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Secrets of the Blue Lagoon: Ticket Information

The Blue Lagoon tickets can be pre-booked online and during the summer season as the pool is extremely crowded should be booked in advance.

The lagoon was discovered around 1970 when an accident occurs at the geothermal plant located near the lagoon.

Since then people start to come here to bathe and benefit from the healing properties of these hot springs.

Year by year, the number of visitors increased and today Blue Lagoon is the most visited natural pool in the entire country.

More than that, this amazing pool was voted as the Best Healing Spa in the world in the last 6 years because of its healing mud and hot springs that can be found in this area.

The mud from the lagoon contains silica and sulfur and is highly recommended for those of you who have a skin disease, especially psoriasis.

Besides the healing properties, people love to go here for the beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere, being one of the best places to take a bath and relax in Iceland.

Water has an average temperature of 37-39 degrees Celsius ( 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit) and it is recirculated every 39 hours to maintain its purity and healing properties.

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The Blue Lagoon tickets

The Blue Lagoon tickets

How to get to Blue Lagoon

This pool is located on the road between Keflavik International Airport and Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik and it is accessible by car or bus.

You can get to the lagoon with a rented car that can be picked up and dropped off at the airport upon reservation.

Iceland Car Rental

Iceland Car Rental

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Or, you can book your seat at From Reykjavik to Blue Lagoon: Return Transfer that departs twice a day from Reykjavik to the Lagoon; the trip lasts for about 20 minutes and it costs around 30 USD per person.

If you have a full day and you want to explore the area around Reykjavik, besides relaxing at the lagoon, there are some interesting tours that combine some of the most interesting attractions from the area:

Reykjavik Golden Circle Kerid Crater Blue Lagoon Iceland Tour

Reykjavik Golden Circle Kerid Crater Blue Lagoon Iceland Tour


Geldingadalis Volcano Hike and Blue Lagoon Comfort Ticket Tour

Geldingadalis Volcano Hike and Blue Lagoon Comfort Ticket Tour

  • From Reykjavik: Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights Tour, a unique experience that combines two winter popular activities: soaking in a hot pool when outside are negative temperatures and chasing the elusive Northern Lights, one of the most beautiful natural phenomena I have ever seen.
Reykjavik Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights Tour Guide

Reykjavik Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights Tour Guide

Blue Lagoon during Covid 19

The lagoon is still open during the pandemic and the Blue Lagoon tickets can be bought online but the number of available slots is considerably lower.

In order to enter Iceland, you need to how a negative COVID 19 test was made 72 hours prior to departure.

You can take a PCR test as well as a rapid antigen test as it is accepted as well; the only tests that are not accepted are the ones made by yourself.

The proof of vaccination, as well as the proof of former COVID 19 infection, are also accepted in order to enter Iceland.

Blue Lagoon during Covid Iceland

Blue Lagoon during Covid Iceland

Besides tests, vaccine proof, and former COVID 19 infection proof, travelers need to fill in a pre-registration form that must indicate the exact date when they arrive in Iceland.

Entering at Blue Lagoon does not require you any COVID 19 testing, and all the safety and precaution measures have been taken to avoid the spreading of the disease.

All the spaces are disinfected and cleaned often, private changing rooms are available upon request and the number of visitors has been limited so as to maintain the social distancing inside the pool.

The good news is that the pool is outside, so there is always fresh air and the surface of the pool is quite impressive so you will be able to keep your distance from others.

Things to know about Blue Lagoon

  • the pool is open all year round
  • there are three packages to choose from ( but the most popular and the cheapest one is Comfort)
  • pre-booking is required
  • the average temperature of the water is around 40 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • the lagoon was formed in 1976
  • kids older than 2 years are allowed to enter the lagoon and the entrance is free for kids 2-13 years old.

The Blue Lagoon tickets

Without any doubt, you have to include this attraction into your travel plans when visiting Island because this is a unique place in the world.

Now it is time to discuss the Blue Lagoon ticket price, what you have included, and which the best option for you is.

What I want you to know is that Blue Lagoon is extremely popular among tourists and it is quite hard to find a free spot especially in the summer season.

That is why I strongly suggest you book in advance your ticket, to secure your seat and to enjoy the benefits of these healing waters.

How much do lagoon tickets cost?

There are three different packages and the prices vary depending on the entrance hour you choose.

The cheapest hours are around noon, between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., while the most expensive one is around sunset just before the lagoon closes.

Comfort ticket

Comfort ticket is the cheapest one but it comes with everything you need for a memorable time at the world’s beautiful spa.

You can get your ticket from here Blue Lagoon: Entrance Package incl. Towel and Drink, and as the name suggested besides the entrance ticket you will receive a towel and the first drink is free.

Blue Lagoon Entrance Package Towel and Drink Tour

Blue Lagoon Entrance Package Towel and Drink Tour

Besides these gratuities, you will also have included a silica mud mask and in my opinion, this is the best package to choose for those looking to experience the flavor of Blue Lagoon.

Comfort tickets are Blue Lagoon tickets cheap option but in the entrance fee, you have included everything you need for a memorable experience.

Premium Package

If you want to get spoiled you can choose for an upgrade and get the Premium Package that comes with some extra benefits:

  • second mask of your choice free of charge
  • slippers
  • bathrobe
  • 1 glass of sparkling wine if you choose to have a meal at their amazing dining facility, Lava Restaurant.

Luxury Retreat Spa Package

If you really want to be spoiled and you are open to spending a considerable amount of money, then go for Luxury Retreat Spa Package.

The price of the package starts from 380 USD and in the fee, you have included:

  • 5 hours exclusive entrance to Retreat Spa with private changing rooms, skincare amenities
  • a drink of your choice
  • access to the exclusive Spa Restaurant
  • access to 8 underground spaces
  • Blue Lagoon ritual
  • towel, bathrobes, and slippers
Natural Spa at Iceland Blue Lagoon

Natural Spa at Iceland Blue Lagoon

Best time to visit Blue Lagoon

I am sure that you want to get all the benefits when visiting this unique spa and you are not quite sure when is the best time to go.

To avoid the crowds and have the lagoon more for yourself I recommend you to go here early in the morning when most of the tourists are still sleeping.

The lagoon opens at 8 a.m. in the summer and 9 a.m. outside the high season, so make sure you are there when it opens.

The pool is extremely crowded during peak season and in the afternoon, so I strongly recommend you avoid these hours.

A great time to go here is in winter, as it is less crowded and if you are lucky you can see the elusive Northern Lights dancing in the sky while you are soaking in the warm waters of this pool.

If it happens to be in Iceland during the peak season, then consider buying a ticket a few days in advance, just to be sure that you find a free slot.

7 hidden secrets you have to know about Blue Lagoon

Now that you know everything about Blue Lagoon tickets, let move forward and discover together with are its best-kept secrets.

1. The real name of the Blue Lagoon is Blaua Lounid

2. It is not a natural pool; it is a manmade pool created in 1976

3. Bacteria do not reproduce in these waters so no matter how many visitors enter the water it keeps pure and maintains its healing properties.

The reason for this is the unique composition of the water that does not permit any bacteria to reproduce.

4. You can take a part of Blue Lagoon home only if you choose to buy the products made from the healing mud that can be found in the lagoon.

5. The impressive Blue color of the water is given by the algae that can be found in these pools and the high concentration of silica

6. The Blue Lagoon has a secret sister known as the Secret Lagoon located in the vicinity of the Golden Circle. Secret Lagoon is the oldest lagoon in Iceland and it has been built in 1891 and today it is extremely popular among locals and less popular among tourists.

7. It is the best place for a romantic dinner on the Lava Cave, a restaurant carved into a volcanic rock with a spectacular view of the lagoon.

The ultimate experience: The Retreat at Blue Lagoon

Bathing into Blue Lagoon is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience, something that you have to put on your bucket list.

But how about sleeping inside this Lagoon and benefit from all the facilities, amenities, and amazing views of this place?

All this is possible if you choose to stay at the on-site resort called Retreat Lagoon Blue, one of the hottest spots in the whole of Iceland.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland Pool

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland Pool

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland Room lagoon view junior suite

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland Room lagoon view junior suite

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It might look like quite an expensive hotel, but it offers you the best experience you could ever have in Iceland, not to mention that it gives you unlimited access to the lagoon even after closing hours.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Moss suite lava field

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Moss suite lava field



Blue Lagoon tickets are suitable for every budget and the unicity of the experience makes it something you don’t have to miss.

Get this ticket now and make sure you have your seat booked to see the midnight summer sun or the Northern Lights from this natural pool.


How to get discount lagoon tickets?

The price of the Blue Lagoon tickets varies depending on the day of the week and the time slot is chosen.

Generally, the cheapest prices are for the time slots available around noon, while mornings and afternoon slots come with higher prices.

Because the Lagoon is so famous and popular you won’t get any discounted tickets; be happy if you manage to find an available slot and book at least one week in advance to secure your seat.

How much do lagoon tickets cost?

The price for a single ticket starts from 55 USD and goes up to a few hundred dollars for the luxury package.

The basic package has included in the entrance fee a towel, a silica mud mask, and a free drink, while the Luxury package is truly pampering of your body and your senses.

Do you need tickets for Blue Lagoon?

In order to enter Blue Lagoon, you need to get your tickets way in advance as this lagoon is the most popular attraction in the whole country.

To secure your visit to the Blue Lagoon we strongly advise you to book your ticket in advance especially during the summer season when the place gets really crowded.

Is the Blue Lagoon worth it?

I have only one thing to say: Blue Lagoon was ranked as the Best Healing Spa in the world for many years on a raw. It is the most popular destination from Iceland and an amazing place to relax and enjoy your time spend in the Land of Fire and Ice.

Iceland is known for its increased number of natural pools and hot springs, but because of its location and beauty, Blue Lagoon is the most popular one.

Is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland free?

Blue Lagoon has a free part where you are not allowed to swim, but you can take beautiful shots of the place.

This part is located outside the facility and is accessible via a path that goes up from the visitor center and is surrounded by rocks on both sides.

If you want to bathe in the lagoon then you have to go back to the visitors center, pay the entrance fee, and enjoy some time in the most famous pool in the world.

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