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These are the best places to see tulips Netherlands

The Netherlands is a year-round destination, depending on what you are looking to visit.

If you want to see the tulips in bloom then you should visit Netherlands in spring.

Tulips Netherlands are famous all over the world and to see these wonderful flowers in blossom is an incredible delight for your eyes and for your soul.

Tulips could be found all over the country, but there are certain areas which are famous for these incredible flowers.

Just imagine: what could be more romantic than a boat tour along the colourful fields of tulips!

Red, pink, purple or yellow is just some examples of how vivid and beautiful these flowers are!

Tulips Netherlands Fields Holland

Tulip Fields in Netherlands Holland

Keukenhof – tulips netherlands

Keukenhof is the best example when speaking about flowers perfection.

This is the most spectacular tulip garden in the world.

What makes this place so special is that each year about 7 million blooming bulbs are planted very carefully each year.

And the bulbs are planted so that throughout the spring the field to be in blossom.

The garden is open just 2 months per year, depending on the blossoming process.

The opening period may vary with a few days from one year to another that is why you’d better check the opening schedule on their website.

Being the best place to admire tulips Netherlands it is also very crowded. So, prepare yourself for many tourists and noise.

The place is located pretty close to Amsterdam in Lisse, South Holland and to get there you need a car or you can use public transport.

There are some very interesting tours from Amsterdam to Keukenhof.

I recommend you From Amsterdam: Fast-Track Keukenhof Ticket and Transfer, 5 hours tour with fast track entry at the garden, multilingual brochure and video presentation in English.

From Amsterdam Fast-Track Keukenhof Ticket and Transfer

From Amsterdam Fast-Track Keukenhof Ticket and Transfer


If you choose to rent a car, you should know that there are about 40 kilometres from Amsterdam to Keukenhof and the road is pretty straight forward.

Just follow the signs and for sure you will find the garden.

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Tulip fields in Netherlands all over the country

Renting a car gives you the mobility and freedom necessarily to visit the immense tulip fields from all over the Netherlands.

Just jump in the car and go wherever your heart tells you and for sure you will find some tulip fields.

A very interesting thing to know about tulips Netherlands fields is that generally the tulip fields from the country are not used for selling flowers at the auction but for bulbs.


Netherlands Tulip Fields Tulips

Netherlands Tulip Fields Tulips


Farmers sell tulip bulbs to whoever is interested and this is the main reason why they cultivate these wonderful flowers.

Seeing the tulips in bloom it is a truly amazing show!

The best time to visit these fields and Keukenhof is usually from April to May, depending on weather and temperature.

It is a natural phenomenon so cannot be controlled!

We depend on nature, so be patient and follow the forecast!

Blossoming is a real spectacle and tulips Netherlands are worldwide famous for its beauty and bright colours!

Scott Boyle

Sunday 26th of June 2022

Hello, I am currently planning a bicycle trip in the KINDERDIJK area to see the historic windmills. I would like to see the area mid April to May, so we can see tulips as well. Are there tulip fields near the KINDERDIJK area? If so, is there an online map that identifies the tulip fields there? Thank you.

Sonia Hash

Sunday 26th of June 2022

Hi Scott,

In the Kinderdijk area there are no tulip fields. If you want to see some spectacular tulip fields and not travel far from the windmill area then consider visiting Goeree-Overflakkee located about 60 km away. Keukenhof, the largest tulip field in the world is located 85 km north of Keukenhof, close to Amsterdam, so you should consider visiting the gardens if you visit the Amsterdam area. Good luck with planning and hope to see the tulips in blossom!