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The Real Story Behind Amsterdam’s Red Light District

A trip to Amsterdam is not complete without a visit to Red District Amsterdam. Everybody wants to go there when visiting Amsterdam and sees with his own eyes the truth behind the stories.

What do you expect to find in that area of Amsterdam when you visit Netherlands? Oh! I understand! Naked girls, sex shows, sex shops  and red neons! In big lines that is indeed what you will find there! But I want to tell you some things about this part of Amsterdam!

Red District Amsterdam the truth behind the stories
Red Light District Amsterdam the truth behind the stories

First of all, Red Light District is the oldest part of Amsterdam. When you visit the area have a look at local architecture; there are some restored Delft Blue houses representative for the country and several former prostitute’s windows had been changed into exhibition centers. It is not just the girls!

Red District Amsterdam is not the land of all possibilities.

Actually, there are very strict regulations in the area. For example, you are not allowed to take photos of the girls from the windows. Also, if you look more attentive, you will see surveillance cameras all over the area. Somebody is watching you all the time! Hi! Hi! Still be aware of pickpockets and do not rely just on cameras!

This district is the only area from Amsterdam where prostitution is legal. There are local projects and initiatives which try to build a safer and honest frame for girls working in Red District Amsterdam.

All the girls working there must have periodic health tests and respect some professional standards. There is even a union of the girls, a division of the police dedicated to protect them and an info center. Yes! It is like any other job!

Most of you consider that once you reach the place you can do whatever you want! It is not like that!

Still I was very curious to see with my own eyes how Red District Amsterdam looks in reality as it is one of the main things to do in Amsterdam. But after visiting the area I was a little disappointed. The place is very commercial (obviously)  and as a good friend of mine said “ too many noise for nothing”. I did not find the girls very pretty or sexy. In contrary, they looked a little bit past and tired.

Another fact which I want to tell you is that most of the girls are not dutch! Most of them are from poor countries from all over the world. Maybe I am paranoiac, but I am sure that there is a big market with human traffic around there.  

There are nice and ugly things in this area! There are stories with happy end and others with a more sad flavour! Visit the Red Light District but keep your eyes open to the reality! It is an experience which should be tried!