Amazing places where to stay in Netherlands countryside today

Where to stay in Netherlands countryside

Holland is one of the most interesting countries in Europe. It has beautiful villages with fairy-tale homes, old windmill fields and hundreds of miles of tulips which blossom in different colours in spring.

Such a unique and picturesque country must hide many unique and interesting accommodation in Netherlands countryside for your trip.

Some of these places fascinate me, while others still amaze me.


Sea Lodges Bloemendaal where to stay in Netherlands countryside
Sea Lodges Bloemendaal in Netherlads Countryside

Here are 5 unique AccoMmodations where to stay in Netherlands countryside ACCOMMODATIONS

I prepared a top with the most awesome Holland accommodation. It might be pretty hard to book a night at one of them but for sure is a one of a kind experience.

1. Sea Lodges Bloemendaal

As the name suggested this wonderful accommodation is located close to the sea in Bloemendaal aan Zee at 30 kilometres away from Noordwijk aan Zee. The homes are ideally located, being close to Amsterdam (just 30 km away) and Haarlem (just 8 kilometres).

Sea Lodges Bloemendaal Netherlads Countryside
Sea Lodges Bloemendaal Netherlads Countryside

Each lodge from Sea Lodges Bloemendaal has 2 bedrooms, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen. It is exactly what you need for an extraordinary holiday. More than that, the lodges are hidden between the sand dunes making you feel that you are in the middle of nature. Chose which of the these 3 lodges fits you better:Sea Lodges Bloemendaal 5 , Sea Lodges Bloemendaal 6 or Sea Lodges Bloemendaal 7

2. Holiday home De Kustwachttoren

With an incredible view over the land and sea, Vintage holiday home is a beautiful place where to stay in Netherlands countryside located in a former lighthouse. This amazing accommodation in Netherlands countryside is located in the village called Huisduinen in Noord Holland.

Home de Kustwachttoren Netherlands Countryside accomodation
Home de Kustwachttoren Holland accomodation countryside

We recommend you to rent a bike to visit the area or to go to the beach. If you have enough time you can even take the ferry and go to Wadden Island of Texel.

From this apartment to Amsterdam airport, there are 90 kilometres.

Kustwachttoren in Huisduinen in Noord Holland Netherlands Countryside, accommodation in Netherlands countryside
Kustwachttoren in Huisduinen in Noord Holland Netherlands Countryside

3. Houseboat Little Amstel

How about spending a night in a houseboat? Sounds crazy isn’t’ it?! Well, it might be so, but in Holland there are a few options when speaking about houseboat. We liked most Houseboat Little Amstel because it is located on Amstel River, very close to Amsterdam but still has that dutch countryside flavour.

Houseboat Little Amstel Night on a boat Netherlands Countryside, holland accommodation
Houseboat Little Amstel Night on a boat Netherlands Countryside

It is a really interesting and captivating alternative to classical hotels. When in Holland, definitely should try this amazing accommodation in Netherlands countryside!

4. House Boat in Goëngahuizen

Are you looking for something incredible which offers you everything you could wish for?

House Boat Goengahuizen Netherlands countryside
House Boat in Goengahuizen Netherlands countryside

Then Quaint House Boat in Goëngahuizen with Sauna is the right choice. This wonderful holiday villa is located in Goengahuizen and has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a large living room, a sauna and a beautiful patio. It is one of the best places where you can stay in Netherlands Countryside.

House Boat in Goengahuizen NetherlandsThe villa is located in the middle of de Wijde Ee nature reserve and is accessible only by boat. The location and the villa are absolutely incredible so you should book it in advance if you want to have it for a few nights!

5. Molen Hunsingo

Where to stay in Netherlands countryside if not in a windmill?! This is the best way to experience Holland and try one of the best accommodations in Netherlands countryside!

Molen Hunsingo Netherlands Countryside Windmill
Molen Hunsingo Holland Countryside Windmill| Accommodation in Netherlands countryside

Molen Hunsingo is the best choice if you are looking to sleep in an old Dutch windmill. The hotel is located in Onderdendam, 200 kilometres away from Amsterdam. The nearest airport is Groningen Eelde Airport which is 29 km away.

Molen Hunsingo Old Dutch windmill Netherlands Countryside
Molen Hunsingo Old Dutch windmill Holland Countryside

The hotel has a restaurant and offers very tasty food. The rooms are nice and cosy and the experience of sleeping in a windmill is something you should try when visit Netherlands!

All these 5 accommodations in Netherlands Countryside have something different than regular hotels!

Kinderdijk Netherlands Countryside Windmills
Kinderdijk Netherland Countryside Windmills

They are unique experiences which help you get a better understanding of  the Netherlands countryside. Generally, these accommodation in Netherlands countryside are remote while others are close to big cities, but all of them will tell you their own story about Netherlands! These are the best places where to stay in Netherlands countryside when you visit the country! They are really unique and charming!

We love to stay Countryside Netherlands and would gladly come back here to spend a few days and relax in the beautiful country and in these Netherlands Countryside houses.

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