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Budget-Friendly Travel: Affordable Places to Visit in Greece

Greece is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe and this article will teach you how to visit Greece on a budget and discover the cheapest places to visit in Greece.

Greece has everything you can imagine: vibrant nightlife, amazing beaches, hundred of islands, ancient ruins, great food and welcoming people.

But sometimes we are unwilling to spend a lot during our vacation, which might be a problem. But not when we speak about Greece!

Greece is a destination suitable for all types of budgets, it’s up to you what island to pick to spend your summer holiday!

To be honest, it is quite hard to name a certain island as the cheapest place in Greece because there are many cheap places to visit in Greece!

Most of you when hearing about Greece automatically think that travelling to Greece for the summer holiday requires a lot of money as they think of the popular islands of Santorini and Mykonos, which are the most expensive Greek destinations.

Ikaria Beaches Cheapest places to visit in Greece
Ikaria Beaches Cheapest places to visit in Greece

But you can find amazing accommodation at incredibly low prices and wonderful views over hidden islands with a cosy and chic atmosphere, as well as hidden archaeological sites waiting to be discovered.

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But before listing the cheapest Greek islands, let me give you some travel tips to help you spend less during your trip to Greek islands.

Travel tips for visiting Greece

1. Visit Greece in shoulder season

Avoid going to Greece in the summer months as during the peak season the prices are extremely high (especially in July and August).

You will have great weather and better prices in the shoulder season, so consider visiting Greece in May or September and even the first part of October as you still have plenty of sun and warm days to lay on the sun and explore the area.

2. Try street food

Eating at restaurants require more money, but street food is equally tasty and popular among tourists that visit the beautiful islands of Greece.

Try the local specialities like Souvlaki and Gyros as these dishes are incredibly tasty with many aromas and flavours and don’t forget to ask for some tzatziki sauce as it is extremely refreshing and delicious.

As for dessert try some loukoumades which are the traditional Greek doughnuts served with cinnamon and walnuts.

Budget travellers can also pay a visit to the supermarket and buy food that you can be cooked by yourself, especially if you have a small kitchenette in your room.

3. Book in advance

Always book in advance your hotel, your rented car, your ferry tickets and your plane ticket if you want to get the best rate for your holiday.

You can pay almost 30% less if you book a few months in advance as the prices tend to grow as the moment approaches and you will end up paying more for the same service or even for lower quality services.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

4. Book overnight ferries instead of planes to travel between islands

Planes are faster and within one hour you will get from one island to another inside the Greek territory, but keep in mind that planes are more expensive than ferries.

If you want to spare some money and travel like locals, then take a ferry to travel from one island to another or from the mainland to the island as island hopping is extremely popular in Greece.

It might take you longer to get there, but it is definitely way cheaper, especially during the peak season when the prices go up for nothing.

5. Travel insurance

Medical services might be extremely expensive when traveling abroad, so buying travel insurance before you leave home is the smartest thing you can do as it can help you avoid all kinds of unpredicted costs.

A few years ago, we considered non-sense buying travel insurance, but during our trip to the Caribbean Sea, I got sick and had to pay 1.000 dollars to the doctor.

Since then, we have never left home without travel insurance, and we strongly advise you to do so, to avoid unpredicted expenses and costs during your vacation.

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Cheapest places to visit in Greece

Now that you know which are the basic secrets to spend less on your next holiday let me show you the list of the most budget-friendly Greek islands to visit during your next holiday that won’t break the bank.

So, let’s discover together which is the cheapest Greek island to visit this year for a wonderful holiday!

1. Agistri

Agistri is a beautiful, small island and definitely one the cheap places in Greece conveniently located close to Athens at just 1 hour by ferry that opens my list with cheap Greek islands.

This hidden paradise is the best escape for those looking for an island holiday close to the capital of Greece.

Pebbles beaches, pine forests, and turquoise waters are just some of the things which will make you come back to this island.

The landscape is amazing and there is a chill and quiet atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing getaway.

Agistri Athens Greece Aponissos beach Cheap Greek islands
Agistri Athens Greece Aponissos beach

Things to do in Agistri

Agistri is indeed a tiny island but packed with many amazing villages and fabulous beaches.

I drop below a list of top places to visit when in Agistri:

  • Aponisos Beach- a private beach nestled between rocks perfect for snorkelling and bathing
  • Skala – the main port of Agistri packed with taverna and restaurant, bars and some interesting nightclubs
  • Dragonera Beach – a pebble sandy beach extremely popular among locals and tourists famous for its turquoise waters
  • Megalochori– the charming capital of Agistri is a small fishing village with beautiful alleys and whitewashed alleys, perfect for an afternoon visit
  • Chalikiada Beach – is a pebble beach with an intimate atmosphere perfect for naturists, a remote place where you can relax and reconnect with nature.

Our top pick for overnight stay

Saronis Hotel Agistri is our choice for Agistri for those of you looking for the best price-quality ratio.

This beautiful hotel with an ocean touch is located right on the beach, close to taverns, bars and restaurants.

The hotel rooms are clean and spacious and the breakfast is varied and fresh.

Try their homemade jams if you want to start your day with something really tasty!

What guests say

Jojo from UK

The Greeks have something special when it comes to hospitality and this family-run Hotel has got everything right! This place is a must when visiting this island. for 1 the Breakfast is simply Perfect from the home-cooked cheese pies and homemade jams that are just delicious.
The furnishings are so pretty, all the little touches made from the painted stones in the entrance to the paintings on the walls.
The location is also perfect as central and the beach is a stones throw away.
We will definitely be returning on our next visit to the beautiful island of Agistri.
Thank you to all the staff who made our stay so enjoyable and especially to Kaliopi.

2. Kythnos

One of the cheapest places to visit in Greece is Kythnos! Located in the Cyclades archipelago, Kythnos is a beautiful greek island with many authentic elements.

Spread all over the island you can find the traditional greek villages with their white houses which reminds you about Fira and Oia from Santorini.

Kythnos Greece Cyclades Archipelago
Kythnos Greece Cyclades Archipelago, best places to visit in Greece

There are more than 70 beaches on Kynthnos, the cheapest Greek island, the perfect place where you can hide and spend some great moments with your family and friends.

If you are interested in exploring the island and going off the beaten path, you can rent a car and discover new places on your own!

Get the best price for your car rental today

Things to do in Kythnos

Also known as the island of hospitality and simplicity, Kythnos is less popular among tourists but hide a wide range of beautiful places.

Among the most interesting places to visit I would like to mention:

  • Dryopida village and the beautiful Katafiki Cave
  • Messaria, a beautiful village built on the slopes, about 8 km from the port of Merichas.
  • Explore the underwater world around the island of Kythnos
  • Church of Agios Ioannis from Chora a small but beautiful church built in Cycladic style
  • bath in the Natural Hot Springs of Loutra

Cheap places to stay in Greece, Kynthos Island

Located just 100 metres from the beach, Kythnos Bay Hotel Kythnos is our suggestion for this island.

It is a modern, beautiful hotel with great rooms overlooking the mountains and sea.

Traditional Greek restaurants and bars are within 20 minute’s walk from the property!

What guests say

OIP from Athens, Greece

We visited Kythnos and stayed there for 4 days. The hotel had all amenities needed, the bathroom was newly renovated and the breakfast was something more than the typical hotel ones. In terms of cleaning the standards were high and the staff was willing to help with anything we wanted. The hotel is located next to many nice restaurants. That’s nice if you consider you don’t want to go to the crowded Chora. Bonus the spacious parking next to the hotel.

3. Lemnos

Located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, Lemnos is a relatively small island between Thassos and Lesvos and one of the cheapest Greek island to visit.

In Greek mythology, the island is considered to be the home place of the Amazons and God Hephaestus.

Lemnos Plati beach Greece cheapest Greek Island
Lemnos Plati beach Greece, cheapest Greek island

The island is a great summer destination for those looking for a chill atmosphere and runs away from crowded spaces.

This is definitely one of the cheapest places to visit in Greece!

Things to do in Lemnos

Lemnos is an island packed with historical sites and natural beauties which you definitely have to visit when in Greece.

Our favourite sites from the island are:

  • The Temple of Kavirio dates from the 7th century BC, a place believed to be used for secret ceremonies
  • Cave of Philoctetes is an underwater cave with a very interesting myth behind it (but I let you discover it on your own once you visit the cave)
  • Aliki Lake is the perfect habitat for a long list of endangered species located on the northeastern side of the island
  • Agios Efstratios Island is located about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Lemnos, a place of exile used during the communists’ era.
  • village of Kodias and the 5 beautiful windmills

Cheap places to stay in Greece, lemnos island

Lydia Lithos Houses Lemnos is our proposal for Lemnos as it has the best price-quality ratio on the island of Lemnos, one of the cheapest places in Greece.

This aparthotel is located close to famous beaches Gonia Limnos, Lefkathia and Managros.

The guesthouse features a beautiful garden, sun terrace, and a kitchen with a fridge and oven.

What guests say

Nancy from US

The owners are wonderful people. They were very welcoming and helped us try to find extended family in the area. The apartment was very comfortable and well equipped, and is conveniently located in the center of the village. We highly recommend it to anyone visiting Volissos. We also recommend Fabrika for dinner. It’s a short walk. The food is great and the owners are very nice people.

4. Tinos

Not very far from Mykonos but way cheaper and more beautiful lies the island of Tinos.

It is an amazing island with hills, historical sites, and many beautiful beaches.

When on the island include in your travel plans the Museum of Marble Crafts and the Church of Panagia Evangelistria.

Tinos Things to See Greece
Tinos Things to See Greece, cheapest place in Greece

Things to do in Tinos

The small island of Tinos is not very popular among tourists so this is one of the last places in Greece where you can feel the authentic Greek atmosphere and get in touch with local culture and traditions.

The island hides very interesting attractions out of which I would like to mention the following:

  • Volax – a beautiful village surrounded by unique landscape, with round granite rocks believed to come from a meteor shower
  • Pyrgos – the largest village from the island with an authentic vibe, famous for its marble ( you will find marble everywhere, on the houses, in the streets, on the church and even in the cemetery)
  • The port of Panormos, located about 30 km north of Tinos town with its small sandy beach, is a good place to eat the catch of the day
  • Livada beach, a pebble beach surrounded by huge rocks modelled by the force of the wind that blows all year round
  • Isternia beach, a small beach hidden between rocks and protected by the winds

Our top pick for overnight stay

One of the top choices for those interested to stay in Tinos with good ratings on travel sites and incredible services is Aeolis Tinos Suites Tinos .

This amazing hotel is located in Triantaros Village and offers a beautiful swimming pool with a sun terrace.

The rooms offer spectacular mountain views, while cars and motorbikes are available for rent a the reception for exploring the area.

What guests say

Msgaitan from Miami Beach, US

It was our first time visiting Greece and stayed in the beautiful Aeolis Tinos Suites. We had been following their account on Instagram for quite some time that when the opportunity presented itself for us to travel to Greece from the US we chose Aeolis Tinos. All I can say is, we cannot wait to be back! The views are breathtaking, the private villas are clean and cozy, and the staff are lovely. Tinos is just a short ferry away from Mikonos, if you are looking to have a relaxing and local Greek experience then this is the place to be. The town, the food, and the people are just so so nice and welcoming that it makes the experience that much more special, not to mention their delicious Greek cuisine at their restaurant Zoga. I had the seabass with tomato basil risotto and OMG it was to die for!!! We also had in room massages which was much needed after such long hours flying and to top it all off my boyfriend proposed on our first night there! ! This hotel truly exceeded our expectations, from the service, the food, the location and the front row views to the Aegean Sea from your room and all around the hotel. I highly recommend couples, groups and even families to visit, we had the opportunity to meet the owner Nikola and were so pleased at how kind and attentive he was during our stay. Thank you thank you!!! We will definitely be back!

5. Serifos

Let’s move forward with this top for cheap places to go in Greece and see how’s on number 5, a wonderful island that helps you save money while enjoying a wonderful holiday on the Greek territory!

Serifos is another great option when we speak about the cheapest places to visit in Greece! The island is located in the western Cyclades close to Sifnos and Kythnos.

Serifos is famous for its beautiful beaches and active nightlife!

Serifos Beaches in Greece
Serifos Beaches in Greece

Things to do in Serifos

This Cyclades island perfectly resembles Santorini but is way cheaper and quieter, a good place to relax and get in touch with Greek culture.

Among my favourite places on the island I would like to name:

  • Platis Gialos Beach, made up of 2 sandy bays, is an isolated place with no umbrellas, sunchairs or restaurants, where you can listen to the waves and clear your mind
  • Visit Chrysoloras, the first winery on the island
  • Explore the old mines from the island, a deserted landscape with wayward wagons and old railway lines that resembled the Wild West
  • Visit the Piazza Square from Hora, a cosy square packed with restaurants and bars, perfect for spending a sunny afternoon away from the beach
  • Monastery of Taxiarches located close to Galani village and built-in 1572 full of art works and rare books

Where to stay in Greece fo cheap, serifos island

Indigo Studios is a great choice for those looking to spend some relaxing time near the beach on Sefiros, ranked by many as the cheapest island in Greece and among the most beautiful ones!

These beautiful and spacious apartments and rooms from Livadi are located right near the beach and close to supermarkets and restaurants.

The complex offer a wonderful garden and a bar where you can sip a cocktail after a hot day at the beach.

What guests say

Martin V from Milan, Italy

Clean, homey and modern establishment a stone throw from the harbour but away from the traffic of the main bay strip (it’s on a parallel little street). Super friendly welcome and introduction by Edi who also hooked us up with a local driver, the amazing Evagelio. Livadi is charachteristic enough to justify a stay there (instead of the incredibly scenic Chora) due to its strategic location and vicinity to beaches like Psili Ammos and Vagia. Go Indigo, go Serifos

6. Ikaria

Considered by experts as one of the five Blue Zones from Earth, Ikaria is the place where you should go if you are looking for a place to chill and relax.

Here you can find some of the best cheap beaches in Greece for your summer holiday.

Ikaria Cheap beaches in Greece
Ikaria Cheap beaches in Greece cheapest beaches

Ikaria is not just an island, it is a way of life! A holiday here, on this island is a very enlightening experience! Learn from locals the secrets of a long and happy life!

Ikaria Greece
Ikaria Greece, cheapes Greek island

Things to do in Ikaria

Ikaria is home to a long list of attractions and things to do so you will have a lot of options to spend your time on the island.

Among the best places to visit and the most interesting things to do I would like to name the following:

  • Therma, a place famous for its thermal pools located only 2 km away from the capital city of Ikaria.
  •  Wine tasting tour at Afianes Wines, the most prestigious winery on the island
  • Halari Gorge, an extremely beautiful area located about 50 km northwest of Agios Kirylos, the capital of Ikaria packed with small lakes, rivers and waterfalls
  • Seychelles Beach,  considered by many tourists as the most beautiful beach in the whole of Greece with pristine beaches surrounded by white rocks and turquoise waters
  • Livadi Beach, a long strip of golden sand beach, partly equipped with sunchairs and umbrellas and partly wild and untamed

Where to stay in greece for cheap, Ikaria island

Spend your holiday at Atheras Hotel Ikaria , one of the best hotels on the island, a budget hotel with amazing views, clean rooms and fantastic services!

It is located right near the beach in the centre of Evdilos and features rooms with balconies, TV, free WIFi, air conditioning and a refrigerator.

Evdilos is one of the most traditional towns on the entire island located in the northern part of Ikaria.

What guests say

Joe from UK

Excellent spot! Right next to the port of evdilos (5 minute walk!), hosts were fantastic – breakfast was adequate and beds were comfortable! Would definitely stay again! Everyone in Ikaria is so kind and they have us soooo much information about the island! 🙂

7. Kimolos

A small island close to Milos, Kimolos is a hidden gem famous for its landscapes and beaches!

Kimolos Beaches Greece Chora
Kimolos Beaches Greece Chora

It might take you some time to reach this hidden island, but worth the effort!

Unique rock formations, sandy beaches and turquoise waters welcome guests all year round!

On this island, you will discover not just the beauty of nature, but also the greek food and a peaceful vibe!

Kimolos Beaches Greece
Kimolos Beaches Greece, cheapest places to visit in Greece

Things to do in Kimolos

The less famous sister of Milos, Kimolos is definitely a great place for your summer holiday.

The island hides many hidden gems less touristy and is the perfect place to relax and take it easy.

I drop below a list of my favourite spots on the island:

  • Chorio, the main town on the island with its white-washed houses and packed with cafes, restaurants and bakeries
  • Venetian Castle, one of the most important places from Chorio built-in 1207 by the Venetians to mark the conquer of the island
  • Extremely old windmills
  • Psathi Beach, a small sandy beach located in the vicinity of the port with a few umbrellas and sunchairs
  • Dekas Beach, a long strip of sand pretty quiet and isolated and popular among couples, naturists and campers.

Our top pick for overnight stay

Milaki Kimolos is a nice bed and breakfast from Kimolos which offer clean and spacious rooms with garden or city views.

The room rate includes a tasty breakfast, and a free shuttle leads you from the property to Chora Folegandros.

You have all the time to explore and enjoy your time spend on these amazing islands considered to be the cheapest places to visit in Greece!

What guests say

Giosi from Italy

The room and the bathroom were very large with new and modern furniture. The abundant and varied breakfast. The central location. The kindness of the staff. I would say everything really perfect!

Conclusion – Cheapest Greek Island

The best part is that all of these Greek islands, ranked as the cheapest islands in Greece, are extremely beautiful and offer memorable sceneries and a wonderful holiday to those willing to discover their mysteries!

Keep in mind the travel tips given at the beginning of this article and organize your trip based on them; you will spend memorable moments without breaking the bank!

But you can also find here are some other interesting places to see in Greece.


Is it cheaper to travel to Greece right now?

Greece is quite cheap, especially outside the main season when most tourist places are less crowded. Foods, beverages and public transportation are really affordable, while hostels and guesthouses offer great services at a fair price, somewhere around 20-30 EUR per night.

Is Greece a good place to visit?

Cheap Greece is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe, not only because of its beautiful islands but also because of its rich history and incredible archaeological sites that can be found almost everywhere.

Which are the cheapest islands to live in Greece?

Greece is an affordable country so there are many places perfect for living on a budget. Islands like Lemnos, Kimolos, Serifos and Tinos are cheaper than islands like Santorini or Crete for example.

What’s the cheapest Greek island to visit?

All the islands presented in this article are considered to be the cheapest Greek islands so just pick one and prepare to have fun without breaking the budget.

How do I visit Greek islands on a budget?

The easiest and cheapest way to visit Greek islands on a budget is to take the Greek ferries from one island to another.

The price of a ferry ticket starts from a few euros and can go up to a few dozens, depending on the length of the trip and the type of cabin chosen.

Is it cheap to travel in Greece?

Yes, Greece is quite an affordable country, especially if you use public transport, travel from one island to another by ferry and eat local food at traditional tavernas where locals use to go and have lunch or dinner.

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