Inks Lake State Park, about 50 miles north of Austin, Texas.

This state park is beautiful and famous for its scenery.

People come here to do a lot of different activities like kayaking, canoeing, fishing, camping, and swimming in Devils hole.

Inks Lake Devils water hole Texas AU
Inks Lake Devil water hole Texas AU

The swimming hole is located on the eastern side of the state park, exactly where Inks Lake meets Spring Creek.

When you get to the park, follow the road. After a little while, you will see a sign that points to the swimming hole.

Driving time to Devils hole inks lake

The swimming hole is in Ink Lake State Park.

It is 50 miles northwest of Austin and 100 miles from San Antonio.

Inks Lake Devils water hole Texas
Inks Lake Devil waterhole Texas

How to get to Devils water hole

The swimming hole is about 0.2 miles from the parking spot, but the scenery is so pretty that I’m sure you will enjoy the walk.

You don’t need special shoes or equipment to go on this trail, but I wouldn’t recommend going in flip-flops.

Planning a visit to Devil’s swimming hole

What I want you to understand is that there are a lot of people who want to swim in this swimming hole in Texas.

So, you should reserve your spot ahead of time.

Inks Lake Devils water hole in Austin Texas
Inks Lake Devil water hole in Austin Texas

You can only go inside the park if you have a reservation.

You need to book your seat ahead of time, especially if you want to visit during summer weekends.

Many people who own a Texas State Park pass love to go to this place to swim and cool off on hot summer days.

Don’t be surprised if the swimming hole is only for people staying at the park on weekends during the summer in Texas.

This happens when the park gets too full.

I advise you to come early to the park. That way, you can choose your seat and have a great day with your family and friends.

Inks Lake Devils water hole in Texas
Inks Lake Devil water hole in Texas

Entrance to the water hole

The park is opened daily between 8 in the morning till 10 in the afternoon and a reservation is needed.

You can save your spot in the park by using their website or by calling the customer service center and asking for a reservation.

The entrance fee for one adult is 6 USD per person, while children under 12 can enter in the park free of charge.

Inside the park are camping facilities and cabanas where you can sleep overnight.

Inks Lake Devils water hole Texas water sports
Inks Lake Devil water hole Texas water sports

The prices for a place to stay overnight start at $11 per night for a really basic site. For an RV, the price is $23 per night.

There are also some small houses inside the park that people can stay in overnight. Prices for these start at 50 USD per night.

If you want to feel safer in the middle of nature, you can choose to stay in one of these cabanas.

Remember to make a reservation a few weeks before you want to visit the park. The park is very popular and gets crowded, especially on weekends.

There are lots of things to do in the park, so many people want to visit it.

It is good that the water level does not change during the year at this lake. This means you don’t have to worry about it when you choose when to visit the park.

People come to this place to swim, but also to do other water activities.

Devils water hole is good for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and tubing.

Devils water hole Texas Inks Lake
Devil water hole Texas Inks Lake

Bathing at Devils hole

There are no swings or ropes in the area, but you can jump from the cliffs into the water.

You will have a lot of fun with your family and friends.

There are no lifeguards at this swimming area, so you need to be careful.

If you are not a strong swimmer, stay in the shallow water where you feel comfortable.

The swim area is very big. It is more than 4.2 miles long and 3000 feet wide. So there is enough space for everyone.

Don’t forget to take tubes or floaties with you so you can stay at the surface. The water is too deep to reach the bottom with your feet.

Devil s water hole Texas
Devil water hole Texas

The water is cold because it comes from the Colorado River, but it is perfect to cool off in a hot day of Texan summer.

After you finish swimming in the pool, you might be hungry. You can go to the picnic area for a snack or to the barbeque area to make a delicious barbeque.

Some of the tables at the park are in shade, and some are not. If you want to sit at a table in the shade, you should get to the park early in the morning.

That way, you can find a seat and stay there for the rest of the day without having to worry about being in the sun.

There are also some trails inside the park, so you should take your hiking shoes with you if you want to explore the area and see the beautiful scenery.

Facilities available at Devil’s hole

Don’t worry if you forget something at home. There is a store near the water selling things like ice, snacks, T-shirts, and even a compressor.

The compressor can be used to inflate your tube or the giant flamingo.

You can also rent kayaks from this shop to explore the lake area.

This is a good way to avoid the crowds that gather on the banks.

Up on the parking area is a restroom with a shower where you can wash before going home.

Inks Lake Devils water hole Austin Texas
Inks Lake Devil water hole Austin Texas

For a complete bath ritual, you should bring your soap.

This is because there is no soap in the shower or at the shop.

Inside the park, there is an area where you can cook your food on a barbeque when you are hungry.

There is also an area where you can eat food that you brought from home.

There is also a camping area where you can spend the night if you pay a small fee.

You can also book cabanas in advance if you want to stay longer.

A volley court is also available inside this state park so that you can have a lot of fun with your family and make new friends while doing some physical exercise.

Things to know before you visit Devils water hole

Before heading to this swimming hole I would like to tell you some interesting and useful things about this place.

I am sure that some of them are new to you, while others are quite common, but I feel that I have to list them below.

  1. If other swimming holes from Texas prohibit pet access, in the Devil’s hole area pets are welcome as long as they are leashed.
  2. There are no lifeguards in the area and the water is quite deep so don’t go here without a lifejacket if you are a beginner and don’t leave your kid unattended.
  3. The hole is surrounded by rocks, so water shoes are really good so don’t forget to bring them with you to avoid hurting yourself when walking barefoot.
  4. There are plenty of space around the lake, and up on the rocks where you can relax and stay away from the sun
  5. The parking area is quite limited, and the place becomes really crowded during summer weekends so make sure you arrive early in the morning. Don’t Park your car in unmarked places as you might end up with a fine or even towed.

Swimming at Devil’s swimming hole Texas

The water temperature is quite cold as it comes directly from Colorado River, but it is perfect for cooling off in a hot day of Texan summer.

There are no swinging ropes from where you can jump directly into the water, but the lake is surrounded by cliffs from where you can jump.

Inks Lake Devils water hole Texas water sports 60
Inks Lake Devils water hole Texas water sports

The natural pool is quite deep so if you are not a good swimmer, you’d better wear a lifejacket for your own safety and comfort.

The place might become really crowded during weekends, so you’d better arrive early to secure your reservation and have the water hole more for yourself.

The lake is great not just for swimming but also for kayaking, canoeing, and tubing, so bring a tube with you to float in the shade, far from noise and crowds.

What I like about this place is that the lake shores are quite large, and you have a lot of space just for yourself.

There is also a picnic area where you can eat what you have packed from home and grill some meat on the barbeque.

Access to the lake is possible with reservation and because the place is extremely popular among locals and tourists, you’d better reserve your seat a few weeks in advance.

Geology of Inks Lake State Park

I am sure you will be fascinated by the pink rocks that surround the swimming area, rocks that remind me of Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg.

These rocks are metamorphotic rocks that are known as Valley Spring gneiss, very often confused with granite.

The lake is located on the eastern part of the Llano Uplift which is the geologic heart of Texas and offers one of the best views of the pre-Cambrian epoch.

What to bring with you for a day at Devil’s swim hole

There is a small shop at the entrance of the swimming hole but there are not many things you can buy from there, so you’d better bring with you everything you need.

From the shop located at the entrance of the water hole you can buy some snacks, ice, and a compressor to air up your floating items.

The Devils water hole Texas 60
The Devil water hole Texas

But most of the things you need for a day at Devils water hole you have to bring with you.

So, don’t forget to take with you at least the following things:

Inside this park, there is a special place where you can prepare a barbeque but as you probably it is quite crowded.

So, take some meat with you and prepare a delicious lunch for you and your beloved ones.

If you want to explore the area, you should also bring with you hiking shoes as inside this state park there are plenty of trails.

The most accessible one is about 0.85 miles long and goes along Spring Creek and turns through oak forest and juniper.

The good news is that you can bring your dog with you as long as it is held in a lease, so your pet will be more than happy to accompany you for a day in nature.

What you cannot bring inside Devils swimming hole

As you probably expect, it is prohibited to bring alcohol with you as alcohol consumption inside the park is strictly prohibited.

Parking at Devils water hole

There is a decent size parking lot located at the entrance to the park located close to the swimming hole.

As the place is among the most popular bathing pools from Texas, the parking lot fills up really quickly, especially during the summer weekends.

Inks Lake the Devils water hole Texas 60
Inks Lake the Devil waterhole Texas

For this reason, we advise you to get here at opening hour, to secure your parking place, and to make sure you have access to the park.

Make sure you park in a parking lot inside the designated area to avoid any possible fines for parking in unauthorized places.

The parking at this swimming hole in Texas is free of charge and all you have to book is access to the swimming pool.

Hotels and rentals

As I said earlier, inside Inks Lake State Park there are specially designated areas for camping as well as some cabanas.

There are about 200 campsites and around 22 cabanas; you can choose between campsites with electricity, water or primitive ones.

Camping at Inks Lake Devils water hole Texas
Camping at Inks Lake Devil water hole Texas

Newly renovated restrooms, hot showers, and flush toilets are available in every camping area, while some also have playgrounds.

But it is extremely hard to find a free place here so that is why we were forced to sleep in the nearby area, not inside the park.

As there are plenty of things to do in the area, sleeping close to the park is really a great idea.

Hotels and vacation homes

Here are some suggestions for your overnight stay that are conveniently located close to the state park:

  • Featuring one bedroom and one bathroom, Legends Golf Villa 8 is a great choice, especially for those passionate about hiking and golf. The property is located close to Marble Falls and also the beautiful city of Burnet
Legends Golf Villa 8 bed 60
Hotel Legends Golf Villa 8 bed
Legends Golf Villa 8 living room 60
Living room at Legends Golf Villa 8
  • Nestled in Texas Hill Country, La Quinta by Wyndham Marble Falls is a wonderful 3 stars hotel with a delicious breakfast included in the room rate, conveniently located near Marble Falls. All the rooms are spacious and clean, with a microwave and a small fridge. The hotel features an outdoor swimming pool with a beautiful waterfall as well as a gym.
La Quinta by Wyndham Marble Falls pool 60
La Quinta by Wyndham Marble Falls pool
La Quinta by Wyndham Marble Falls room 60
Rooms at La Quinta by Wyndham Marble Falls
  • Ideal for larger families, Casa Lakeside Bliss is your perfect holiday home conveniently located close to Inks Lake State Park and the city of Burnet. This vacation home features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a beautiful patio overlooking the lake. Bed linens and towels are included in the price of the room.
Casa Lakeside Bliss near Devils Water Hole 60
Casa Lakeside Bliss near Devil Water Hole
Casa Lakeside Bliss living room 60
Living room at Casa Lakeside Bliss
Casa Lakeside Bliss Devils Water Hole 60
Casa Lakeside Bliss Devil Water Hole
Casa Lakeside Bliss Devils Water Hole for family 60
Family room at Casa Lakeside Bliss Devil Water Hole


Devils water hole is among the most popular swim holes in Texas because of its amazing scenery, great bathing conditions, and location.

To secure your seat at this watering hole you need to make a reservation a few weeks in advance and get to the swimming hole at opening hours.

Devils water hole Texas Inks Lake
Devil water hole Texas Inks Lake

State Pass owners have access inside the park anytime they want, no matter how many people are already inside.

Pack with you a picnic basket and a blanket and some meat for preparing a delicious barbeque in the middle of nature, after a refreshing bath in this amazing pool.


Why is it called Devils water hole?

According to the local legends, the name of the place came from the prior owner- a person known for cursing loudly each time when its wagon got stuck crossing the waterhole.

But the place is indeed beautiful, packed with an impressive number of animals and plants, as well as birds.

Inks Lake Devils water hole Texas AU 60
Inks Lake Devil water hole Texas AU

How deep is the Devil’s waterhole?

Based on the measurements made, it looks that the Devil’s waterhole has a maximum depth of feet and there is no lifeguard on duty, so you will swim at your own risk.

Are there snakes at Inks Lake?

Yes, there are snakes inside the State park and some of them are venomous.

Among the most dangerous snakes in the area I would like to mention the diamondback rattlesnake, the water moccasin, and the Texas coral snake, but the good news is that these are rarely seen in populated areas of the park.

Inks Lake Devils water hole Austin Texas 60
Inks Lake Devil water hole Austin Texas

How high is the cliff at Inks Lake?

The water level stays relatively constant all over the year as the water from the lake comes from the Colorado River. The maximum height of the cliffs from where you can jump into the water is around 20 feet, so you will definitely feel the adrenaline rushing into your veins.

Can you swim at Inks Lake?

Yes, of course, you can swim in the lake and this is actually a very popular attraction during the hot days of summer.

Besides swimming, you can also rent a canoe or a kayak and paddle up and down the river, get a tube and float into the lake or take a lifejacket and jump into the water from the nearby cliffs.

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