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All you need to know about Sicily part of Italy

Is Sicily part of Italy?

Sicily is the largest island from the Mediterranean Sea and the largest province of Italy. It has been part of Italy since 1861.

Looking for Sicily in Italy map and you don’t know where it is? Well, you have to search on top of the boot, on the south part of the peninsula. The island is connected with Italy’s mainland by the Strait of Messina.

Sicily part of Italy

Sicily is part of Italy

A short history of Sicily

Strategically located at the gate of Europe, where western civilizations meet the eastern ones, Sicily was a very disputed island along the time.

The island has a very rich history, being conquered by Greeks, Romans, barbarians and Byzantines.
All these civilisations left deep marks in the local landscape and in people’s culture.

Let’s take for example the Greek civilization which conquered the island. The Temple of Athena at Siracusa and the open-air theatre from every major city are just some examples of greek influences on the island.

Sicily Italy when to go to Sicily

When to go to Sicilia Italy

Many consider that under greek domination, Sicily reached its golden age from a scientific perspective.

Archimedes and Plato were the most important scientists who visited the island very often.

When the greek domination was over, the Romans took the supremacy. Sicilia was under Roman domination for 600 years, a period marked by richness and opulence.

Then were the barbarians, the Normans and the Arabs which left their marks on the island.

By 1861 the island was unified with Italy and so is Sicily part of Italy for more than 150 years.
Once the unification was completed, the world map changed and appeared Sicili in Italy map.

Geography of the Sicily

It is a volcanic island with a mountainous landscape and a pretty intense seismic and volcanic activity.
This island is the homeplace of Etna, the highest active volcano from Europe, a unique place which should not be missed when in Sicily.

The climate is subtropical and Mediterranean for the coastal part of the island and mountainous for most of the hills and mountains from the island.

Because of human activity, the surface covered with forest decreased to less than 5% of the total surface of the island. Sicily part of Italy as the whole of Europe was devastated by human actions!

Many plants and animals disappeared from the island when the forests were cut down and concrete and stones occupied most of the island.

Sicily is a very interesting and beautiful island with many amazing sceneries and varied landscapes.

It is a pity to come to this island and stick to a single place! We recommend you to rent a car and explore the whole island! After each turn and from one minute to another you will discover new beautiful places, hidden beaches, untamed nature and unique craters.

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So, to give you quick answers to your questions: yes, it is Sicily part of Italy and if you are looking for Sicily in Italy map you should look on top of the boot, on the south part of the country.

Smelly socks and garden peas

Wednesday 17th of June 2020

Love Italy for the pasta! Never been to Sicily but it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing

Sonia Hash

Saturday 4th of July 2020

Hi there! Italian food is really tasty! I love it! And I also love Sicily! It is one of the best places to visit when in Italy!