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Determining the Best Travel Insurance Option Globally

Planning a trip around Europe is one of the things I like most. And when we talk about a trip we are thinking about airplane tickets, hotel reservations, rent a car bookings and personal expenses.

Do we usually think about travel insurance? I don’t think so!

Even if we do, we want to pay less and be covered against all possible risks.

So, which is the best travel insurance in the world? Which one has the best quality-price ratio?

I tried different travel insurances from different companies during my trips, some of them cheap, while others quite expensive.

I hoped they will offer me the assistance and the coverage needed. But I always have the following issues:

  • the policy did not cover what I was looking for
  • when I was in need and I called to their assistance call center I had difficulties in reaching somebody or I received bad advice or a very impersonal treatment
  • the travel policy did not work as it was promised when I bought it
best travel insurance in the world
The best medical insurance in the world

Tired of searching for the perfect holiday policy I decided to give a chance to an online company named Heymondo. The name was a little weird but I found many good reviews on the internet. So I decided to give it a try!

Now after many years of using it and after visiting many countries with this insurance bought I can tell you that Heymondo travel insurance offer the best coverage for the amount of money paid.

Simple and flexible travel insurance designed by travelers for travelers

Travel insurance for independent travelers and intrepid families. You'd rather not think about all of the things that might go wrong on your trip, but these things can and do happen.

This travel insurance has been designed to cover your trip essentials.

It is not the cheapest travel policy from the market but it is the best travel insurance in the world. Based on my experience with their call centre and the way this travel policy works I recommend it to you.

Let me tell you why I like this travel insurance policy that much:

  1. I can buy it online. I don’t have to go anywhere to get it! It is just one click distance! From my comfortable chair, I can have it! There were times when I remembered late in the night that the next day I had the tickets and I forgot to buy travel insurance! Where to go on that late hour of the night?! But the possibility of buying it online makes me feel much more relaxed
  2. it is a very smart designed insurance and covers exactly what a traveller need. You know why?! Because Heymondo insurance is created by an ex-traveller. And who knows best a traveller’s need if not a former traveller?!
  3. I can buy it while I am already abroad. It is simple! I can buy insurance for the initial period and while I am abroad I can plan to extend my period abroad. So, once I decided I need additional coverage, I can go online and purchase the travel insurance for the new period while I am abroad.
  4. being the best travel insurance in the world, they offer multi-language assistance nonstop, helping you when you are in need and connecting you with local hospitals for medical treatment and transportation. When you are in a foreign country you don’t need difficulties in contacting the policy assistance. You need something easy to reach and responsive, things which are offered by Heymondo assistance.
  5. I can even insure my electronic devices with Heymondo. When I buy travel insurance there is a box where I can introduce my device serial number and if it will be stolen I will be compensated.
  6. it covers me for more than 150 adventure activities. Heymondo has one of the most diverse and comprehensive lists of activities covered by travel insurance.

For us this is the best travel insurance in the world

We never leave home without HeyMondo Insurance or Safety Wings Insurance as they offer the best services and a good value for money, plus COVID coverage.

I feel very safe when I travel and I have a valid Travel Insurance policy. I can practice many kinds of sports without having to buy extra insurance.

Being safe is the most important thing when you travel abroad and Heymondo is a very trustee ally. It is the best travel medical insurance in the world!