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Exploring Dutch Countryside: Amazing Destinations to Visit

Netherlands countryside travel ideas

The country with the most sophisticated water plumping system in the world, Netherlands is one of the most interesting countries from Europe and a great destination for your holiday.

Netherlands Countryside travel

Netherlands Countryside plain

Famous for its vast tulip fields, old and emblematic windmills and romantic canals, Netherlands is world known for its capital, Amsterdam and not for its countryside.

I visited this country several times and I felt in love with its countryside immediately! Its windmills, canals and cozy villages makes me want to come back again and again.

Netherlands windmills

Let’s take for example Netherlands windmills! They are one of the oldest windmills from Europe! Most of them was build more than 100 years ago and their main purpose was to drain the waters from the mainland and pomp it back to the sea.

Netherlands Countryside windmills plain

Countryside windmills plain

In our days there are more than 1000 windmills spread all over the country but most of them are not working anymore! The most famous windmills villages from the Netherlands are Kinderdijk and Zaanse Schans.

Netherlands countryside tour

Definitely your Netherlands countryside travel tour should include a visit at one of these villages. These places are like a window back in time! You get a very good understanding of how a medieval Dutch village looked like!

Cosy villages

My favourite villages in Netherlands are Elburb, Giethoorn, Edam and Marken. What I like the most in these villages are their atmosphere and their peaceful vibe! People are more relaxed and really enjoy their life and the time spent with friends and family.

Netherlands Countryside Edam

Holland Edam

I strongly recommend you to spend at least one night in one of these wonderful villages. They are completely different than the big cities! Walking along the canals when after sunset is a very relaxing experience!

We stayed one night in Giethoorn and another one in Marken. Netherlands countryside travel was such a beautiful experience for us!

De Dames Van De Jonge Hotel Giethorn from Giethoorn offers really nice rooms with a great view of the canals. Right near the hotel you can rent a boat and do a tour of the village on the water. The services, the breakfast at this hotel was really good and the people were very friendly! They make me feel like home!

Netherlands Marken

Marken Village Countryside

In Marken we chose to stay at Hof Van Marken , a family hotel with rooms overlooking the lake or port or green fields from the nearby area.

The breakfast was very tasty and the rooms were clean and all equipped with a private bathroom. The staff do their best fulfil our wishes.

These are the best choices for Netherlands countryside travel trip! You will discover a completely different picture of this wonderful country if you choose to visit its countryside!