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Greek Island Getaways: Top Destinations for Your Trip

When it comes to planning your next vacation in Greece, you may be wondering which Greek islands are the best to visit. With so many islands to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. But don’t worry – we’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll outline the five best Greek islands for tourists, based on a variety of factors such as affordability, beauty, and convenience. So whether you’re looking for an action-packed getaway or a relaxing escape, we’ve got you covered. Read on for more information!

Some of us when planning their holiday focus on a single island while others like to stay a few days in many different islands. We tried both options and each one has their own beauty.

When we are speaking about the best greek islands to visit you take into consideration the cruise option or island hopping.

Greece has more than 200 inhabited islands and most of them are extremely beautiful and unique.

Skiathos Greece Hellas Beach best greek islands to visit
Skiathos Greece Hellas Beach best greek island to visit

So choosing the most beautiful island of Greece is very complicated.

If that is so complicated, we can help you and show you the best greek islands to include in your itinerary.

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1. Skiathos

Located in the northwestern part of the Aegean Sea, Skiathos is the smallest island from the Sporades Archipelago.

The island is famous for its beautiful sandy beach and wonderful scenery. Couples and families with young children use to spend their summer holiday on this island.

The south part of the island is more accessible and has one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Head up to the most popular beaches like Lalaria beach, Agia Paraskevi beach, Achladies Beach, Koukounaries beach and Banana beach for some quality time and to enjoy the sea and the sun.

Skiathos Beach Greece Blue Water
Skiathos Beach Greece Blue Water

For those looking for more isolated beaches, not that crowded and popular we recommend you to head up to the north part of the island.

The terrain is rockier with steep cliffs and many pine trees.

To get to the isolated beach you have to walk a little bit.

But once you get to the beach you will be fascinated by the scenery and the colour of the water.

Where to stay: There are some interesting options to choose from on one of the best greek islands to visit.

Meltemi Manthos Hotels Skyathos is one of the best options from the island.

The hotel is located close to Skiathos port, a few minutes walk from the Old Town.

Many beautiful tavernas can be reached after a few minutes of walk.

Koukounaries beach is located just 10 kilometres from the hotel.

2. Lefkada

Lefkada is one of the most visited islands of Greece.

It is easy to reach, being accessible from the mainland.

Renting a car is the best option if you want to go to Lefkada.

Lefkada Greece Islands
Lefkada Greece Islands

There are no airports on the island; the closest airport is Preveza-Lefkas, 40 minutes away from the island.

Airport transfer might be pricier and you miss the opportunity of exploring the area.

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Lefkada is famous for its incredible beaches not for ancient towns and ruins.

Porto Katsiki and Egremni are the most beautiful beaches on the island.

During the peak season they are extremely crowded so consider visiting this island in May or September if you are looking for a more authentic experience.

Lefkada is also famous among water sports lovers.

Those interested in practising windsurfing and kite surfing found on this island many beautiful beaches where to practice these sports.

Lefkada Greece Beach
Lefkada Greece Beach

Did you know that Lefkada, one of the best greek islands to visit is home to many world windsurfing championships?

Interested in exploring the area?

Great! Head to the pine forests near the villages of Karya, Exanthia or Eglouvi for a completely different experience!

Where to stay: Thomais Boutique Hotel is a 4-star hotel only for adults located just 200 metres from Episkopos beach.

The rooms have a modern design in beautiful colours.

There is also a pool for aerobic and an aqua fitness club.

Guests like the rooms’ design, the breakfast and the amenities.

3. Serifos

Serifos island is a secluded island in the Cyclades, a popular destination among interior designers and architects who really know to appreciate its spectacular views and amazing forms.

It is not a popular destination among tourists, so don’t be amazed if you go there in August and you will find beaches all for yourself.

Serifos is one of the best greek islands to visit for those interested in nature and purity.

Most of the beaches are inaccessible by car and the only way to get there is with donkey tracks.

Greece Serifos Cyclades Island
Greece Serifos Cyclades Island

Vagia, Kalo Ambeli and Skala are one of the most beautiful and inaccessible beaches from the island.

Don’t come here if you are looking for nightlife, crowded beaches and fancy hotels.

You only visit this island if you are looking for isolated places and wild beaches.

Where to stay: Indigo Studios is our option for this island.

It is located 40 metres away from the beach and offers clean and spacious rooms with a nice view.

Upon request and for the extra cost they can provide breakfast.

4. Paxos

One of the most beautiful islands from the Ionian Sea, Paxos is famous for its secluded hotels, picturesque scenery and wonderful landscape.

Paxos is a very small island and it can be explored easily by bicycle or on foot.

It is almost impossible to name a beach or a town because all of them are wonderful.

The island is not very easy to reach.

You should take a plane to Corfu and from there take the ferry to Paxos.

Paxos Greece Beach
Paxos Greece Beach

When on Paxos head up to Gaios, the biggest town from the island and a very beautiful port where you can find lots of bars and restaurants.

Loggos and Lakka are other two beautiful resorts from the island with beautiful harbours and amazing scenery.

Where to stay: This island offers some very interesting options for accommodation.

Paxos Club Resort  is one of the best resorts from the island.

The hotel is located a few minutes away from Gaios centre and offers a beautiful outdoor pool, a fitness room and a playground.

5. Milos one of the best greek islands to visit

Milos is considered by many to be the island with the most dramatic coastline.

Along the island, there are more than 70 beaches and most of them have spectacular scenery.

The island is not so popular among tourists.

It now starts to reveal its beauty and wilderness.

From one year to another the number of visitors increase and photos with the dramatic coastline appears on the internet.

Milos Greece Rocky shore
Milos Greece Rocky shore

The stunning cliffs of Sarakiniko and the stunning swimming hole from Papafragas are just some of the most beautiful attractions from the island.

Milos is a volcanic island so don’t be amazed to find out that the mineral industry from the island is one of the most active from Greece.

The island is full of hot springs and amazing scenery so you will get some incredible photos from there.

Where to stay: Volcano Luxury Suites Milos is a 4-star hotel with amazing views of the coastline located just 40 metres away from the beach.

The rooms are spacious, with modern furniture and some of them have an outdoor hot tub.

The room rates include breakfast and lunch.

These are the best greek islands to visit for your summer holiday!

All of them are spectacular and have many wonderful beaches and attractions to explore!

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