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The most beautiful places to see in Greece

Greece is home to many unique and incredible ancient ruins and there are many interesting places to see in Greece during your trip.

It is a very vast territory with ancient relics spread all over the country and many wonderful beaches. Greece has more than 1000 islands and is one of the top summer destinations for Europeans.

places to see in Greece beach
Faliraki Greek Beach Rhodes

When visiting this gorgeous country we strongly advise you to book a few days to explore Athens, the country’s capital with its wonderful ancient ruins, the Temple of Delphi, the Temple of Aphaia and Meteora, a unique place in Europe with many beautiful monasteries spread all over the mountain.

Things become a little bit complicated when we are talking about beach destinations. There are so many wonderful islands that it is almost impossible to name some places.

Corfu Greece Ancient Ruins Temple places to see in Greece
Corfu Greece Ancient Ruins Temple places to see on Greece

The most popular island, famous for its unique landscape is Santorini. But islands like Mykonos, Rhodes, Thassos, and Crete are also very famous among tourists.

For first-time visitors, I recommend booking a few days in Athens and then a relaxing holiday at one of the Greek islands, and for the ones who want to discover more about Greece, a tour across many islands is a good idea.