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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hotel on the Romanian Black Sea Coast

There are so many beautiful and nice accommodations at Romanian seaside that choosing the best Romanian Black Sea Coast hotels seem to be a very complicated task when you visit Romania.

I know! You have to take in consideration the location, the view from the room and the facilities the hotels offer! Oh… let’s not forget about the budget and your personal taste.

Useful tips to choose the best Romanian Black Sea Coast hotels
Useful tips to choose the best Romanian Black Sea Coast hotel

Sometimes, the hotel’s stars and its reputation are not enough to satisfy your wish-list! At least for us the quality of services, the spa area and also the food are important. We do not go to a hotel just because it is a 5 stars hotel!

Here are our suggestions of available accommodations in Mamaia Romania area << click

Don’t let yourself be fooled by all kinds of offers! Let me give you an example: one week at the best Romanian Black Sea Coast hotels, all-inclusive in pick season is just a small amount of money! First question yourself if it is plausible and just after that go there!

You might find smart deals at accommodation when you visit Romania but most often in extra season.

In Romania there is an expression “what you pay is what you get”! Keep that in mind when you choose a hotel!

When you open your eyes and look better to hotels you will notice that there are many beautiful hotels on Black Sea! Some of them are small, cozy and have an intimate atmosphere! Others are big, opulent, with modern and extravagant designs! It is impossible not to find the right accommodation for you!

Best Romanian Black Sea Coast hotels are in Mamaia, in my opinion!

There you can find beautiful hotels with private beach, nice spa centers, clean and comfortable rooms. In other words: the perfect stay for a relaxing holiday. Another big plus for Mamaia is that has a very active nightlife! Fancy nightclubs, high-class restaurants and beautiful terraces could be find all together in Mamaia.

Not all of us are Mamaia fans. Fortunately, in the last few years nice and modern hotels appear in other romanian resorts at Black Sea Coasts. These hotels offer everything you could ask for but a minus for them is the location. Neither Venus, nor Jupiter are such vibrant and alive resorts like Mamaia!

Before choosing the best Romanian Black Sea Coast hotels think about what you’d like at a hotel and what you want to find there! Based on this you can start to search your ideal hotel!

Of course, we could help you with some suggestions if you visit Romania! Just ask for it!