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Maastricht Location: Quick Insights into its Geographic Position

Where is Maastricht

Located 200 kilometres away from Amsterdam, the small town of Maastricht is located in the south part of the Netherlands, Limburg.

Maastricht is completely different from other Netherlands cities. It is located close to the German and Belgian border and you can easily see how these two countries influence the culture and the architecture of the city.

where is Maastricht Netherlands City

Maastricht Netherlands City

You can easily reach this city by car or by train.

From Amsterdam, you take the A2 and follow it for 2 hours until you reach this wonderful city.

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Or there is always the train ride. It is a very pleasant ride of two and a half hours from the Netherlands capital to this wonderful town.

The main advantage of the city is that because of its dimensions it can be easily explored by foot. You need just a few hours for a complete tour of the city.

From where is Maastricht located you can easily reach some beautiful towns from Germany or Belgium, and here I would name Aachen or Liege. These are ideal destinations for daily trips.

Maastricht Netherlands City

Maastricht Netherlands City

But before going on daily trips I highly recommend you to visit this magnificent city. De Hoge Brug, a modern pedestrian bridge or Boekhandel Dominicanen bookstore, the most beautiful bookstore in the world, not to mention the old fortress walls, and many other interesting places which should be on your list when you visit Maastricht.

It is a wonderful city located very convenient in the south part of the Netherlands. It is completely different from other Dutch cities, so worth visiting it.