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The best gift: honeymoon at 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka

Chosen a few years ago as the World’s Best Mountain resort, the hotel is located in a beautiful hill area of Sri Lanka hidden between tea plantations.

It is the perfect destination to relax and enjoy nature. Honeymoon at 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka is the best wedding gift you could ever have.

There are many couples spending their honeymoon at this property.

They even have a pavilion dedicated to honeymooners.

The resort is well prepared to host married couples! You just have to go and let yourself pampered!

How to get to 98 Acres Resort & Spa

The best gift: honeymoon at 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka
Reception at 98 Acres Resort and Spa Sri Lanka

Hidden between tea plantations and beautiful hills, the location is accessible only by car or helicopter!

Yes, you read correctly! On the resort, there is a heliport and the easiest way to reach this beautiful mountain resort is to take the helicopter from Colombo.

It takes you about 45 minutes to get from Colombo to 98 Acres Ella.

There is always a second option to reach the hotel! I am speaking about the car.

There is about 200 km between Colombo and 98 Acres. It is a 6 hours ride, but the road is interesting and the time passes very quickly.

It is a good opportunity to see how locals live.

Your honeymoon at 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka could start in a very traditional way; you can travel as locals do and take the train.

The closest train station is 5 minutes drive from the location. Get off to Ella station and take a tuk-tuk, or a taxi up to the resort.

Honeymoon Deluxe at 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka

Once you get to the property you will be amazed by what you will find. The villas are hidden between the forest and tea plantations and the view from each room is outstanding!

The best gift: honeymoon at 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka
Overview 98 Acres Resort & Spa Sri Lanka

Do you know what’s great?

The owners of the property think about everything!

They even built a special pavilion for honeymooners called Honeymoon Deluxe.

It is an incredible place! Perfect to pamper yourself and relax!

The best gift: honeymoon at 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka
Deluxe honeymoon room

The pavilion has a huge deluxe bedroom, a beautiful living area with an incredible view over Ella Gap and Little Adam’s Peak.

The floors from the rooms are from timber, the walls are finished with cut stones and the furniture is very elegant.

The bathroom is very large, made from rubble stone, and has a separate stone shower, an oversize bathtub, and good quality amenities.

The best gift: honeymoon at 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka
Honeymoon deluxe 98 Acres

For complete relaxation during your honeymoon at 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka we recommend you to try the spa and the swimming pool.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

Things to do around 98 Acres Resort & Spa

Exploring the area around the hotel is a good way to spend some quality time and enjoy the beauty of nature.

There are many things to do in the area:
– birdwatching, animal watching

The best gift: honeymoon at 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka
Squirrel at 98 Acres Resort

– biking
– hiking & trekking
– mega zipline

The best gift: honeymoon at 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka
Zipline 98 Acres Resort & Spa

– cooking classes
– archery

If you are interested, you can book day tours from the resort to different attractions in the area.

You can choose from a day tour to Lake Gregory, or to Queen Victoria Park, or why not to Dambatenne Tea Estate.

All these trips are beautiful and relaxing! All of them are a very good way to see and understand the local Sri Lankan culture.

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Because of its facilities and the way it was built,  honeymoon at 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka is one of the best choices from all over the world.

You can pamper yourself in the huge private bathtub or at the spa or try the daily excursions and many other activities which could be done in the nearby area.

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