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Blue Lagoon vs. Myvatn Nature Baths: Choosing the Best Spa Experience in Iceland

Iceland is the land of fire and ice. When these two elements come together beautiful and incredible things are born.

Updated September 2020: Myvatn and Blue-Lagoon are just some of the areas with hot springs which have hot lagoons nearby.

Natural hot springs are just one of the things you have to see while you visit Iceland no matter the season you decide to take your trip. Iceland is full of hot springs.

The health benefits of bathing in these thermal waters are known all over the world. But choosing the perfect hot lagoon to bath when in Iceland might be a very difficult decision.

WhicH is the best Iceland spa: Blue Lagoon or Myvatn Nature Baths Iceland?

Bathing in such a place is something extraordinary! It is a thing which you have to try when in Iceland!

Just imagine! Outside are 0 or minus something degrees celsius and in the pool area plus 30 degrees! Oh my god! I have no words to describe the feeling!

I must confess that the road from the locker room to the pool is the hardest one!


You have the impression that you did not reach the pool anymore! Hihi!

One of the lagoons, the one close to Reykjavik offers the best pampering from Iceland: a brand new and modern hotel right in the middle of the geothermal bath! Treat yourself like a royal and spend a night in this unique hotel! Yeah! I am talking about !

Now let’s see what make these two pools so special!


Should you visit Blue lagoon or Myvatn Nature baths ?

First of all, in your decision process, take into consideration the location of these two natural wonders!

Myvaten Natural Pools are located on the northeast side of the country, being more difficult to reach while Blue Iceland Lagoon is right near Reykjavik, at 30 minutes drive from Keflavik International Airport.

No wonder the Lagoon close to the airport is more touristy! But if you drive along the Ring Road than both pools are on your way!

Regarding the number of visitors, I can tell you that around 700,000 people visit the airport spa compared with 100,000 people who go to Mivatn in a year.

Both pools are man-made and are filled with water from the nearest hot springs.

But for my flavour, I choose the first between Blue lagoon or Myvatn Nature baths Iceland.

The pool located near the airport is bigger, it has about 8,700 square meters and the bottom is made from silica mud.

This mud is very good for your skin, so you should try it when bathing!

The Natural pool from the north side of Iceland is smaller. It has about 5,000 meters and the bottom is covered with sand.

There is no silica mud in this pool! You just relax in the pool and let the water heal your body!

Myvatn Nature baths Iceland is a place with a very picturesque view, very popular among locals with many decent fees, while Blue Lagoon is not that popular among locals but very sought by tourists so the access fees are much higher.

The best Iceland spa: Myvatn baths vs Blue lagoon

Natural Pool Iceland

Bear in mind that the lagoon from the airport is very crowded especially in high season. You might need to book in advance in order to be sure you have access.

Oh! Another thing! Because it is so crowded the Reykjavik Lagoon access is for a limited number of hours!

So, don’t imagine that you go in the morning and leave in the evening unless you have such a reservation!

The access is from a certain hour to closing hour.

The other natural bath, the one from the north of Iceland is more intimate, with fewer people which is a better way to experience bathing in hot springs.

Conclusion Blue Lagoon or Myvatn NaturE Baths ?

No matter where you decide to go, the experience of bathing in a thermal pool is something very intense and rare. Now it’s up to you!

Take in consideration that if you go in winter the outside temperature is an important factor that might be uncomfortable when you enter and exit the water.

Myvatn baths vs Blue Lagoon

Do you want something more touristy and close to the airport with a good quality spa?

Then you should try Blue Lagoon.

You plan for a drive along the Ring Road and are you looking for more authentic experiences?

Then Myvatn Natural Pools are the right choice!


Both places are beautiful and the experience is unique and incredible! You still cannot decide?! Then try them both if you have the chance!