Is Rhodes Colossus the most famous ruin in the world?

I am sure that all of us heard about the Rhodes Colossus.

And when we speak about Rhodes, we speak about Greece so we inevitably think about Greece ancient ruins.

Rhodes Collossus was the statue of Helios, the Greek sun-god, displayed in Rhodes city made by Chares de Lindos in 280 BC.

This statue is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and was built to celebrate an important victory of the Rhodes people over the Cyprus warriors.

Rhodes Colossus ancient Rhodes ruins
Colossus of Rhodes Ruins

To have a clue over the dimensions of the Rhodes Colosus, I can tell you that it has almost the same size as the Statue of Liberty. According to many historical sources, the statue was about 33 metres high and was considered to be one of the tallest statues from the ancient world.

Around 226 BC a massive earthquake took place and during this natural catastrophe, the statue was destroyed.

Besides the Rhodes Colossus, on the island, there are many other ancient sites.

The most visited are Ialyssos, Kamiros and Lindos.

Ialyssos ancient Rhodes ruins

Located in the vicinity of the second-largest city from the island, Ialyssos ancient ruins are one of the best-preserved sites from Rhodes. After a short walk around the ruins, you will easily observe the influences left by the multiple empires which reign the island. Each of these civilisations left their traces carved on the rocks.

A walk along these ruins is the best way to travel back in time. Even if the Rhodes Colossus does not exist anymore, there are still other interesting ruins to discover.

A doric fountain with 4 impressive lion’s heads, a temple dedicated to Zeus and Athena Polias was discovered during the archaeological digs from Ialyssos. All of these things come from different times and have the characteristics of their world.

Kamiros ancient ruins

In 1929 some ruins were discovered by mistake. There were the ruins of the ancient city of Kamiros. The ancient site can be split into 2 parts: the upper part and the lower section. While the upper part consists mainly into the impressive acropolis, the lower section is formed by traditional ancient greek neighbourhoods.

The highlights of Kamiros ancient city are the huge cistern which occupies the highest point of the city and Athena Kamiros church ruins.

Lindos ancient RhodEs ruins

Over the years, many great empires left their traces over Lindos ruins: Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Ottomans and the Knights of Saint John. They all reconstructed and remodelled the Lindos ancient town.

The main highlight of the place is the Temple of Athena dating from 300 BC one of the best-preserved ruins from the island.

Rhodes Colossus, Kamiros ruins, Lindos and Ialyssos ancient towns are just some of the places which remind us once again about the long history of Rhodes islands.

Greek Ruins Colossus of Rhodes
Greek Ruins Colossus of Rhodes Ruins Greece

Because of their location, Rhodes Islands had a strategic position over the years and many empires fought to the death for them.

In our days, all that remains are some ruins which tell many interesting stories about the island’s past and its role in the world.

The ruins are spread all over the island, so the easiest and fastest way to visit the sites is with a rented car. You can rent cars directly from the internet and pick them up from the airport, from the offices open in the most important towns from the islands or directly from your hotel.

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The island is beautiful and has many hidden places to be discovered. Take your time and explore Rhodes ruins, a wonderful place filled with ancient historical sites!

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I was there last summer and loved it. Great article!

Thank you so much, we are glad you enjoyed your time in Greece!

We visited Rhodes last June and it was incredibly enchanting with all its rich history! It’s crazy to think just how tall the colossus stood! Thanks so much for sharing x

I went to Rhodes on a family holiday when I was very young, I’d love to go again.

I hope you get a chance and get back someday soon as it is such a beautiful Greek Island.

Great post! I absolutely love Rhodes, especially Lindos. Its such a pretty yet historical place.

I am glad you liked it. We felt in love with this Greek Island, as soon as we explored the beautiful landscape and towns. We also like Lindos very much!

Wonderfully informative and well done!

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