Cape Sounion, the perfect day trip from Athens

Being the most southern point of the Attic Peninsula, Cape Sounion is the perfect day trip from Athens.

Located 70 kilometres away from Athens is a very popular destination for tourists who visit Greece and who are looking to spend a day outside Greece capital.

The landscape from Athens to Sounion Greece is very nice and a good opportunity to discover the beauty of the country.

It is a beautiful place very easy to reach by car or bus and it is very famous for its ancient site: Temple of Poseidon.

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Many tour operators organize daily tours to this site.

The price of a day trip from Athens to Sounion Greece is around 70 euros per person.

We preferred to rent a car and to visit the site on our own!  Greece is a safe country, you should not be worried!

I would say that Cape Sounion is the perfect opportunity to combine fun with history!

You escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city and you have the chance to explore the country!

Cape Sounion Day trip from Athens
Temple of Poseidon

Book a full day to visit this nice area! The area is a popular day trip from Athens because of its wild beaches and the Temple of Poseidon, an ancient site dating since 400 BC according to archaeological findings.

The temple is located on top of the hill, at about 60 meters above sea level.

During its glory period, the Temple was surrounded by a majestic fortified city.

Now, some imposing ruins lay in the sun close to the sea, reminding us about the glory of Cape Sounion.

Very close to the ancient site, down near the water are some beautiful beaches!

Just imagine yourself a wild beach, blue water and almost nobody around!

It is just you and nature! Isn’t it special?! What else could you ask for?!

We chose to spend half a day at the beach and the rest of the day visiting the site and watching the sunset.

It was a very relaxing and beautiful day trip from Athens!

Definitely, I recommend you to do so when visit Greece!

Oh! I liked the sunset! It was to die for! The way how the sun is mirrored in the sea beside the imposing ruins is just unbelievable!

The sunset has something special and unique! I saw many sunsets and I have to say this was one of the best!

It is almost impossible to describe the beauty of the moment! You should check it out by yourself!

At midday, when the sun was too hot we left the beach to search for a place to eat.

We found a very cosy restaurant for lunch in a small town near Cape Sounion the destination of our day trip from Athens.

It has a very nice terrace with a traditional design where we ate a very delicious meal.

The food was simple and very tasty! We ate a sweet desert and we went back to Cape Sounio to visit the site!

After the sunset, we head back to Athens for a good night sleep!

I must say, it was a way better than I have imagined!

I did not expect to such a beautiful and relaxing day!

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