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The 10 most beautiful Italy cities on the coast not to miss

Italy cities on the coast are without any doubt among the most beautiful and picturesque places that exist on Earth.

Golden sandy beaches, picturesque ports, and colorful houses climbed on top of cliffs overlooking the sea, are just some of the things that make these coast cities in Italy a must-see when visiting Italy.

Italian cities are colourful and vibrant, a real magnet for tourists!

No matter if you are looking for secluded villages located on the Italian coast or for places full of tourists or for beach cities in Italy like Portofino or Sorrento, this guide has them all.

These Italian coastal towns are located all over the country and on the Italian islands so no matter which part of Italy you plan to visit you will find a coastal town within a short distance from your place.

From the largest resorts to the unique and colorful Cinque Terre villages, the Italian coast is packed with beach towns from North to South.

You definitely have to visit the iconic Positano, one of the most beautiful places in Italy coast packed with many authentically Italian elements.

There is also Amalfi coastal Italian city with its 9th century Duomo and the nearby Atrami a smaller but equally beautiful town with citrus terraces and old buildings climbed on top of the cliffs offering spectacular views of the area.

Then we have the beautiful islands of Sardinia, Sicily, Elba, and Levanzo which are home to one of the most incredible coastal Italian cities.

Manarola Italy italy cities on the coast
Manarola Italy city on the coast

Cagliari for example is packed with Roman ruins, and golden sandy beaches while Cefalu in Sicily is famous for ancient megalithic structures that dominate the landscape.

What is interesting about Italian coastal towns is that these are not cities or towns in the real sense of the word.

These are more villages packed with narrow lanes, magnificent coastal panoramas, and really of buildings.

Now that you have an idea about the most beautiful Italian cities on the coast it’s time to move forward and make a list of these cities and what you can do to each of them.

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7. Atrani

Atrani was the place where wealthy people come to spend their holiday or to live their daily lives close to sandy beaches and breathtaking sceneries.

Once you get there you will understand really quickly why this Italian coastal town was indeed the best Italy city on the coast especially if you are rich!

Atrani Beach Italy coast cities
Atrani Beach Italy coast cities

The town is located on the southern part of the Italian coast and burst of traditional houses, medieval buildings, and beautiful gardens.

In our days, Atrani is a wonderful fishermen’s village with many signs which indicate the glory period of the old times.

Atrani Italy
Atrani Italy

The colorful houses are displayed on the cliffs and down to the beach with many lemon gardens around.

Atrani is one of the smallest towns in the area but it is packed with many medieval ruins and wonderful views.

Where to sleep

Frennesia Luxury Rooms Atrani is the place where you have to stay when you visit this beautiful village, a hotel that is located close to Atrani Beach, Lido Delle Sirene Beach and Marina Grande Beach.

Frennesia Luxury Rooms Atrani room view
Frennesia Luxury Rooms Atrani room view

The rooms are clean and offer a great view of the blue waters that surround the town and each come equipped with air conditioning, a TV, and a fridge.

Frennesia Luxury Rooms Atrani room
Frennesia Luxury Rooms Atrani room

Breakfast at the property is tasty and fresh and contains Italian products and gluten-free dishes so that everyone will find something tasty to eat before hitting the road.

8. Polignano a Mare

Located in the Italian province of Bari, on top of some cliffs, Polignano a Mare is without any doubt one of the most spectacular cities of Italy on the coast.

It offers stunning views from the terraces and the place is known among water lovers as the best diving spot in Italy.

Polignano a Mare Italy
Polignano a Mare Italy

In the past, many diving competitions were held here and tourists and sportives from all over the world rush each summer to this place.

This old town is packed with narrow streets and historic buildings with beautiful facades so book some time to walk along the streets of Polignano once you get here.

You can spend the day roaming around or perfecting your tan at the golden beach located right in the heart of the city.

Polignano a Mare town Italian coast
Polignano a Mare town Italian coast

Grab a gelato and admire the sunset as the views are indeed spectacular and there is no better way to end your day than with a gelato and a fantastic view.

Where to stay

Located about 2.8 km from the famous Lama Monachile Beach, San Lorenzo Boutique Hotel and Spa is the best place where to spend your night while in Polignano a Mare.

San Lorenzo Boutique Hotel and Spa pool
San Lorenzo Boutique Hotel and Spa pool

The hotel features a restaurant where you can serve breakfast and dinner, a free parking place, and a shared lounge.

San Lorenzo Boutique Hotel and Spa room
San Lorenzo Boutique Hotel and Spa room

Each room comes equipped with a TV with satellite channels, air conditioning, a hairdryer, a kettle, and a desk.

9. Levanzo

Located on the beautiful and exotic island of Sicily, Levanzo is the smallest of the three Egadi Islands located on the western coast of Sicily.

This beach town in Italy is one of the most authentic towns in the area with stone buildings that stands out from the blue waters of the sea.

Levanzo Italy
Levanzo Italy

It is a fairytale place with stone walls, simple dwellings, and dusty tracks so you definitely have to explore it.

The main attractions in the town are the Grotta del Genovese, one of the best-preserved examples of prehistoric art.

Levanzo Sicily
Levanzo Sicily

Book some time to enjoy the warm waters of the sea and let yourself lose in the serene landscapes of the area.

Where to stay

Located 3 minutes from the beach and offering amazing views of the sea and the island of Levanzo, I Pretti Resort is the best choice to spend your night when exploring this part of Italy.

I Pretti Resort aerial view
I Pretti Resort aerial view

It offers luxury suites surrounded by beautiful gardens and it is conveniently located close to the town center and the Art Nouveau Palazzo Florio.

I Pretti Resort room
I Pretti Resort room

Breakfast is included in the room rate and consists mostly of sweet pastries, coffee, and tea as well as croissants.

10. Ravello

Located on top of the Bay of Salerno, Ravello is the town from the sky as many like to name it as it is closer to the sky than to the sea.

Ravello Italy
Ravello Italy

The views are simply breathtaking and spectacular and it is one of the favorite places among artists from all over the world.

The villas from this town are extremely old, Most of them dating from the 13th century, like Villa Rufolo, a great example of Moorish style architecture.

villa rufolo ravello italy
villa rufolo ravello italy

Ravello is a popular place for indoor and outdoor events, among which the most important is Ravello Festival which takes place each summer.

Where to stay

Located just 100 meters from downtown, Hotel Graal offers spectacular views over the Salerno Gulf.

The closest beach is about 20 minute walk from the hotel, so you can go on foot and enjoy the warm waters of the sea.

Hotel Graal balcony view
Hotel Graal balcony view

Each room from the hotel comes with satellite TV, hydromassage baths, and furnished balconies offering amazing views of the area.

Hotel Graal room
Hotel Graal room

On-site there are two restaurants, open during the summer and Christmas holidays offering unique and tasty dishes from the Italian cuisine.


These are the best Italian cities on the coast!

The western part of this peninsula is more spectacular than the east coast but on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, you might find some interesting towns like Ancone, Pescara, or Bari.

But in my opinion, these are not as beautiful as the ones mentioned in the list above!

These are the ideal places to set your camp and explore the surroundings!

Book enough time for each of them and for the nearby region because there are many stunning sceneries and interesting places to visit!


Which 3 Italian cities are located on the coast?

All the Italian cities are amazing but the cities located on the coast come with something extra: houses perched on top of cliffs, stunning views over the sea, and medieval buildings.

It is quite hard to pick just 3 Italian cities on the coast as all are extremely beautiful, but my favorite ones are Positano, Manarola, and Sorrento.

What is the most beautiful coastal town in Italy?

Positano is by far the most popular and famous Italian city on the coast mostly because of its stunning views, interesting landscape, and wonderful beaches.

Many tourists name it the prettiest town in the world, and you will understand easily why from the moment you get close to it.

Which Italian city is located on the coast?

Polignano a Mare, Manarola, Positano, and Sorento are just some of the cities located on the coast. If you are looking for something indeed spectacular located on the Adriatic Coast then head to Polignano a Mare.

Which coast of Italy is best?

All the cities on the Italy coast are beautiful and have something unique that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Naming just one is not fair so that is why I would name Positano as the prettiest one and Manarola and Riomaggiore as the most colorful ones.

What cities are on the Amalfi coast in Italy?

The following 13 cities, towns and villages are part of the Amalfi coast: Amalfi, Cetara, Atrani, Furore, Conca de’Marini, Maiori, Positano, Minori, Ravello, Praiano, Tramonti, Scala,and the last but not least Vietri sul Mare.

Which is the biggest city on Italy’s eastern coast?

The biggest city on the east Italian coast is Venice, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world.

This unique city accessible only on foot and by boat attracts thousands of tourists every year and is the perfect place to go if you are looking for something different and unique.

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