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Blue Car Rental Keflavik Airport: Convenient Pick-up and Drop-off Services

Blue Car Rental Keflavik airport ?

This was the first question asked after we passed the arrivals door in Iceland. We had everything prepared to grab our vehicle and start the journey.

What made us rent the vehicle from Blue Car Rental ?

Except for having a good reputation, a car rental company should be really easy to reach when getting off the plane.

Blue Car Rental Iceland in Keflavik Airport

Blue Car Rental Iceland in Keflavik Airport

And Blue Car Rental has all of these! It has a good reputation, great vehicles and an office at the airport.

We chose Blue Car Rental when we visited Iceland because they had great reviews, good vehicles and good prices. And the contact person we talked to was really helpful and give precise answers in a really short period of time.
We rented the vehicle for a long time in advance just to be sure.

Blue car rental Keflavik Airport Iceland

BlueCar rental Keflavik Airport Iceland

Just to be safe and for the extra comfort of our trip, we decided to buy additional coverage for the vehicle. We heard many stories about sand and ash damages not covered by regular insurance or all kind of wavers.

Blue Car Rental Keflavik Airport office price

BlueCar Rental Keflavik Airport office price

We did not want to risk anything and we prefer to buy additional insurance. It covers everything you need and the price is reasonable.
Do you like to travel without any worries that a car accident might ruin your holiday? Stay on the safe side and buy extra insurance for your car rental!

When we arrived at Keflavik airport we hurried to pick up the vehicle and to explore this unique island.

Pick up office from the airport Blue Car Rental

Blue Car Rental Keflavik airport is located outside the arrival terminal at about 300 meters away.

From the arrival terminal you have two options:

  1. You wait for the shuttle bus
  2. You walk from the terminal to rental section
Blue Car Rental Keflavik Airport office

BlueCar Rental Keflavik Airport office

Keflavik International Airport although it is an international airport it is pretty small and the distances from one point to another are within walking distance.

If you choose to wait for the shuttle bus, then you need to know that the bus came every 15 minutes. If outside is windy or is raining that 15 minutes might seem like 1 hour, but they are not!

For the shuttle bus, when you are in the Arrivals terminal follow the sign for Car rental shuttle services. Get off the shuttle at the second stop! There is Blue Car office.

Blue Car Rental Iceland Keflavik Airport

BlueCar Rental Iceland Keflavik Airport

Or you can choose the second version, the one of walking to Blue Car Office. It is very close to the terminal and is a good opportunity to stretch your legs after long hours on the plane.

If you are for the walking option then you should know that the rental office is 4 minutes away from Keflavik Airport at Blikavellir 3. You just exit the airport on the departure sign and across the street is Blue Car office.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

Drop off at Blue Car Rental Keflavik airport

You can drop off the car at the office located in Keflavik airport at Blikavellir 3. It is the office just across the street from the airport.

After you arrive at the parking lot belonging to BlueCar rent a car enter the office and wait for an employee to come and inspect the car.

He will write down all the scratches and signs from the car and then you will have to sign on the document.

If you don’t receive a copy of the document ask for it and make it a copy. It is recommended to have it just to be sure that you have a starting point if a dispute will appear.

why rent a car in Iceland Keflavik Airport

why rent-a-car in Iceland Keflavik Airport

After you sign all the documents and give the keys all it left to do is to head toward the airport. You will have a short walk up to the departure terminal or you can wait for the shuttle to come.

We prefer to walk to departures and enjoy the view for the last time. Blue Car rental Keflavik airport is just a few minutes away from the Departure terminal.

A deep feeling of sadness covered my soul and I promised myself that I will be back in Iceland someday.

Logistical tips and tricks for your trip

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