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Netherlands tourism – travel tips and useful information

Netherlands tourism has not reached its peak yet!

Nowadays, tourists who visit Netherlands usually prefer to go on a city break in Amsterdam, the capital of the country, ignoring other beautiful places which Holland has.

Not many of us can say that they did a tour across the country or that they have a clue about the Netherlands countryside.

Unfortunately, most of us book a few days in Amsterdam and maybe, some of us take a daily trip to the countryside area near this vibrant city.

Tulip fields, windmills and traditional villages are often ignored and excluded from our travel list!

the Netherlands tourism country

the Netherlands tourism country

But this is a big mistake!

Don’t you think that if you visit Amsterdam you visit Netherlands!

Amsterdam is completely different from most towns and villages from the country.

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Yes, it is true that Amsterdam is a vibrant city and is the European capital of entertainment, but Holland is more than that!

Did you know that almost the whole surface of the country is a few meters below the sea level?

Or, did you know that the entire system of windmills and canals are built with a purpose?

Yes! They are not built just to make the Netherlands different!

They are used to pump the water out from the mainland back to the sea!

That is why I am telling you that Netherlands tourism has a lot of potentials!

If you really want to see how locals live and if you are looking for a more authentic experience than you definitely should focus on the countryside.

There are plenty of beautiful villages and incredible towns waiting for you to discover!

Have you heard about Giethoorn? It is the most emblematic village in the entire country.

It is also called the Venice of the North!

Its beauty and romantic air make you fall in love with this city immediately!

So is the city of Maastricht!

It has one of the most diverse cultures and nations from all over the country!

Because of its location, close to the Belgian and German border and because it is one of the most important university centres, the city is full of students of all nations which leave their touch over the city culture and look!

Trust me! It is a town completely different than Amsterdam or any other dutch city!

Or the Zaanse Schans and Kinderdijk!

Both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites for many years and are representative of the local life being the best windmills villages preserved from medieval times!


the tourism in Netherlands cities

the tourism in Netherlands cities

And the list could go on! Netherlands tourism is not just Amsterdam or other big cities!

If you want to explore the country and understand its culture and history, then a trip to the countryside is mandatory!

The prices are even lower than in Amsterdam and the quality of services is great!

Exploring the countryside gives you the unique opportunity to sleep in one of the strangest places on Earth.

We definitely recommend you to spend at least one night in a windmill.

Yeah, you read correctly! Molen Hunsingo is one of the best windmills accommodations from the entire country!

It was such an interesting experience!

Next time when we visit Netherlands we will book another night here!

We liked the room, the atmosphere and the services!

If windmills are not what are you looking for, then you might spend your night in a houseboat.

Quaint House Boat In Gongahuizen With Sauna is a great choice for those of you interested in an authentic experience.

The guesthouse is located on the water, in the middle of a natural reserve, Wijde Ee nature reserve and offers 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a wonderful patio.

It is the best destination if you want to spend some days away from stress and big cities! We love it!

Netherlands tourism conclusion

This segment might not be the main economic driver from the country but it has a huge potential! Go and explore this country until it is not that commercial!