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Discover Greece weather to plan a perfect Greece holiday

Probably you already know how beautiful and sunny is this country! You know there are a lot of islands and things to do in this Mediterranean country but you don’t know for sure which is the best time to visit Greece.

Let me tell you some things about the weather! Maybe this will help you decide about the best time of the year when you should visit this beautiful country! Plan your trip taking in consideration the weather conditions in order to maximize your stay!

Discover Greece weather to plan your Greece holiday
Sunset somewhere close to Athens

When we are talking about the weather in Greece we should split the country in two: mainland and islands.

Islands and mainland have different climates, each of them influenced by different things. The climate of the islands is influenced by the sea and the breeze and the climate of the mainland is influenced by Europe landmass and its mountains.

Greece weather on islands

Most of the islands have a Mediterranean climate with dry, hot summers and mild winters with lots of rain.  Actually, there are only 2 seasons: winter and summer. Winter lasts from October to March and summer lasts from April to September. You know what is great for your Greece holiday? During summer there is almost no rain in some regions! In general, during July and August there is zero rain on most of the islands! Yeah! You read correctly! No rain during summer! But it is hot!

The average temperature during summer in daytime is around 30 degrees Celsius and during winter is higher than 0 degrees Celsius. Thanks to Meltemi winds, summer temperatures are friendlier with humans. The air temperature during summer in the islands are more breathable because of this breeze. It really helps you breathe but still it is very hot!

Personally, I prefer to go on Greece Islands in late May, June or September.

Days are long, hot enough but not too hot, just perfect for laying in the sun!

Greece weather on mainland

Athens, Meteora, Delphi and Olympia are one of the most visited places from mainland during your Greece holiday.

When speaking about the weather on mainland we should take in consideration the Greece position on Earth. The weather is less influenced by the sea and more by the mountains.

The temperatures are more extreme than on the islands. In summer is very hot, with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. It is so hot, that fires occur. In recent years, major vegetation fires were recorded in the areas around Athens. In winter, the temperatures might drop below 0 degrees Celsius and snow is pretty common in many high regions of Greece.

During some winters, snow could fall on the low land regions, too.

When I hear about Greece I am thinking about vacation! So many beautiful islands and lots of ancient sites all gathered in one place! And the weather! Oh! Greece weather is perfect for sunbathing and sightseeing!

Choose your best time to visit Greece depending on what you want to do during your Greece Holiday!

There are also major climate differences between the south side of Greek country and the north part. The north part of the country has a continental climate with cooler winters and not that hot summers. The difference in temperatures from winter to summer are higher. The south part has a Mediterranean climate with milder winters and hot summers.

I chose to visit Athens in September. Greece weather was perfect for sightseeing and another big advantage was that the number of tourists decreased compared to summer months (June, July and August).

I advise you to avoid summer months because of high temperatures and the increased number of tourists.

Islands or mainland, each part of Greece is beautiful and unique. Greece is a country which you should visit at least once in your lifetime. Trust me! Once you get there you will fall in love with that land and you want to spend your next Greece holiday into another beautiful Greece Island!