5 reasons to visit Rhodes Greece

The largest island of the Dodecanese is one of the best Greek destinations! Visit Rhodes Greece if you are looking for a relaxing holiday at the beach close to Europe!

Actually, Rhodes is not just sun and beautiful beaches. There are also many interesting things to explore and visit while in this island.

visit Rhodes Greece lindos island
Rhodes landscape lindos island

Here are top 5 reasons to visit Rhodes:

1. Beautiful beaches

Anthony Quinn bay, St Paul’s beach and Faliraki beach are one of the best sand beaches from the island. Besides these ones, there are many other beautiful beaches spread across the island.

Some of them are very popular among tourists and have chairs and umbrellas to rent and many bars close by, while others are more intimate, without any facilities or bars around. It’s up to you, what you prefer! Me, personally, I always test both types of beaches when going to a new place! It is the best way to convince yourself which are you like most!

Rhodes Beach sand
Rhodes Beach sand

The best thing you could do when visit Rhodes Greece is to rent a car and explore the whole island! There are many hidden beaches to be discovered and many interesting things to experience around the island! It is a really nice experience!

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2. It is a place rich in history

No matter where you go in Rhodes you will always find a piece of history. The local history goes back very long in time, when mythology, Knights of St John era and Turkish occupation remodelled and changed the place.

The most important things to see when visit Rhodes, from the historical perspective are:
– The Acropolis of Lindos, the second most important Greek Acropolis
– The Acropolis of Rhodes
– Ancient Kamiros
– Ancient Ialysos
– The medieval city of Rhodes

Rhodes history acropolis
Rhodes history acropolis

3. Visit Rhodes Greece vibrant nightlife

Visit Rhodes if you are looking for endless parties and vibrant nightlife. There are many clubs and bar all over the island where you can drink a glass of wine and have some fun with your friends.

The centrepiece of the entertainment is Rhodes Town, where you can find lots of bars which offer a large selection of drinks and snacks. These are the ideal places to end your day and why not make new friends.

4. Discover beautiful villages and well preserved traditions

The island become more cosmopolite and modern from one day to another. Many locals don’t preserve their culture and forget to pass from one generation to another their traditions.

Rhodes Lindos beautiful village
Rhodes Lindos beautiful village

The people from the villages and towns are now searching for a more cosmopolite life and the architecture of the places changes dramatically.

As it still exists the traditions and the beautiful villages we encourage you to explore them and understand local’s culture and behaviour.

Rhodes narrow street
Rhodes narrow street

5. Explore nature when visit Rhodes Greece

Rhodes has many other beautiful surprises for you. The island is not just about beautiful beaches and historical monuments. There are also many natural attractions hidden inside the island.

You will need a car to discover them, but once you get there you will be amazed by what you will see.

For me, it was a great surprise the Valley of Butterflies, a place famous all over the world thanks to its beautiful creatures which fly around! It is the perfect getaway from the unbearable hit!

visit Rhodes greece landscape
visit Rhodes greece landscape

Or, Seven Springs! Another great destination if you are hiding from the summer sun! It is a very peaceful place, a very long tunnel and at the end of it you can find the Seven Springs, as well as a snack bar and a resting place!

I also recommend you to visit Prasonisi, a wonderful beach known as the windsurfer’s paradise. In the area there are plenty windsurfing schools and if you want you can try new experiences while on holiday!

All these places are wonderful and worth visiting! Visit Rhodes Greece if you are searching for new experiences and for a great holiday!

And don’t forget! For a memorable experience book your accommodation in advance! This is the safest way to get the best price-quality ratio!

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