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Essential Money Tips for Travelers in the Netherlands

The right amount of the Netherlands money

Taking with you the correct amount of money when travelling abroad might be very complicated. We generally don’t want to exchange a larger amount of money than we need because locking our economies in a foreign currency is the last thing we could wish for.

But on the other hand, we don’t want to travel abroad and after a few days to remain out of money and to run from one bank to another, or from one ATM to another to withdraw cash.

Holland currency Money exchange office

Holland Money

Finding a balance about the correct amount to exchange is a very difficult decision and finding the best exchange rate to buy foreign currency is even complicated.

That is why we advise you to use a mix of the next elements and to find the appropriate balance of the Netherlands money for your holiday and the best exchange rate possible at that moment!

1. Pick the right card and the right bank

Everybody knows that the rates and commissions practised by bank vary from one bank to another. Some of them have good rates inside that country and huge fees abroad, while others think more to their customers and practice good rates all over the world.

Credit Card MasterCard the netherlands money

Credit Card MasterCard the netherlands money

That is why we advise you to check the rates and commissions practice by your bank for foreign countries before travelling abroad.
Make a research on the local market and see which is the best bank and the best card to be used abroad. Take into consideration the option of having that card just for travel purposes if the taxes are really reasonable and you travel pretty often!

2. Mix it up!

Some of you consider paying just with cash when travelling abroad, while others consider that cards are the best solution. Well, the best thing you can do is to mix these options and pay with card and with the Netherlands money!

Use cash where you cannot pay with card or if the seller increases the price if you pay by card!

Be smart and use the most convenient option to save money!
I generally recommend you to use a card when you pay higher amounts, like hotels, car rentals, or you buy a really valuable product. Leave some cash for public transport, supermarkets, attractions and other smaller costs.

3. Check the fees practised by your bank oversea

Before going anywhere check to see if there are any hidden fees practised by your bank when using the card abroad. Do your homework and see how significant these fees are and what you can do to reduce them.

4. Don’t buy foreign currency from the airport

Exchange offices from the airports practice poor rates, extremely bad for customers. Never exchange money at the airport. If you really need local currency at the airport you’d better withdraw it from an ATM, because it is more convenient than using an office exchange.

5. Check the standard exchange rate

Don’t let yourself fooled and check the standard exchange rate before you exchange money.

You will see that each office exchange practice a different change rate, some of them really smaller comparing with the standard rate. In order to choose the best exchange office, you need to know which is the standard rate. The vigilant and do your homework to save money!


Prepare a daily budget and analyze which expenses are to be paid with cash and where you plan to use a card. This is the best way to do if you don’t want to lock your economies into a foreign currency!

Carry small amount of Cash Holland money Euro Netherlands

Cash Holland Money Euro

I know! There is always the option of exchanging the money back into your local money but you will lose a lot by doing this!

Maths and proper planning are all that matters when we speaking about taking with you the right amount of the Netherlands money!

Don’t be lazy and plan your trip to save money and time!