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Must-See Destinations: Top Places to Visit in Greece

Top places to visit in Greece

With more than 200 inhabited islands, Greece is one of the best holiday destinations from Europe. It is located on the southeastern part of Europe between Turkey and Italy.

Greece is the place where democracy was born and played a very important role in history.

Top places to visit Greece Kape beach Athens
Top places to visit Greece Kape beach Athens

It has thousands of ancient sites spread all over the country, many beautiful islands and many more amazing beaches where to chill and relax after so much work.

Planning a trip to Greece might be a difficult task because there are so many interesting attractions which you definitely have to see.

To help you better plan your trip I make up a list with the most amazing attractions which you definitely have to see:

1. Zagori

Located in northwestern Greece, in the Pindus mountains, Zagori is a wonderful habitat with 45 villages and many protected areas.

This is the perfect place to go if you are looking for an active holiday with days of hiking and walking along the mountains.

Where to sleep:Kores Boutique Hotel Spa Zagori is one of the best places in the area where to spend your night. It is a very modern boutique hotel with a nice spa and wonderful rooms overlooking the mountains.

2. Cape Sounio

Cape Sounio is one of the top places to visit in Greece because. It is located just 70 kilometres away from Athens, making from it the perfect day trip destination from Greece capital.

Cape Sounio best things to see in Greece
Cape Sounio view

Right on the top of the cliff lies the Temple of Poseidon an ancient masterpiece whose ruins are still visible today.

Recommended tour: Cape Sounion Sunset Tour from Athens

Cape Sounion with Guided Tour in the Temple of Poseidon
Cape Sounion with Guided Tour in the Temple of Poseidon

Where to sleep: Athens Tiare Hotel is our recommendation for your overnight stay. It is located in the business district of Athens, offering free parking, clean rooms and very tasty and varied breakfast.

3. Peloponesse

Peloponesse also is known as Morea which mean mulberry leaf is located in the southern part of the country.

The peninsula is connected with the mainland via the Rio-Antirrio Bridge and is home of the Olympia, the place where were held the first Olympic games in honour of Zeus.

Monemvasia Greece Town Narrow streets Laconia Peloponnese
Monemvasia Greece Town Narrow streets Laconia Peloponnese

The place is accessible by car from Athens, so it is a great idea for those looking to visit not just the capital of the country but also the mainland.

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Where to sleep: Mare Dei Suites Hotel Ionian Resort is a wonderful resort located on the western part of the island. It has an amazing outdoor pool, spacious rooms with sea views and a very good restaurant which offers traditional dishes.

4. Meteora

One of the top places to visit in Greece is Meteora. It is a place with high significance among orthodox Christians and a construction monument at the same time.

Here, on this steep hill, you can find at monasteries hanged on the rocks built a few centuries ago. The monasteries are still inhabited by monks looking for spiritual isolation.

Meteora best places to visit in Greece
Meteora best places to visit in Greece

It is a very popular place among tourists, so expect crowds when you visit this place!

Where to sleep:  Meteora House is our proposal for this Meteora. It is located right at the bottom of the hill, 2 kilometres away from the monasteries. It offers free parking, spacious rooms and wonderful views of the surrounding area.

5. Rhodos

Maybe Rhodos does not have the most beautiful beaches from the whole of Greece but it has a charming atmosphere which makes you want to go there again and again.

Top place to visit in Greece, Agathi Beach Rhodes
Agathi Beach Rhodes

The island is the largest from the Dodecanese archipelago and is famous for its historical significance and of course, the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Where to sleep: Sentido Port Royal is our choice for this island. The hotel is located near Kolymbia village, half an hour away from the airport. It has a private beach, 2 huge outdoor pools, a great spa and nice rooms overlooking the sea.

6. Ikaria

Ikaria is listed as one of the five Blue Zones from the whole world. A Blue Zone is a place where people live longer and are happier than the rest of the world.

Ikaria is located very close to Turkey and it is accessible only by ferry from Mykonos.

Ikaria Island unique places to visit in Greece
Ikaria Island unique places to visit in Greece

It is a wonderful place with a very peaceful atmosphere and a positive vibe!

Where to sleep: Atheras Hotel Ikaria is our suggestion for this magnificent island, one of the top places to visit in Greece. The hotel is located right near the beach in the centre of Evdilos.

Atheras hotel is our recommendation for Ikaria. It is a great hotel located just 50 metres away from the beach in the centre of the city of Evdilos, one of the most traditional towns on the island.

7. Athens

The place where democracy was born, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. The Acropolis, Plaka neighbourhood and the Ancient Agora are the most representative attractions of this city.

Parthenon Athens Greece
Parthenon Athens Greece

To get e good understanding of the area we suggest you book at least 3 nights in Athens.

Where to sleep:  Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens is our choice for Athens. It is conveniently located in the centre of the city, within minutes walk from the Acropolis and Plaka area. The decor of the rooms and the services are top quality and the spa is incredible, too!

8. Santorini

The most popular island of Greece is without any doubts Santorini. It is one of the most iconic and beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea.

Top place to visit in Greece Santorini Greece Fira
Top place to visit in Greece Santorini Greece Fira

The place is famous because of its whitewashed, cubiform houses from the island’s main cities Fira and Oia and the romantic views over the sea and the caldera.

Where to sleep: Lemon Suites Santorini is a great choice for your holiday on the island. The aparthotel is located in Fira, right next to a bus station and a few minutes walk from the city’s main square. The hotel is pretty new and offers spacious and clean rooms.

9. Crete

One of the top places to visit in Greece is Crete. This island is the largest of all Greek islands and is located in the Mediterranean Sea. The place is famous for its archaeological sites of the Minoan civilisation, the old port from Chania and the Venetian Castle.

Top places to visit Greece Crete Lagoon
Top places to visit Greece Crete Lagoon

While on the island stop by at Palm Beach of Vai, the largest palm forest from the whole of Europe.
Where to sleep:Blue Palace Crete is our suggestion. It has everything you could want for a great holiday: beautiful rooms, amazing views, outdoor pool and high-quality services!

10. Delphi

After the Acropolis from Athens, Delphi is the second most important ancient site from Greece. It is located 2 and a half hours drive from Athens, right near Mount Parnassus.

The temple was dedicated to the god Apollo and was considered a very important oracle of its times. The ruins from Delphi include the Temple of Apollo, the Athenian Treasury a hippodrome and a theatre.

Where to sleep: Overlooking the nearby mountains, Kastalia Boutique Hotel Delphi is a great option for your overnight stay around Delphi. Each room has a beautiful balcony with spectacular views of Parnassos.

The food and the services are very good, and the property offers for renting bikes if you want to explore the area.

Amazing places to visit while in Greece! Each has its own charm and beauty and is different than the other!

Make your itinerary and try to include as many top places to visit in Greece while there!

But you can also find here are some other interesting places to see in Greece.

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