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Aegina Island: The Ideal Day Trip from Athens

Aegina Island is located 26 km away from Athens. It is very easy to reach by ferry; it took you only 40 minutes to get from Athens to Aegina.

Aegina is an ideal destination for Athens day trip

From the airport to Aegina you can take bus X96 which lead you directly to Piraeus port, the place from where you take the ferry to Aegina.

The ride is somewhere between 60 to 90 minutes.

In less than 1 hour you reach Aegina Island by ferry. Once you get there, the adventure begins!

Rent a car or a motorcycle to explore the island.

It is a very small but nice place with friendly people and accommodations for all budgets.

Maybe you would like to extend your day trip and spend some night on the island!

Check out here the accommodation available on Aegina

We chose to rent a car because we had luggage with us and we felt safer in a car than on a motorcycle.

Just a piece of advice: inspect the vehicles very carefully before you sign the paper!

We had no issues with the car rented but you know … Better safe than sorry!

We were so excited to discover Aegina our chosen destination for Athens day trip, that we grabbed our car and we started the island tour!

Aegina Island, perfect Athens day trip

Aegina Island port church


Though Aegina is a small island it has many things to offer: beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and nice landscapes!

This island is an important place for orthodox pilgrims due to St. Nectary relics.

The island is surrounded by beaches.

Some of them are wild, with no facilities, while others have everything you could wish: sunbeds, umbrellas and beach bars with refreshing drinks.

The most famous beaches from the island are Agia Marina beach, Marathonas beach, Vagia beach, and Aeginitissa beach.

All of them have beautiful and modern beach bars where you can rest and admire the view.

Except for beaches, the Temple of Aphaia is the most important sightseeing place from the island.

A must-see place in your Athens day trip! It is a very well preserved ruin dating for many centuries, one of the oldest Doric temples in the world!

The ruins dating around 500 BC are located in the middle of a forest!

When we got out of the car a pine tree smell filled our lungs!

It was a really nice surprise! It would be a pity to go to Aegina and not to visit the Temple of Aphaia!

Even if Aegina is a small island, it has its own festival!

A festival very well-known which started in 2008.

The festival is called Fistiki.

The purpose of this festival is to support and promote the cultivation of a unique type of pistachio, world-wide known as Aegina Pistachio.

During the time, the festival proved to be a real success; more than 20.000 visitors come and buy pistachio products from the stalls.

So, if you are interested in this festival then you should know that the perfect time for Athens day trip to Aegina is in September, from 12th to 15th each year.

Music, cheerfulness, pistachio and relaxing atmosphere are some of the things which should convince you to visit Aegina during this festival.

No worries! You can buy Aegina pistachio all year round!

In the town near the port, very close to the quay there are some stalls with pistachio opened daily.

So, don’t leave Aegina without buying pistachio! It is very tasty!

A day in Aegina is not complete without visiting Agios Nektarios monastery.

The saint is one of the most well-known Greek saints in the world.

He was officially recognized as Saint in 1961, is celebrated on 9th November.

No matter what disease do you have, pray to Agios Nektarios and you will be healed.

Pilgrims used to make an Athens day trip to Aegina each time when they have the opportunity.

No matter if you want to visit the island or you want to go to the monastery, you should put Aegina on your to-do list when visit Greece.

To have enough time to explore the island and relax a little bit, why don’t you book a room in Aegina for a few nights?
Check out here the accommodation available on Aegina.