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Complete Guide to Experiencing Reykjavik Nightlife

You might think that Icelandic people don’t know to party and celebrate life! But you are so wrong!

Reykjavik is one of the world most vibrant cities in the world! Reykjavik nightlife is completely different from the one from other cities!

You know why?

Because Reykjavik is a small city with a relatively small number of citizen’s all-knowing each other and all the bars and pubs are on a single street, very close to each other.

It is like a big family party! Everybody knows everybody, talk to each other and party together!

The atmosphere is really intense and irresistible inside the best bars in Reykjavik!

In this small but vibrant city, you can find everything packed together: good music, tasty cocktails, many other drink options and an increased feeling of security.

Let’s party! What are you waiting for?!

Reykjavik nightlife in Iceland

nightlife Reykjavik in Iceland

Entrance fee, admission age and opening hours

All the pubs and bars don’t have an entrance fee so you can walk from one bar to another very easy!

Actually, this is how locals do!

They start to party late in the evening in one place and finish early in the morning after they visited at least 3 different locations.

Reykjavik nightlife is not accessible to everyone!

There is an age limit when talking about entering a bar or pub.

You are not allowed to visit such places is you are under 20. Alcoholic drinks are served to persons older than 20.

Regarding the access schedules in bar and pubs, you should know that from Sunday to Thursdays, the bars open on late afternoon close at 1 a.m.

On Friday and Saturday, you can party till 4 or 5 in the morning.

Another important aspect is that there are no VIP rooms and no VIP access! You stay in the cue and enter the pub or bar when your turn is!

A very annoying thing for locals, I must say!

They hate to stay in the queue and they do all they can to enter first!

Usually, their efforts are in vain, but at least they try! So, don’t be surprised if you see people trying to skip the line! Icelanders don’t like to wait!

They dress well each night and go out to meet their friends! And for the time is a very valuable resource! They don’t like to waste it!

Special events in Reykjavik nightlife

There are 3 main music festivals during a year that take place in Reykjavik:

  1. Sonar Reykjavik which takes place in February at Harpa Concert Hall
  2. Secret Solstice Festival, in June at Laugardalur recreation area
  3. Iceland Airwaves in November which take place all over the town.

These three events should not be missed! When planning to visit Iceland take into consideration these dates!

Where to party in Reykjavik

Even if the city is small there are plenty of option to choose from! The most famous bars and pubs where to party in Reykjavik are:

  1. Kaffibarinn – these are by far the most well-known bar. It appeared in 101 Reykjavik movie and is co-owned by Damon Albarn of Blue fame. Whenever you enter this bar it is full of people. Definitely should pay it a visit!
  2. Hurra– this place is famous for its live music and great DJ’s. A good place to spend your evening with friends!
  3. Gaukurinn– this is the main stage for alternative underground art scene and for a good quality stand up comedies! It is a place where you can find packed together vegan food, a rock of metal nights and gender-neutral baths! Interesting isn’t it?!
Dress code for Reykjavik nightlife

You know what Icelandic people also like, except partying?

They like to dress well! Don’t be amazed when see locals dressed nice and ready to party!

This is how they do! There are no dress codes if you want to party and people follow their own rules when speaking about fashion.

Still, they are a very nice dress!

So pack your party clothes and prepare for an unforgettable night!

But take into consideration the outside temperature! In wintertime, when Northern Lights are dancing in the sky, warmth is more important than fashion!

Take with you a warm sleeve, some fancy gloves, and a thermal hat! Better to be warm than to be fashionable! Locals think the same about Reykjavik nightlife!

If you wish to see the aurora borealis green lights in Reykjavik, please consider the best time to see northern lights in Iceland, so you have a higher chance of seeing them when you visit Iceland.

Iceland capital offers you more than you expect! Be prepared to spend unique moments and to have a lot of fun exactly as Icelanders do! Book a few nights in Reykjavik and explore its nightlife! You will get a new taste of Iceland!

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