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Ultimate guide of things to do in Romania Transylvania

I decided to write this ultimate guide of things to do in Romania Transylvania, so it will help you better plan your trip to Romania Transylvania. If I would have to choose to visit just one region from Romania, then I would definitely pick Transylvania. I cannot tell you, but I fell in love with this province as soon as I got there. The villages, the hills, the people everything made me feel very welcomed.

things to do in Romania Transylvania Evangelical fortified Church Cristian Brasov

Evangelical fortified Church Cristian near Brasov

Things to do in Transylvania Romania

I guess the main reason why I like this province so much is the diversity of landscape and the increased number of activities to do when you visit it. Let me tell you which are, in my opinion, the best things to do when visit Transylvania:

1. Visit the fortified churches

A symbol of the turbulent times of the past, when Romania was invaded by Ottomans, these fortified churches are unique places in Europe and a history book for the Romanian people and not only.

The churches built many centuries ago and many of them have double fences to protect the villagers from the ottoman attacks.

All these churches are grouped in Transylvania province and are living proof of the harsh times. Most of the places are in UNESCO World Heritage and were conserved and reconstructed based on their initial plans.

Evangelical fortified Church Cristian near Brasov

Evangelical fortified Church Cristian near Brasov

Prejmer, Calnic, Biertan, Saschiz, Viscri, Valea Viilor and Darjiu are the 7 churches included under UNESCO World Heritage and all of them are located relatively close to each other.

The best thing to explore the fortified churches and Transylvania region is by car. You should rent a car and explore the whole province! Worth each penny!

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Most of these churches, for example, are in the nearby area of Brasov and are just about 1 or 2 hours’ drive from this city.

2. Visit the Salt Mine from Turda one of the most interesting things to do in Romania Transylvania

Do you feel comfortable with the idea of being a few hundred meters underground and not seeing the daylight? Then I recommend you to visit the Salt Mine from Turda. It is one of the most beautiful salt mines from this part of Europe and was renovated a few years ago.

things to do in Romania Transylvania Turda Salt Mine Cluj

Turda Salt Mine near Cluj

Now, inside the mine, you can find a museum and an amusement park. You can even rent a boat and take a lake tour if you want!

It is really entertaining and memorable experience!

3. Explore Viscri and other traditional villages near Brasov

I am sure that all of you heard about Prince Charles from the UK. But, how many of you know that the Prince is in love with Transylvania and has many properties bought here?! Yeah, you read correctly!

The most beloved area from Transylvania is Viscri village. Here, the Prince has a few properties where he comes to relax and enjoy some quiet moments in the middle of nature.

4. Sleep in an old castle or a traditional house

Your Transylvanian experience is not complete if you don’t sleep in a traditional house or in an old castle.

There are some incredible places where you can spend your night when visiting this part of Romania and transform your experience in something memorable.

I strongly recommend you to sleep in a traditional house near Brasov. This is one of the best things to do in Romania Transylvania.

Mesendorf sleep Castle Room Accomodation

Mesendorf sleep Castle Room Accomodation

Here are some really good ideas to try it for yourself:

Casa Kraus Crit , a former parsonage with wonderful rooms with hand-painted furniture and a very tasty breakfast

Messendorf Gasthaus from Mesendorf, a very modern accommodation located in old traditional houses with very friendly staff and good food

Zabola The Machine House , some private mansions owned by a noble family very famous in Europe which offer wonderful accommodation, great services and traditional reinvented food

5. Eat traditional food

Now that we were talking about food, I have to tell you that you must try everything while in Transylvania. The food is absolutely delicious and most of it is eco and bio. When visit the traditional villages and the fortified churches don’t hesitate and eat to locals if you have the opportunity.

The food is homemade and does not contain preservatives and other bad things. Just taste it! It tastes completely different than what we are used to!

Transylvanian Traditional food

Transylvanian Traditional food

These are the most interesting things to do in Romania Transylvania!

I must tell you that my trip to Transylvania was incredible! I miss many things from there: the welcoming people, the tasty food and the amazing scenery! If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate and visit this hidden gem!