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Ideal Timing for Observing Northern Lights in Iceland

Have you ever asked yourself when is the perfect time to observe Northern Lights in Iceland?

Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon which occurs on the arctic sky during the long and cold nights of winter, spring and autumn. The show created by the solar activity on the dark sky is something unique and magic, and once you see them you will want to see them again and again. It is like a drug! They give you addiction!

perfect time to observe Northern Lights in Iceland

Perfect time to see the Northern Lights Iceland

The perfect time to observe Northern Lights in Iceland

For seeing Northern Lights in Iceland, three main conditions need to be fulfilled: increased solar activity total dark outside and a clear sky.

If the problem of total darkness can be solved by driving to a remote place without any light pollution, the other 2 factors: increased solar activity and the clear sky could not be controlled by us. It is a matter of luck to be at the right moment in the right place!

The lights appear on the sky when outside is dark and the best way to chase them is by renting a car! The renting prices are not very high comparing with tour prices and you have the freedom to move from one point to another to get the best shot.

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Still, around spring and autumn equinox the solar activity is higher than usual, so that is why many people say that early autumn and late spring is the perfect time to observe Northern Lights in Iceland.

The best places to spot the lights are on the north side of the island because it is closer to the North Pole where Aurora Borealis reached its maximum intensity.

Drive far from any light pollution, in the middle of the wilderness and wait for the moment when the Green Lady appears on the sky!

Trust me, it was one of the best moments of my life! It is something very hard to describe in words!