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Essential Travel Tips: Navigating Italy for First-Time Visitors

Travel tips for Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It is located in the southern part of the continent and has one of the most interesting country shapes from Europe: it looks like a boot.

The country has a very rich history, dating back in time when the Romans conquered the world and establish the capital of their empire at Rome.

Rome travel tips for Italy

Rome Italy travel tips

Italy is a big country and has many beautiful places to visit. No matter if you are more on visiting cities or if you like exploring nature, this country is perfect for you!

Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice are just some of the most important cities to put on your list when visit Italy.

We also recommend you to book some time and visit the countryside and the coastal area. Places like the Dolomites, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast or Capri Island are the best attractions from the area. You definitely should not miss them!

Capri Harbour Naples Italy

Capri Harbour Naples Italy

But before you go I would like to tell you some very useful travel tips in Italy!

You really have to know these things before you travel to Italy!

1. Trains are really great!

If you want to move around Italy, trains are the most reliable vehicles in the entire country! They are fast, clean, comfortable and fast.

Italy Train from Lake Como to Milan

Italy Train from Lake Como to Milan

It is true that they are not very cheap but the prices are fair for what you get. All major towns are connected with direct trains and if you want to travel across the country you might have to change trains in a certain town, but this is not a big problem!

There are also some high-speed trains between cities and in a matter of hours you get from one part of the country to another!

2. Debit/ credit cards are widely accepted!

You don’t have to worry! Travel tips for Italy list go on with another great advice!

You can pay with your card almost everywhere!

You have no commission when you pay with card! The commission is paid by the seller. There are shops which have a minimum spend in order to use the card. Otherwise, you have to pay with cash.

Revolut debit card for Italy

Revolut debit card for Italy

So, we recommend you to have some coins or a small amount in your pocket and whenever is possible to pay with a card.

3. Don’t buy Euro from the airport

The exchange rates used at the exchange offices from the airport are not really good for you!

That is why our advice is not to buy euros when you arrive at the airport. It is better to use an ATM. For sure you’ll get euros at a better exchange rate than if you choose to buy from the airport.

There is no withdrawal commission for most of the banks.

The only existing cost is the one imposed by the bank where you have opened your account.

4. Italian have really good food

Food is one of the best in the world!

Travel tips in Italy no 2: try their local cuisine!

I am sure you will love it! How about some pasta, a pizza or a cold cut plateau with some cheese and prosciutto?

Best Italian food

Best Italian food

Yummy! Sounds really delicious! As a dessert we recommend you to try their gelato (ice cream) or a tiramisu. By far gelato is the best! It tastes delicious and is really creamy!

5. Don’t rush when eating dinner

For Italians meals are something really important so here are some travel tips for Italy food!

They have like a ritual when they eat. So, if you are in a hurry and want to eat something in a hurry then go to fast food and not to a restaurant.

Italian Romantic Dinner by the lake

Italian Romantic Dinner by the lake

Italians like to talk and to have long meals. They sit on the table, talk a lot, drink their local wine and eat tasty food.

But all these things happen in a matter of a few hours, not in a hurry. So, don’t be amazed if the waiter doesn’t hurry to bring your menu or your second course. This is how Italian do when they eat!

6. Validate your train/ bus ticket before you travel

I know it sounds crazy but you have to know this rule by heart because nowhere is written in English!

When you get into public transport, no matter if it is a train or bus, you’ll see a poster in Italian with instructions about the validation process.

So, don’t forget to stamp your ticket in the machines on board the vehicles when you travel.

If you get caught with your ticket unstamped you’ll receive a fine! This is a really important point on travel tips in Italy list!

7. Learn to hunt for truffle!

Truffles are very important ingredients in Italian cuisine!

So, hunting truffles is a big thing!

Not everybody knows to do that! On top of our travel tips for Italy list is to learn how to hunt for truffles! There are certain places spread all over Italy where you can find truffles!

It is very important to forage correctly for truffles and once you get them out of the land, run directly to the market and sell it! The price depends on size and quality!

8. Fill up your luggage with Italian wine!

Italy is famous in the world for its wines! They have really good quality and are really tasty.

Italy food Pasta and Italian wine

Italy food Pasta and Italian wine

The good news is that wine bottles are really cheap! A good wine bottle starts from 3 euros and might goes up to thousands of euros.

So, buy wine bottles as souvenirs! I am sure your family and friends appreciate it!

I bet this is one of the most appreciated travel tips in Italy by your family and friends!

9. Take a gondola ride when in Venice

You should take a gondola ride in Venice! Otherwise, you cannot say you’ve been to Venice!

Venice Italy Gondolas

Venice Italy Gondolas

That’s true that the prices are high but it is one of the most popular experiences when in Italy!

The price varies depending on how beautiful the gondola looks and how good negotiator you are!

In the gondola can go up to 6 persons! If you are interested in a private experience than you have to pay more!

10. Take a road trip across Italy!

One of the best ways to explore Italy and admire its amazing scenery is by taking a road trip across the country! So, the last point in my travel tips in Italy list is to hire a car and explore the country on your own!

I know that Italian drivers have a bad reputation, but I am sure you can handle it! They might be lousy and „enthusiastic” drivers but in the end, each has its own way of expressing their emotions!

Italy road trip by car rental

Italy road trip by car rental

Set your camp in a big city or at a retreat somewhere in the countryside, hire a car and explore the area nearby! This is the best way to discover Italy’s hidden gems!

Get the best price for your car rental today

You have the mobility and the freedom you need to explore the country and its attractions!

These are the most useful travel tips for Italy! Read them carefully before you go and have a wonderful holiday!