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Must-Visit Destinations in the Netherlands Beyond Amsterdam

When someone says Netherlands most people think of Amsterdam and its attractions.
Well, Holland is more than Amsterdam. There are many best places to visit in Netherlands spread along with the country with many interesting things to do and amazing experiences.

The Netherlands means incredible windmills, beautiful medieval town, vibrant cities and amazing architecture.

Groningen places to visit in Netherlands

Visit Groningen Netherlands

A holiday across the country is the best way to experience what the Netherlands has to offer. Rent a car and travel without any worries! The roads are incredibly good and very well connected! You will have the freedom you’ll want to explore the country.

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Sleep in a traditional windmill or in a beautiful medieval town to fulfil the Dutch experience! For sure you will have an incredible time!

Gouda Netherlands

Let’s take for example Gouda, a typical Dutch town with wonderful buildings and romantic canals. This place is a popular destination for a day trip thanks to its location and good connections with the rest of the country. You can get to Gouda by train or by car.

Gouda Town Hall Building places to visit in Netherlands

Gouda Town Hall Building

Spend a night in this lovely village to have enough time to explore it!

The town is famous for its cheese, a very delicious and mild cheese made from cow milk. But Gouda is not just about the cheese. We invite you to walk along the canals and discover by foot one of the best places to visit in Netherlands.

Rotterdam Best place to visit in Netherlands

One of the largest European ports and a modern and vibrant city of Netherlands, Rotterdam has many interesting things to offer. In and around the city there are plenty of places to visit. So, take your time and explore this wonderful Dutch city!

Rotterdam Bridge Netherlands places to visit in Netherlands

Rotterdam Bridge Netherlands

Book a few nights in one of Rotterdam’s beautiful hotels and explore by foot this city! We chose to stay right in the heart of the city at Hilton Rotterdam,  a nice hotel with a perfect location, and nice rooms some of them overlooking the main street.

When you get tired of exploring Rotterdam, take a trip to one of the most iconic villages of Netherlands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site named Kinderdijk. The landscape is extremely beautiful and a boat tour along the windmills is something you should try!

Groningen Netherlands

Famous for its University founded in 1614 which is rated in top 100 universities from all over the world, Groningen has the youngest population from the Netherlands. It is the best place to visit in Netherlands if you are looking for a vibrant city with many cultural and musical events.

The city’s best places to visit in Netherlands if you are interested in shopping, cultures, restaurants and cafes.

Groningen Netherlands places to visit in Netherlands

Groningen Netherlands

Beautiful restaurants, nice cafes, interesting museums and amazing buildings are the main attractions in Groningen. We recommend a walking tour with a guide: Welcome to Groningen: Private Tour with a Local. It is a customized private walking tour which offers you the unique opportunity to discover this magnificent city.

There are also many attractions in the city. Pieterburen, Bourtange and Hortus Haren are good examples if you want to have an idea about the Netherlands countryside.

If you are interested in exploring the area, then book a few nights in Groningen and do day trips in that part of Holland.

Leiden Netherlands

Wooden bridges, beautiful parks, old windmills and picturesque canals all of them compose piece by piece Leiden city.

Once you reach Leiden, take a boat tour along the canals and discover its beauty. Leiden looks completely different from the water than from the land!

Leiden Cathedral Netherlands

Leiden Cathedral Netherlands

We recommend you to book this wonderful tour: Leiden 2-Hour Walking Tour. It is the perfect way to explore the city combining a walking tour with a canal cruise.

And regarding the accommodation, there are plenty of options and most of them offer great conditions at good prices. Some of the accommodations of Lieden are located close to the city centre, while others offer beautiful views over the canals and the nearby area.

Utrecht, one of the best places to visit in Netherlands

Once the most important city of the Netherlands, Utrecht is a beautiful city located between Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

It is a place very easy to reach by train or by car.

The town was built around the Dom Tower, the highest building from the area offering wonderful views from the top.

Castle De Haar, Dom Tower, St Martin’s Cathedral and Speelkok Museum are just some of the top attractions which you should include on your list.

Utrecht Netherlands

Utrecht Netherlands

Why not discover Utrecht and have fun at the same time?! We have a very interesting proposal for you: Utrecht: Monster Mystery Exploration Game and Tour is the best way to discover the city and have fun at the same time! All you need is a mobile phone, an app and let the adventure begin!

After such an exhausting day, a good night’s sleep is all you need. There are many options when you are searching for a Utrecht accommodation! Some of them are cheaper, while for others you have to pay more because of the services, location and conditions.

These five cities are equally beautiful and interesting and a great way to discover the Netherlands. All of them should be on your top places to visit in Netherlands bucket list!