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Ideal Time to Visit Amsterdam Throughout the Year

Netherlands is an all year round destination so each month is the best time of year to visit Amsterdam.

The only thing is to determine why you want to visit this great city.

Do you want to visit the city for sightseeing? For tulips? For nightlife? Why?

These are the factors which could influence the period when to visit this unique city.

I will tell you shortly when is the best time to visit Amsterdam for each of the most important things to do and places to see when in visit Netherlands.

Visit Amsterdam for tulip

Netherlands is famous for its huge flower plantations.

And very close to the city is the largest flower garden in Europe.

It is called Keukenhof and is located 40 km away from Amsterdam.

It is easy to reach with a rented car or with an express bus that goes from Amsterdam directly to Keukenhof in blossom season.

Amsterdam Tulips in Netherlands

Amsterdam Tulips in Netherlands


Keukenhof is opened each year during the blossom period so it is a good idea to search for Keukenhof opening period to figure it out when to visit the Netherlands for tulips.

But still, when is the blossom season?

Well, the exact day might vary from year to year, but generally, the best period of the year to see the tulips in blossom is from late April to early May.

Visit Amsterdam for sightseeing

The best time of year to visit Amsterdam for sightseeing is in shoulder season.

Shoulder season is in late spring and early autumn.

During this period of the year the crowds had gone, the prices went down again and the weather is still perfect for sightseeing.

There might be some days colder and with a little rain, but would not be that dramatically to ruin your holiday.

Because the crowds have gone, you will have the chance to experience a more authentic Netherlands and to enjoy peacefully the landscape.

Visit Red Light District and experience Amsterdam nightlife

Visiting the Red Light District and experiencing Amsterdam nightlife is an all year round experience.

There is no right or wrong time to experience the local nightlife.

The only rule to follow is that the parties and the action start when the night falls over the city.

Amsterdam Red Light District Canal

Amsterdam Red Light District Canal


Red Light District is a very busy destination.

Everybody who travels to Amsterdam wants to see what is there, how are the girls and so on.

So the street becomes really busy in the evening and during the night.

If you want to visit Red Light District, I recommend you to do it early in the evening and during the weekdays.

At weekends the area is really busy and noisy.

Go shopping in Amsterdam

Like all the important cities in Europe, Amsterdam has many interesting shops.

Starting with local retailers and fashion designers and continuing with big and famous brands, you can find everything in Amsterdam.

And the most interesting part is that all of them have special sales campaigns in summer and winter.

Visit Amsterdam

Visit Amsterdam


The good part is that all of them have sales promotions for winter in January and for summer in July.

Just look for UITVERKOOP OPRUIMING sign which means “clearance sales” and you will get good with up to 70% discount.

If you plan to do a shopping session in Amsterdam, then January and July is the best time to visit Amsterdam.

Pack your clothes carefully having in mind that you will need some space in your luggage for what you will buy.

If you are lucky and go shopping on the first day with sales reductions you will buy nice things at a really low price!

best time of year to visit Amsterdam

Being a year-round destination, each month could be the perfect time to visit Amsterdam.

Now that you know when is the best time to visit Amsterdam depending on what you want to experience it’s time to book your flights and your accommodation.

The truth is that hotels are pretty expensive in the area.

My advice is to book accommodation in advance in order to secure a good price.


Crowne Plaza Amsterdam

Crowne Plaza Amsterdam


We stayed at .

The hotel is not located in the heart of Amsterdam but is close to a metro station, so reaching the most important attraction points is very easy.

Room at Crowne Plaza Amsterdam

Room at Crowne Plaza


The price-quality ratio of the hotel is very good. We liked the rooms, the breakfast and the location.

Amsterdam Crowne Plaza room

Crowne Plaza room


No matter if you are looking for a relaxing shopping session, or for vibrant nightlife, Amsterdam is one of the best cities in Europe.

It has many beautiful buildings, interesting museums and enchanting boat cruises on its canals.

Amsterdam is a city which should be visited at least once in your lifetime.

And remember!

Best time of year to visit Amsterdam depends on what you are interested in experiencing!