The 7 most beautiful Italy cities on the coast not to miss

Italy is a great country with many beautiful attractions, a lot of ancient ruins and many amazing Italian coastal towns.

Italy cities on the coast are among the most beautiful and popular places in Europe!

Italian cities are colourful and vibrant, a real magnet for tourists!

Manarola Italy italy cities on the coast
Manarola Italy city on the coast

Italian cities on the coast

1. Positano

One of the most beautiful scenic Italian cities on the coast is Positano. It is located on the Amalfi Coast, known also as the Italian Riviera and it is the most popular city in the area.

Positano is the perfect place to set your camp if you want to explore the Amalfi Coast, the islands of Ischia and Capri and southern Italy.

It is one of the most spectacular Italy city on the coast with pristine beaches and limestone cliffs.

Positano Italy Most Baautiful cities on the coast
Positano Italy Most Beautiful cities on the coast

I love the views and the scenery! The way the houses are built on top of the steep cliffs is just amazing!

Where to sleep

Located right in the beautiful town of Positano, the 4-stars Hotel Punta Regina is our recommendation for your holiday.

It is a wonderful hotel with an amazing rooftop pool and great views of the sea and the Positano area.

2. Manarola

One of the most beautiful places from Cinque Terre National Park and the most interesting Italy cities on the coast is Manarola.

The city has a very interesting and unique geography with colourful houses and wonderful views!

Manarola cities on the coast of Italy
Manarola cities on the coast of Italy

Cinque Terre National Park is formed from 5 towns and Manarola is the best!

Thousands of tourists come each year in this national park to admire its beauty and the colourful towns displayed on steep cliffs.

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Where to sleep

Olimpo Affittacamere is our choice for Manarola.

It is a cosy guesthouse located just 200 metres from the centre of the city.

The guesthouse offers clean rooms with a nice patio overlooking the town. You will love the view from your room and from the terrace.

3. Sorrento

The perfect place to set your camp when exploring the islands of Capri and Ischia and one of the most fascinating of all Italian cities on the coast is Sorrento.

Located where the Tyrrhenian sea meets the mountains, with many lemon plantations around, Sorrento is a beautiful city famous for its landscape, and the production of ceramics and lace.

Sorrento Italy city on the coast
Sorrento Italy city on the coast

While in Sorrento we recommend you to try some Limoncello, a traditional beverage made from lemon juice, sugar and water.

On your journey to Sorrento visit Piazza Tasso and the narrow and old streets of the city.

Where to sleep

Located just 700 meters away from the centre of the city, Cioffi Sorrento rooms is a beautiful B&B, exactly what you need for your overnight stay in this magnificent place.

Peter’s Beach is located 1 kilometre away from the hotel and all the major attractions from the area are within walking distance.

4. Riomaggiore, one of the best Italy cities on the coast

Also part of the Cinque Terre National Park, Riomaggiore is one of the best cities on the coast in Italy.

Among all the five towns from the area, Riomaggiore is the biggest one and is a former fishing village transformed into one of the most spectacular coastal towns from this part of Italy.

Riomaggiore Italy city on the coast
Riomaggiore Italy city on the coast

While in the area drink a glass of the local wine, Sciacchetra sweet wine and start your hike to the Via Dell’Amore (Lover’s Path) which connects Riomaggiore with Manarola.

Where to sleep

Alla Marina Affittacamere is a beautiful hotel located in an old building completely refurbished in 2011.

The hotel is located right in the Riomaggiore harbour, 4 minutes walk from the train station.

5. Amalfi

On the foot of Monte Cerreto, in the province of Salerno lies the city of Amalfi, one of the most stunning Italy city on the coast!

Surrounded by amazing sceneries and dramatic cliffs, the town of Amalfi has some very beautiful beaches and cosy piazzas where to lay on a terrace and drink a coffee.

The town of Amalfi is really small, in about 20 minutes you can walk from one side to another.

Amalfi Salerno Italy Coast Cities
Amalfi Salerno Italy Coast Cities

While in the area, don’t hesitate and visit the Duomo di Sant’Andrea Apostolo a beautiful roman catholic church built in the XIX century.

Where to sleep

NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi is a beautiful 5 stars hotel located on top of a cliff in a former monastery from 13th century.

The rooms have sea view, marble bathrooms and terracotta floors and guests can relax at the infinity pool or at the wellness centre.

6. Cagliari

The capital of the province named Sardinia, Cagliari which means „castle” in the local language welcomes its tourists and visitors with its hilltop Castello, a medieval castle overlooking the entire city.

Cagliari, one of the most beautiful Italy cities on the coast is a place with a very rich history and with many ancient ruins.

Cagliari Italy city on the coast, italian cities on the coast
Cagliari best of the Italian cities on the coast

Cagliari is home of a very interesting museum, Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari, a place where bronze objects, artefacts from the Nuragic age to the Byzantine era and Roman ceramics are displayed.

Where to sleep

Neko Boutique Hotel is an adults-only hotel very modern and chic located close to Cagliari Center.

The rooms, the breakfast and the services are great! The closest airport is Cagliari Elmas, located just 10 kilometres away.

7. Atrani

Atrani was the place where wealthy people come to spend their holiday or to live their daily lives close to sandy beaches and breathtaking sceneries.

Wow! This is indeed the best Italy city on the coast especially if you are rich! Haha!

In our days, Atrani is a wonderful fishermen village with many signs which indicate the glory period of the old times.

The colourful houses are displayed on the cliffs and down to the beach with many lemon gardens around.

Atrani Beach Italy coast cities
Atrani Beach Italy coast cities

Atrani is one of the smallest towns from the area but if packed with many medieval ruins and wonderful views.

Where to sleep

FRENNESIA luxury rooms is our suggestion for this beautiful village, a hotel is located close to Atrani Beach, Lido Delle Sirene Beach and Marina Grande Beach.

The rooms are clean and offer a great view of the sea! Breakfast at the property is tasty and fresh!


These are the best Italian cities on the coast!

The western part of this peninsula is more spectacular than the east coast but on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, you might found some interesting town like Ancone, Pescara or Bari.

But in my opinion, these are not as beautiful as the ones mentioned in the list above!

These are the ideal places to set your camp and explore the surroundings!

Book enough time for each of them and for the nearby region because there are many stunning sceneries and interesting places to visit!

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