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Choosing the Best Airport for Your Lake Como Vacation

Airport for Lake Como

Lake Como is located in the northern part of Italy, just 50 kilometres away from Milan.
It is one of the most beautiful and secluded places from entire Italy with amazing sceneries, charming villages and beautiful hotels.

By the way, speaking about hotels, we chose to stay at Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Lake Como , an amazing 5 stars hotel located in Bellagio, right at the end of the promontory with stunning views over the water and the mountains.

It is a family hotel with great tradition, with breathtaking interiors, all covered in marble with Murano chandeliers and frescoes ceilings.

Airport near Lake Como Italy Water

Airport near Como Italy Water

You are probably wondering how to get to Como, which is the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way to reach this magnificent place.

Well, the easiest way to reach the lake is by train or by car directly from the airport.

We advise you to land in one of the designated areas and from there rent a car and travel to Lake Como.

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In the area near the water there are 3 important airports, all located in Milan:

  • Malpensa located at 40 minutes away
  • Linate just 40 minutes away
  • Milan Bergamo located 60-70 minutes away

From all the three air gates to Milan Centrale railway station, you can take a bus. Then, there is a direct train to Como San Giovanni Station, one of the most important towns from Lake Como.

Malpensa (MXP) airport for Lake Como

Malpensa is the largest international airport from the northern part of Italy and the most important near lake Como.

It serves more than 15 million from Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy and also for those living in the Swiss canton of Ticino.

Malpensa is the only airport with direct flights from the United States.

If you choose to travel by train to Lake Como, once you reached Malpensa air-port take the shuttle bus to Milano Centrale. From Milano Centrale take the first train to Como San Giovanni Station and from there take a bus directly to the resort where you want to visit.

There is also a ferry between Como and the most important resorts from the lake.

To get from Milan to Como town you’ll need about 30 minutes and from there to your final destination, you might need somewhere around 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the place you travel and on the vehicle chosen.

If you choose to rent a car, then you can pick up your car directly from the airport and drive to the resort where you plan to visit.

It is easier and more efficient by car but not everybody likes to drive!

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Linate airport for Lake Como

Linate airport near Lake Como is located 40 minutes away from the lake, in Milan.
It is smaller than Malpensa and is mainly used by European airline companies. Alitalia uses Linate as a base for the northern part of Italy.

To get from Linate airport to Milano Centrale you can take the bus, the train, a taxi or rent a car.

Starting at 6 a.m there are regular buses between Linate airport and Milano Centrale. There are regular buses every 30 minutes. In less than 30 minutes you reach it from Milano Centrale.

There are no direct trains from Milan Centrale to Linate. If you want to use the train to move around and to get to Lake Como, then from the airport you need to take a train to Milan Forlanini station.

From Milan Forlanini station there is no direct train to Lake Como, but you’ll have to change in Seregno or Monza, depending on the train chosen and the departure time.

For those of you interested in renting a car, the vehicles can be pick up from the Arrival Terminal and getting with a car to Lake Como is pretty easy and straight forward.

Milan Bergamo airport NEAR Lake Como

Milan Bergamo airport for Lake Como is located 1-hour drive from the lake.

This is where you will land if you choose to travel with Ryanair and EasyJet.

The airport is located in Orio Al Serio municipal territory and is the main low-cost airline airport for the northern part of Italy.

Once you land at Bergamo airport you can take the bus to reach Milano Centrale. There is no train line at the airport.

That is why buses are the most common ways to get to Milano Centrale. The buses run every 30 minutes between 3 a.m. to 12 a.m. and the ticket price for one person, one way is around 4 euros.

Lake Como Italy Water

Lake Como Italy Water

You can rent a car and pick it up directly from the airport if you don’t want to depend on buses and trains and go directly to Lake Como. Most international companies have offices at the airport, so renting a car has never been easier.

Malpensa airport is the largest airport near lake Como, while Bergamo and Linate are used mostly by low-cost companies and European flights.

If you travel from the US you’ll probably land on Malpensa, which is just 30 minutes away from the lake.

Once you choose which airport for Lake Como is the best for you, pick up a car and drive to Lake Como to enjoy a few days in the middle of nature.

The scenery and the hotels are amazing! I am sure you’ll have many great moments there!