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Your Complete Guide to Flights to Lake Como

Flight to Lake Como

There are three main airports located close to Milan: Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo. From all these three places, Malpensa is considered by many as Lake Como nearest airport.

Malpensa airport is the largest airport from the northern part of Italy serving more than 15 million Italians established in Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria provinces as well as a few thousand swiss people from the canton of Ticino.

Malpensa is the only airport from the area with direct flights to the U.S.

The airport is located 50 kilometres away from Milan and 40 kilometres away from Como town.

flight to Lake Como Italy

flight to Como Italy

From the airport to the lake you can take the train, rent a car or why not…book a helicopter!

Renting a car from the airport to Lake Como

The car can be booked online and picked up from the arrivals terminal of one of Lake Como nearest airport.
In the arrival terminal, all major international companies have offices from where you can pick up your car.

Get the best price for your car rental today

For the best price and to get what you want, we advise you to book online a car and just pick it up from the arrival terminal and not going directly to the arrival office.

Lake Como Italy Mountains Lake

Lake Como Italy Mountains Lake

Do you know why it’s better to do that? Because this is the safest way to secure the price and the car you want.

As I said before there is no direct flight to Lake Como, so you’ll need a car to go from the airport to the lake. Or you can take the train if you don’t want to drive!

Taking the train from the airport to Lake Como

From Malpensa, Lake Como nearest airport you can take the train to Como town and from there take the bus to your final destination.

There is the Malpensa Express which travel from Malpensa air strip to Milano Centrale, Cadorna or Milan Porta Garibaldi.

From Malpensa airport to Milano Centrale are about 30 minutes and the trains leave each 15 minutes. The price of a one-way ticket is around 13 euros ( 14.3 USD).

The other two airports close to Como are not as large as Malpensa.

There is Linate, a much smaller airport used for European flights and base for Alitalia in the northern part of the peninsula.

This airport is located 60 kilometres away from Como town and it took you about 1 hour by car and more than 1 hour by train to get from the airport to Como.

Bergamo, on the other hand, is further. There are almost 100 kilometres from the airport to Como town.

Bergamo is the place where low-cost companies like Ryanair or EasyJet land. Being so far from the lake you need more time to reach your final destination.

If time is not a problem for you and you like to travel with low-cost companies, then you should consider landing at Bergamo.

Taking the helicopter from Lake ComO Nearest airport

If you want to travel in style and money are not a problem for you there is also the flying option!

From Como nearest airport take a helicopter directly to the resort where you are going to spend your holiday.

There are many companies which operate such flight to Lake Como.

The prices start from 2000 euros (2200 USD) per flight and may vary depending on the helicopter size and what you want to do.

You might choose to fly from Milan airport to a resort near Lake Como or you would like to have a small tour over the water and admire the view from above.

Where to sleep

Lake Como is a wonderful natural habitat with amazing sceneries. Book a few nights at the amazing  Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Lake Como located in Bellagio, a world-famous resort from the area, right at the end of the promontory.

The hotel offers stunning views over the Alps and the lake.

You will be delighted by the breathtaking interiors covered in marble, by the Murano chandeliers and the amazing frescoes ceilings.

I must say, this is a wonderful way to spend a holiday in this amazing place!

Lake Como Italy waterfront

Italy beautiful town

Take a boat tour, explore the area and enjoy each moment spend near the lake!

Your flight to Lake Como will make this trip possible by landing to Lake Como nearest airport! For sure you’ll get many wonderful memories from this holiday!