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Amsterdam Nightlife: Top 5 Things to Experience in the Red Light District

Amsterdam Nightlife

Amsterdam is one of the main European destinations for bachelor parties! Everyone wants to dance, drink and have fun! And for sure Amsterdam offers all of these! Amsterdam is very vibrant and active! You will not be disappointed! There are so many ways to party in Amsterdam and so many clubs and pubs that you are not sure which one to choose. Oh! And the Amsterdam Red Light District! I have almost forgotten about this night active place!

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Here is the top 5 most interesting things to try when speaking about nightlife in Amsterdam!

  • 1. Chill at Melkweg (Milkyway)

This is one of the most emblematic concert halls from Amsterdam. It is located right in the heart of nightlife square, in the Leidseplein area. At the origins, the building was hosting a milk factory but in our days’ space is divided into multiple rooms. Concerts, expositions, events, and films take place here. Space has a very good acoustic so it is a real pleasure to dance and listen to a concert here or even to join a public event.

  • 2. Drink something at Café de Doktor

Café de Doktor is one of the oldest bars and a very representative place for Amsterdam nightlife. This small bar was founded in 1798 is the perfect way to travel in time. The interior of the bar is vintage and looks the same as it was on the first day. Classic jazz enchants your hearing while you relax and travel back in time. The place has a real positive vibe and is located pretty close to Amsterdam Red Light District.

  • 3. Watch a concert at the Het Muziektheater

Het Muziektheater also is known as the Dutch National Opera and Ballet is an imposing building overlooking the Amstel River. The center is located pretty close to Museum Het Rembrandhuis and is home to many theatre plays and ballet numbers. The architecture of the building is very nice and the view from the balconies and from the entire hall is just perfect! Book your tickets in advance because the tickets for most plays are sold very fast.

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    Red Light District Amsterdam

    4. Drink a cocktail at the Vesper

A small and intimate bar with very good cocktails should be on top of your list when trying Amsterdam nightlife. The bar is located in Jordaan quartier and is named after Bond girl Vesper. Here you can find a large variety of cocktails, wines, and beers. You can even learn how to make a cocktail! Just attend one of their workshops! I must say they are very interesting!

  • 5. Amsterdam Red Light District

A visit to Amsterdam is not complete without a visit in Red Light District. Everybody heard about this area from Amsterdam because everybody speaks about it! It is a must-see place! Coffee shops, sex shops, erotic theatres, ladies offering their services behind a window are the most important things which could be found in this district. Red Light District is a unique place in the world! It is one of the places where prostitution and drugs are legal! What else to say then this is the perfect place for you to party! It is one of a kind place! It is ideal for your bachelor party! You can spend here unforgettable moments!
Amsterdam nightlife is very active and varied! You can party all night long! You should bring with you a lot of energy and some money! The rest is provided by Amsterdam!