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Exploring the Netherlands: Must-See Attractions

One of the most beautiful and interesting European destinations, Netherlands stands out with its unique windmills, picturesque villages and wonderful canals.

Explore Netherlands

For most of us Netherlands equals Amsterdam. This magnificent city, which is also the capital of the country, is one of the best destinations for bachelor’s parties, vibrant nightlife and its free and nonconformist style.

Explore Netherlands Hoge Veluwe

Discover Netherlands Hoge Veluwe

It is the only city in Europe where prostitution is legalised and you can eat some “improved” cookies or smoke a joint.

Do not rush to judge! Netherlands is not just Amsterdam. There are many other beautiful places to visit and things to experience.

We made a list with top attractions of the Netherlands just to know how to plan your trip:

1. Celebrate King’s Day

On 27th April each year Dutch people celebrate the birthday of Queen Juliana.
In 2013, Queen Beatrix passed the throne to Willem Alexander, her sun, and that is why Queen Day became King Day.

visit Netherlands King day

Netherlands Queen’s Day

On this day everybody is celebrating! There are lots of concerts and parties everywhere! People are happy and dance on the streets! Street parties, fun flairs and flea markets are spread all over the country! No matter where you look, you will see orange (Dutch national colour)!

I must say, it is the wildest Queen/King day celebration I have ever seen and a very good way to start and explore Netherlands!

2. Explore Keukenhof garden

Keukenhof garden is the largest flower gardens in the world and one of the oldest from Europe. According to their official site, about 7 millions of flowers are planted in this garden each year. The garden is not open all year round, but its opening hours depend on the blooming season.

In 2020 for example the Keukenhof garden is open on 21st of March till 10th of May. During these periods you can admire the beauty of the tulips! It is really delightful for your eyes!

And you know what is interesting?! When they plant the bulbs the workers combine more species of tulips as to have the whole garden in blossom for the entire period! Fascinating!

The Keukenhof garden is really easy to reach! There are regular buses which go from Amsterdam and all you need is the entrance ticket. Keukenhof: Skip-the-Ticket-Line Entrance is one of the best choices, as it gives you a ticket with skip the line included. You will earn more time to explore the gardens!

Keukenhof Travel Guide

Keukenhof Travel Guide

Or you can buy a ticket with transport included. From Amsterdam: Fast-Track Keukenhof Ticket and Transfer includes not just the transportation but also a ticket with skip the line facility. You don’t have to worry about anything! Just prepare your camera for the best shots of your trip!

Keukenhof Skip-the-Ticket-Line Round-trip Transfer Ticket

Keukenhof Skip-the-Ticket-Line Round-trip Transfer Ticket

3. Visit Edam when explore Netherlands

Are you a cheese fan? If not, you will become one after a shot visit in Edam.
The village is the classic Dutch settlement with canals, windmills and of course, cheese shops. The village attract tourist from all over the world because of its appearance and it is very easy to reach.

If you are in Amsterdam you can take a tour to this village. It is the quintessence of Netherlands countryside life.

We propose you a very captivating day tour from Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans, Edam, Volendam and Marken Tour. In just one day you will visit three iconic villages of Netherlands and a windmill museum, Zaanse Schans.

Zaanse Schans, Edam, Volendam and Marken Tour

Zaanse Schans, Edam, Volendam and Marken Tour

4. Bike through Hoge Veluwe National Park

Built as a hunting park between 1909 and 1923, Hoge Veluwe National Park is the largest natural reserve from Netherlands and home of many beautiful wild creatures.

Deer, mouflon, wild boar and many species of birds can be found inside the park. The best way to admire the beauty of this national park is by walking or taking a bike tour.

Discover Netherlands Hoge Veluwe

Discover Netherlands Hoge Veluwe

Inside the park there are many trails for hiking and cycling very well maintained as well as a sculpture park and an art gallery.

This park is unique and has to be included in your tour when explore Netherlands. For sure you need more than one day to explore the entire park. In the area around the park there are many accommodations, perfect for your overnight stay.

Hotel De Sterrenberg is one of the best options from the area. It is a 4-star hotel in a rustic-chic style vibe with an indoor pool, a beautiful garden and a pond. The hotel also has a wonderful spa and a very well equipped fitness center.

Fletcher Hotel Restaurant De Buunderkamp is another beautiful and comfortable hotel located close to the park, with more affordable prices and an Eco friendly certificate. The hotel offers a wellness area and good services at decent prices.

5. Visit Van Gogh Museum

Not just the art lovers, but everybody should visit at least once in their lifetime Van Gogh Museum. It is one of the most important art museums in the world, home of many Van Gogh masterpieces.

No matter when you go, there will be lots of tourists around. But during summertime, the queues are huge. You need to arm with patience and a bottle of water because you might stay in queue for a few hours.

That is why we recommend you to buy your tickets online when explore Netherlands. Van Gogh Museum Ticket is one of the best choices. You buy a timed entry ticket and you have access to all permanent and temporary exhibitions.

In this way you will safe some time and you can enjoy your holiday more in Netherlands.

Van Gogh Museum Travel Guide

Van Gogh Museum Travel Guide

6. Explore “Venice of the North”

The most photographed place from the entire Netherlands countryside, Giethoorn also known as the “Venice of the North” is one of the top attractions from the country.

This small town with a total population of about 2.600 people is located in the north part of the country about 115 kilometres away from Amsterdam. The place is famous for its picturesque canals, wonderful houses and peaceful atmosphere.

Being one of the top attractions of the country, the village is very crowded especially during the peak season when you need to book your trip well in advance.

The town is very easy to reach with public transport or rented car, so definitely should be on your bucket list when explore Netherlands.

If you are staying in Amsterdam there are daily tours to this magnificent village. From Amsterdam: Day Trip to Giethoorn by Bus and Boat is one of the best tours you can buy from Amsterdam. For the money you pay you have included a one hour boat trip with a guide and a tour with a van.

From Amsterdam Day Trip to Giethoorn by Bus and Boat

From Amsterdam Day Trip to Giethoorn by Bus and Boat

7. Discover historic Harleem

The capital of the North Province, Harleem was once one of the most important ports at North Sea.

The place is famous for its architecture and design. The centerpiece of the place is the Grote Markt, a beautiful square with an imposing cathedral built in the XIII century.

The square is also the place of the weekly markets which have a different theme every day. Monday for example is the day when you find clothes. Saturday is the day when you mostly can find cheese, flowers and fish.

The town is the ideal place for a short city break or a for a few days escape. Haarlem: 50-Minute Sightseeing Canal Cruise is the best way to explore the city and its architecture. The tour lasts for 1 hour and takes you through all the iconic places of Haarlem.

Haarlem 50-Minute Sightseeing Canal Cruise

Haarlem 50-Minute Sightseeing Canal Cruise

You have so many interesting places to see and things to do when explore Netherlands! It is a very diverse country suitable for many types of tourists, young or old, party lovers or not. Book your holiday and enjoy your time spend in this magnificent country!