Best things to do when visit the Netherlands Maastricht

The capital of the province Limburg, the Netherlands Maastricht is a wonderful Dutch city with almost 120.000 inhabitants located in the southeastern part of the country, very close to Belgium and Germany.

The city attracts each year around 3 million tourists and has many interesting things to explore.

Netherlands Maastricht City view
Maastricht City view Netherlands

The name of the city comes from the river which crosses it, the Meuse River and comes from the Roman times. In the 1st century AD, the Romans built a bridge across the river and name the water Meuse.

In and around the city are many interesting places to visit.

Here is a list of the most visited  Netherlands Maastricht attractions:

1. Vrijthof Square

This is the main square of the city. All the major events from the city are held in this place, including the Maastricht carnival.

On a daily basis, the square is a great place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a delicious dutch waffle-biscuit with caramel.

2. Lichtenberg Castle ruins

One of the Maastricht best places to visit is the ruins of Lichtenberg Castle. This is considered to be one of the oldest castles from the Netherlands. Its history dates back in time until 10th century when the main part of the castle was built.

3. Visit Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate was one of the main entries in the city in the XIII century. When the city expanded in the XV century, this gate lost its function.

Today this is the oldest gate from the Netherlands and is open for visiting between Easter and late autumn.

4. Shop around the Wyck district

This is the coolest street for shopping from Netherlands Maastricht. You will find here international brands and local boutiques as well as many restaurants and cafes.

5. Explore Sint Janskerk

Sint Janskerk is one of the most popular attractions in the city. This gothic church with its incredibly tall tower was built in XV century. Take your time and take a photo of the colourful statues located in the center of the square.

Netherlands Maastricht City of Netherlands
Maastricht Netherlands City of Holland

Netherlands Maastricht is a wonderful city and has many interesting places. We spend some wonderful days here and we definitely want to come back again. We chose to stay at Mabi Hotel Centrum, a very modern hotel located close to the city centre. The room, breakfast and the services were great! We have such beautiful memories from there!

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