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Sicily Weather: What to Expect for Your Trip

Weather for Sicily Italy

The largest island from the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and cold and rainy winters.

The transition between the two main seasons is made by spring and autumn. During these two seasons, the days are very different. Sunny days, windy afternoons and cold mornings are common for these seasons.

weather for sicily italy San Vito Lo Capo Italia
Weather in Sicily Italy San Vito Lo Capo Italia

Don’t expect negative temperatures in Sicily even in winter! This island is known as an island with warm winters.

Up there on the mountains and sometimes on the hills on altitudes above 900 metres it might snow during winter but in the rest of the island, it’s just rain and positive temperatures all year round!

Actually, when we discuss Sicily climate we have to refer to the coastal climate and mountain climate.

Sicily weather on low altitudes

When we say low altitudes we mainly refer to the coast area.
Generally, the coastal area is characterised by extremely hot summers and rainy and cold winters.

On the south-western coast of the island, the climate is influenced by the African currents so summers are usually extremely hot and dry, with unbearable temperatures. Mainly because of this I personally don’t recommend visiting Sicily in summer because the weather for Sicily Italy is too hot.

Sicily weather Italy
Sicily Italy weather

Besides the extremely hot weather on the coast, there are also the tourists roaming around and the prices which go really high.

Best time to visit Sicily is May and September when the days are long and sunny, the temperatures are perfect for beach time and the crowds have gone.

Sicily climate on high altitudes

Sicily’s mountain area, especially Etna, Madonie and Nebrodi have mountain climates with heavy snowfalls during winter and cold but sunny days in summer.

The summit of Mount Etna is usually covered with snow from October till May.

Summer on high altitudes means chiller weather and occasional rains. So, if you plan to explore the Sicilian mountains, bring with you a raincoat and warmer clothes.

Weather FOR Sicily Italy all year round

Sicily weather is warm all year round. The coolest months of the year are January and February with minimum temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius on the coast area and maximum temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius.

On the mountain area, temperatures might drop below 0 degrees Celsius and heavy snowfalls are very common.

The hottest months of the year are July and August, with minimum temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius and maximum temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. Obviously, these figures are for the coast area. Up in the mountains, things are a little bit different. The days are sunny but chiller with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius or even lower.

Sicily weather Sicily climate
Sicily weather

Regarding the number of precipitations, October and November are the wettest months, followed by December, January and February. July and August are scarce in precipitation, with an average of just 2 to 5 mm of precipitations.

So, just for you to be prepared when visit Sicily Italy take with you the swimming suit for the coastal area and some thermal clothes if you plan to climb Mount Etna and explore the mountain region from the island.

Weather in SICILY Monthly forecast

January, as well as February, are cool months with lots of heavy rain, occasional snow showers on greater ground, frost, and also occasional days of bright blue cloudless skies with superb visibility.

March and April still see a considerable quantity of rainfall, however, the cool has actually begun to go away throughout the day and also there are many brighter, sunshiny days.

May and also June see the beginning of a really warm climate. The days are much longer, and the sea temperature is gradually climbing.

weather in Sicily Italy weather
Sicily climate Italy

July and August are the truly hot months, with normal heat-waves, little rainfall to mention, high moisture in the cities, and also just occasional cooling breezes.  On average, July has the highest number of sunshine hours from the entire year.

September and October see the return of the periodic rain-storm, the dissipation of humidity, even more, normal winds (great for sailing), cosy sunny days, and also high sea-temperatures.

November and December are wet months, however, winter doesn’t make an appearance until the middle of December. As a matter of fact, there is normally a great 10-14 day Indian Summer in November that sees people returning to the coastlines and soaking up a last hit of sunshine before the winter sets in!

Average temperatures all year round

Average high temp °C14°C15°C17°C19°C21°C24°C29°C30°C28°C22°C19°C15°C
Average low temp °C9°C10°C12°C13°C15°C19°C22°C25°C13°C18°C13°C10°C

Sicily weather is perfect for bathing and exploring the island almost the entire year!

Don’t forget! Weather for Sicily Italy varies depending on what you plan to do! Bring with you hiking clothes but also bathing clothes just in case you want to explore the whole island!

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