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2022 guide with the best places to visit in southern Italy

Best places to visit in southern Italy

Italy is one of the most visited countries in Europe.

Each of us dreamed to see with his own eyes Rome or Venice or Milan or even the Italian countryside.

But the country is big so it is very difficult to visit entirely on a single trip.

Naples Vesuvius best places to visit southern Italy
Naples Vesuvius Italy

A smart decision is to split the country into regions and combine a few regions in a single trip.

In this article, I will show you which are the best places to visit southern Italy; what you can see and where to sleep when you visit them.

1.Amalfi coast

One of the most scenic drives from Italy is the Amalfi Coast.

It is incredibly beautiful and is one of Italy’s hot spots especially during summer.

Amalfi Coast Italy mountain stunning view
Amalfi Coast Italy mountain stunning view

In the summertime, this place becomes very crowded even if the prices are very high.

Positano is considered to be the best town in the area.

This place is remarkable!

You will be impressed by the way the houses are disposed of on the steep cliffs giving you the impression that from one moment to another they can collapse into the sea.

Where to sleep: Hotel Punta Regina Amalfi located in the most beautiful town from the area, Positano, is our suggestion for Amalfi Coast.

This 4-star hotel has a wonderful rooftop pool and offers incredible views over the sea and the town of Positano

2. Lecce, one of the best places to visit in southern Italy

Lecce is a beautiful town located in the Apulia region, famous for its baroque style buildings.

The Church of Saint Mary of the Assumption, Basilica of Santa Croce, Lecce Castle and Piazza Sant’Oronzo are the most important things to see in this wonderful town.

Lecce Otranto Italy Boats Port
Lecce Otranto Italy Boats Port

Lecce is considered by many as one of the best places to visit south Italy because it is less touristy and still has the charm and feel of the traditional Italian towns.

Where to sleep: Patria Palace Lecce is a wonderful hotel located in the heart of Lecce, right near Basilica of Santa Croce.

The hotel is located in an XVIII century decorated with frescoes and beamed ceilings.

Some of the rooms have a private terrace and others are overlooking the city.

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3.Palermo, one of the best places to visit southern italy

Palermo, one of the best places to visit south Italy is the capital of the island Sicily.

It is a place rich in history and culture and famous for its architecture and gastronomy.

The city with more than the 2700 year of history hides many beautiful attractions.

Palermo Italy piazza pretoria
Palermo Italy piazza pretoria

Cattedrale di Palermo, Catacombe Dei Cappuccini, Cattedrale di Monreale are just some of the places which should be on your shortlist.

Busy markets and the old and narrow streets are perfect for a walk and shopping.

This town is ideal to set your camp if you want to explore the island of Sicily.

Where to sleep: Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel Palermo is our top pick for Palermo.

It is a wonderful hotel located just 800 metres away from the city centre which offers beautiful and spacious rooms with views of the city.

The breakfast is great and the services are amazing! What a lovely place to spend your holiday!

4. Naples

Naples, one of the best places to visit in southern Italy is close to Mount Vesuvius, the volcanoes which destroyed the entire city of Pompeii, during Romans occupation.

The city has many beautiful buildings and attractions, out of which the Duomo di San Gennaro with its remarkable frescoes and the luxurious Royal Palace dating from the XIII century stand out.

While in Naples, rent a car and do a tour in the countryside to admire its beauty.

Vesuvius Naples best places to visit southern Italy
Naples Vesuvius Italy

Why don’t you go closer to Mount Vesuvius to admire its beauty?

Phlegraean Fields are also great for an afternoon drive and one of the best places to visit southern Italy.

After a long day of exploring the area, it’s time to relax and try the local cuisine.

Neapolitan cuisine is famous for its pizza and pasta cooked with local ingredients.

Where to sleep: Grand Hotel Oriente Palermo is located in the heart of the city, offering spacious rooms with great views over the city.

The hotel has a wonderful rooftop terrace where you can enjoy your breakfast or any other meal while admiring the city.

5. Capri

What could be more relaxing than spending a few days on the island of Capri?!

This place is considered to be one of the best places to visit in southern Italy.

The island is situated in the Bay of Naples and is famous for its landscapes and secluded hotels, incredible yachts and a high number of shops where you can shop in style after a relaxing day at the beach.

Capri Harbour Naples Italy
Capri Harbour Naples Italy

The only way to reach this island is by sea and Sorrento is one of the best options to start your journey.

It is a very famous destination among tourists who like to live in style!

Where to sleep: Melia Villa Capri is a wonderful 5-stars hotel located in the historical centre of Anacapri, 10 minutes drive from Capri harbour.

The hotel has a great outdoor pool, a wellness centre, a Turkish bath and a steam room.

The Tyrrhenian Sea is located just 1.5 kilometres from the hotel.

6. Ischia

Ischia, one of the best places to visit southern Italy is another beautiful island located in the Gulf of Naples.

The island is world-famous for its mineral thermal waters and hot springs bubble up at Maroni Beach.

Ischia Italy vacation island best places to visit in southern Italy
Ischia Italy vacation island

The north coast of the island is famous for its bars and vibrant atmosphere, while the south part is calmer and full of beautiful beaches where to lie in the sun the whole day.

Where to sleep: Terme Manzi Hotel Spa Ischia is a 5 stars hotel located in Casamicciola Terme.

In the room fee you have included access to the thermal pools, sensory showers and Turkish bath.

7. Parco Nationale del Gargano

One of the best places to visit in southern Italy, Parco Nationale del Gargano is a national park located in the province of Foggia.

This is a wild and untamed area of Italy, ideal for hikes and walks in nature.

The best way to explore the area is by car.

Gargano Puglia Italy
Gargano Puglia Italy

Taxis are pretty expensive and not all the drivers know the most beautiful places in the park so you might wander around a lot before getting to the best places to see.

The park is a huge forest with many spaces for a picnic and a lot of hiking trails.

Where to sleep: Regiohotel Manfredi Parco National Del Galgano is our suggestion for your trip to Parco Nationale del Gargano.

This 4-star hotel is located in San Giovanni Rotondo and has a huge garden and a wonderful outdoor pool.

You can relax at the hotel’s spa, or try their sauna and Turkish bath.

Now that you know the basic information about all these best places to visit southern Italy you may plan your trip better.