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Bucharest, Romania: 5 Compelling Reasons to Explore the Capital

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and one of the most underrated cities in Europe. It is not just a very beautiful city but also is one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should visit Bucharest Romania on your next trip:

1. Has a great nightlife

Romanians are known as being great party people! And Bucharest is not an exception! There are plenty of bars and nightclubs where you can party till morning! No matter how much money you have you will find a place suitable for your pocket.

From luxurious clubs where you can find expensive drinks and beautiful dancers to student-friendly locals, there are many places where you can dance and meet new people. Set up your budget and choose your clubs where to party till morning!

Bucharest Nightlife

Bucharest Nightlife

The most expensive clubs are located on the north side of the city, where most rich people live, while in the Old Town are clubs with more reasonable prices, usually attended by the corporate class.

There are also plenty of hotels close to the Old Town where you can spend your night and during day time exploring the city by foot.

We recommend you to book your accommodation at Intercontinental Bucharest, located very close to the Old Town and to a metro station, from where you can have access to other main attractions of the city.

The services are great, the breakfast is tasty and the rooms offer a nice view of the city. It is a really great choice if you are looking for a place to stay in Bucharest.

2. Visit Bucharest Romania because is reach in history

Take your time and explore by foot this ex-communist city. Each street, each corner is full of beautiful architecture and history. Each building has a story and an interesting past.

visit Bucharest Romania Cec Old Town

visit Bucharest Cec Old Town

One of the most representative buildings which should be on your travel list is the Palace of Parliament known as the People’s House (“Casa Poporului”). This is one of the biggest buildings in the world having more than 1.100 rooms. Not all rooms are finished yet. In our days a total number of 440 rooms are finished and are used by the Romanian Parliament.

You can book a tour of the Palace of Parliament but bear in mind that not all the rooms are open to the public.

For those of you interesting in history, there is a very interesting tour Bucharest Small Group Communist Tour which is a 4.5 hours tour with a knowledgeable guide who learn you about communism architecture, tell you who Ceausescu was, show you one of his private villas and everything ends with a tour of the Palace of Parliament. It is a very interesting tour! Worth the money!

Bucharest Communist Tour

Bucharest Communist Tour

3.Has one of the biggest and modern spas from this part of Europe – Therme Spa

After an exhausting day of visit Bucharest Romania, you need some moments to relax. And what other best place to relax exists in Bucharest if not Therme? Well, I tell you: none! This spa is one of the largest relaxation center from Europe and has one of the most beautiful botanical gardens from Romania.

The place is located outside the city and you can reach it by public transport, taxi or car.

The spa has hundreds of exotic plants and many mineral hot pools! It is the ideal place to relax and enjoy an afternoon with your beloved ones.

4. Has a natural delta inside the city

There is a magical place known among locals as Vacaresti Delta. It started as a massive project in the communist era and after 1989 when communism was abolished the project was abandoned.

Over years nature takes back what it belongs and now, in that part of the city, there is a wonderful delta with walking paths, a great place to relax and enjoy a sunset.

5. Has a really tasty cuisine

Food is one of the main reasons why you should visit Bucharest Romania. Traditional food is very tasty and well cooked that you just can’t get enough of it.

You must try “papanasi” a traditional dessert consisting of some doughnuts made with cow cheese and on top, you put sour cream and some cherry or cranberries jam. Yummy! It is indeed delicious!

Papanasi Desert Romanian Food

Papanasi Desert Romanian Food

Bucharest has many other hidden secrets waiting to be revealed! It is a cheap and beautiful city and is a pity not to explore it now before mass tourism transforms the place!