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Romania Travel Guide: Best Times to Explore this Beautiful Country

Some of you wonder when to visit Romania for a city break and go just to certain cities and explore the surroundings but others want to know when should you go to Romania to explore its beauty and untamed nature.

This article is mostly for those interested in exploring the whole country! Obviously what I read here is applicable also for short visits but I am sure that the weather is not that important when planning a city break!

When to visit Romania

When to go to Romania

First of all, you should know that Romania is located in the eastern part of Europe and has a temperate climate with four seasons.

So, we have summer, autumn, winter and spring during the year.

When to visit Romania

Summer is from June to August, autumn is from September to November, winter is from December to February and spring is from March to May.

Each season has its own beauty and experiences but to fully explore the country you need to have long and sunny days with no rain if possible and without very high temperatures.

At first sight, I would say that summer is the best time to visit Romania. But sometimes summer months are really hot and although there is no rain, because of the high temperatures it is almost impossible to explore the country from morning till evening.

On the other hand, summer is the only season when Transfagaran is open. Have you ever heard about Transfagarasan? If you haven’t, then I tell you. This is the name given to one of the highest alpine roads from Romania, a very spectacular and impressive road which snakes across one of the highest mountains from the country. Top Gear used to film some of their shows here!

when to go to Romania Transfagarasan

when to go to Romania Transfagarasan

Trust me! It is one of the most beautiful places to see when to visit Romania.

If you are not interested in climbing the mountains then I would not recommend you to travel to Romania during the summertime. This period is peak season so there are many tourists everywhere and the prices rise.

No matter where you go, at the seaside or up in the mountains, the things are the same: lots of tourists and higher prices. You pay more for what you get and this is not necessarily a good thing.

When TO go to Romania

If the weather is good you might find Transfagaran open at the beginning of September. So, I suggest you consider visiting Romania at the beginning of September or at the end of May.

During these periods the days are long enough, the quantity of precipitations is moderate and the number of tourists is still OK.

Generally, late spring and early autumn are one of the best times to visit Romania and explore its villages, fortified churches, painted monasteries and medieval towns! Not to mention about nature!

During these periods of the year, the trees and nature are incredibly beautiful! And the good thing is that Romania has one of the most spectacular nature of the whole of Europe!

When to go to Romania mountains when should you go to Romania

When to go to Romania mountains view

You will find here a unique habitat in Europe, the Danube Delta, high mountains, beautiful hills with villages hidden between and vast and green forests where all kind of animals live: bears, lynx, wolves, deers, wild boars and many other species!

And about the Danube Delta, I want to tell you that it is a unique habitat with hundreds of species of birds, some of them unique in Europe. It is the nesting place for a lot of species and is very important to protect and preserve this environment when we visit it.

When should you go to Romania

Let me give you a tip! When to go to Romania you should book at least one night in one of the following unique types of accommodation:

  • in a traditional house in a beautiful village of Transylvania. I suggest you try and find accommodation in Viscri, a very picturesque place where Prince Charles of the UK has many properties
    Here are our suggestions of available accommodations in Viscri area
  • In a castle or a boyar mansion and the best example is Zabola The Machine House . The property is owned and run by the heir of an important family of nobles and staying there makes you feel like a princess in a castle. The services are great, the food is delicious and the rooms are incredible!
  • In a traditional house from a remote village inside the Danube Delta. And for this category, my suggestion is Green Village Danube Delta. This is a beautiful resort located in a small village named St. George (Sfantu Gheorghe) which is located exactly where the Danube flows into the Black Sea. From the hotel, you can book day trips and explore the delta and its wonders. This place is really incredible! You can reach it just by boat or by helicopter and once you are there you have the feeling that you travelled back in time! Wonderful!

There are many other things to be told about when to visit Romania, but the best things you can do is to come and visit it! See with your own eyes how beautiful and wild this country is!


Thursday 23rd of April 2020

Wow! Romania looks incredible. I have never been there before so I might need to add this to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing all the information about it!

Sophie Harriet

Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

I didn't know much about Romania before, so thank you for this post! It looks beautiful in the photos, I would love to go there!

Kelly Diane

Tuesday 21st of April 2020

Romania has never been on my list before but your beautiful photos and the way you have described it makes me want to visit

Kev S

Tuesday 21st of April 2020

I hope to go here, so this is useful