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Lake Como Adventures: Top 7 Must-Do Activities for First-Time Visitors

Lake Como things to do

One of the most beautiful lakes from Italy and the third largest from the country, this wonderful glacial lake is a popular place among tourists and wealthy people.

The lake is located in the northern part of the country, 50 kilometres away from Milan.


Lake Como things to do

Things to do at Lake Como


There are trains and buses which leave from Milan to the lake area.

The main downside of the trains is that you cannot reach many towns and resorts around the lake by train; most of the trains arrive in Como town and from there you have to take the bus or the ferry for your final destination.

The closest airport from the area is located in Milan and the easiest way to visit Lago di Como is by car.

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If you choose to travel by bus from Milan to Lago di Como, then you should know that most of the buses arrive also in Como and from there you have to take another bus or a ferry to reach the village where you want to go.

That is why we recommend you to rent a car and visit the lake in your own way, without being stressed out by schedulers.

You pick your car directly from the airport and hit the road! In less than an hour, you reach the lake!

Leave your luggage in the room and start exploring the area!

For overnight sleep we recommend you to sleep in a historic Villa named Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Lake Como .

It is a 5 stars resort with a fine dining restaurant and amazing views from the room!

You can take a walk in its amazing garden or enjoy the view from the terrace of your room!

Once you reach the lake, there are so many interesting things to see and do!

Here is a list of best Lake Como things to do:

1. Take a boat cruise

The first thing you should do when you get to Lago di Como is to take a boat and admire the view from the middle of the water. The scenery is amazing and the experience is unique!

There are two types of tours: private tours and public tours.

Public tours are provided by the local public navigation service. It provides many types of boats which cover all the main resorts and villages from Lake Como’s shores.

Lake Como Italy Mountains Lake

Lake Como Italy Mountains Lake


There are three types of boats:

  • motorships, which travel really slow and connect all the villages from the shores
  • hydrofoils, which are the fast boat and also connect all the villages from the shores
  • ferry, which connects the towns from the lake

About the private tours, you should know that you can choose from 3 types of tours: classic tours, with prices starting from 420 euro for 8 persons, eco-tours from 520 euro for 12 persons and luxury tours from 800 euro for 2 persons.

You know better which option is best for you, but bear in mind one thing: a boat tour on Lago di Como is something which you must do!

2. Take the funicular to Brunate

The Como- Brunate funicular was opened in 1894 and is one of the best ways to admire the view from above.

The second on my Lake Como things to do list, the ride with the funicular last for about 7 minutes and has a total length of 1000 metres.

In 2011 the funicular was refurbished and new cars were introduced, so the transportation conditions are really great. It has a total capacity of 80 persons and it leaves from Como town every 15 to 30 minutes.

Brunate is a wonderful village hidden on top of the hills and the view from up there is amazing!

You definitely should visit it!

3. Visit Bellagio

The most popular resort at Lake Como is Bellagio. It is located right at the meeting point of the 3 stripes of the lake.

I forgot to mention to you that the lake has a Y form and Bellagio is located right in the centre of the lake, where the 3 stripes meet.

The resort is known for its beautiful buildings, cobbled lanes and an amazing villa dating from 18 century, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Lake Como .




Yes! This is the place where I recommend you to sleep! It is a top attraction of the area!

While in town, book some time and take a tour along the narrow streets from the centre of the city, hurry up to catch the sunset at Punta Spartivento & Pescallo, one of the most beautiful promenades from the village.

4. Walk around the beautiful Como town

Como town is the main settlement around the lake.

It is located in the southern part of the lake and is the main connection between other towns around the lake and Milan.

All the trains and buses from Milan arrive in this town and from here you take another bus or the ferry for your final destination.

Lake Como Italy town on water

Lake Como Italy town on water


Lake Como things to do list goes on with a short walk along with the Como town! It is a wonderful place with many great places to visit!

The main attractions of the town are the amazing funicular railway up to Brunate, the waterfront promenade and the Como Cathedral built in Gothic style.

Villa Olmo with its lakeside gardens located on the northern part of the town is another top attraction of the area which you should not miss.

5. Visit the Cursed Island or Isola Comacina

Isola Comacina or Cursed Island is the only island from Lake Como. It is located in the western part of the lake, close to Tremezzina, in the golf known as Zoca de l’Oli.

According to the legend, in the 11th century, the island was cursed by a poet and the curse remains even in our days.

Now, on the island, there are three houses and many ruins. It is considered heaven on earth by most artists.
The only way to get to the island is by boat.

You can take the ferry or a water taxi to get to the island! Once you get there, relax, take photos and enjoy the view!

6. Spend an afternoon in Varenna

The village of Varenna was founded in 769 by fishermen. It is located in the Province of Lecco, in the Italian region called Lombardy.

The town is located 60 kilometres away from Milan and 40 kilometres away from the Swiss border.

Walking along the old streets of this village is one of the best Lake Como things to do! Its spectacular villas and beautiful churches attract tourists all year round!

This is the best place to go if you want to experience the local vibe and to run away from the crowds of Como town of Bellagio!

7. Visit a historic Villa

Lake Como has a very interesting history. Since medieval times, this was the favourite place of rich people!

The shores of the lake are full of impressive villas with majestic gardens and incredible architecture.

The most famous villas from the area are: Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Lake Como from Bellagio, Villa Olmo from Como, Villa Erba from Cernobbio, Villa Carlotta from Tremezzina and the list could go on.




Each of these villas is amazing! The interior, the architecture and the design are one of a kind! Its gardens are great attractions and popular destinations among tourists!

There are the best things to do when you visit Lake Como!

It is a really great place to spend your next holiday!