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Top Activities in Rhodes, Greece

Home of medieval fortresses and ancient ruins, Rhodes Greece is one of the most beautiful islands from the Dodecanese group.Spend some quality time on beautiful beaches, visit ancient cities or enjoy the wonderful nature are just some of the things to do in Rhodes.Luxury all-inclusive resorts and cosy villages where local women still bake the bread in an outdoor wood-burning oven could be found together in the same place. This island is one of the most interesting places from Greece, a place where old and new could be found very close to each other.We selected for you some of the most interesting places to see on your trip to Rhodes.

1. Visit Rhodes Old Town

Located on the north side of the island, Old Town of Rhodes is divided into three parts: the northern part included the Palace of the Grand Master and the Acropolis of the Knights and the southern part included Hora, a place with bar, restaurants and residential. The third part of the Old Town is the Jewish Quarter.

Top 7 best things to do in Rhodes (Greece)

Rhodes Old Town Greece

In my opinion, the most interesting and beautiful part of the Old Town is the Knights Street. It is a street very well preserved and nice completely restored place, the ideal place to walk and get a good feeling of medieval life.
2. Lindos Acropolis one of the best things to do in Rhodes

One of the most famous archaeological sites from Greece, Lindos Acropolis is a place not to miss when visiting this island. It is located 50 km south of Rhodes Old Town and has a very beautiful beach nearby.

Top 7 best things to do in Rhodes (Greece)

Lindos Acropolis

Lindos was founded by Dorians and was part of the Dorian Hexapolis. Dorian Hexapolis was a structure made of 6 cities, all build by Dorians on Rhodes. It was the most important settlement on the Island until Rhodes was founded.In our days it is a very hot spot among beach lovers, having one of the most beautiful beaches from the island.
3. Kameiros

Camirus or Kameiros is a medieval city located on the northwest side of the island, very close to Kalavarda and about 50 km away from Rhodes city. This settlement was one of the most important ancient towns and together with Lindos and Ialyssos formed a powerful city-state named Rhodes.

Top 7 best things to do in Rhodes (Greece)

Kameiros Greece

The glory of the powerful city is gone and all that remained are some impressive ruins split among the hills. The excavation of the place started in the 1850s during the Italian domination. The site was completely excavated and its beauty doesn’t stop to amaze us. Exploring this medieval city is one of the most interesting things to do in Rhodes!
4. Mandraki Port

One of the most iconic places in Rhodes, Mandraki Port is one of the three harbours from the island. The place was first a guard tower and then it became one of the most important fortresses on the island.

This is the supposed location of the Colossus of Rhodes.

5. Prasonisi

This unique piece of land from the island attracts visitors thanks to its unique landscape. It is a long coastal strip of land with water on both sides. It is the ideal place to enjoy the sun and the sea on a hot day of summer.

Top 7 best things to do in Rhodes (Greece)

Prasonisi Beach Rhodes Greece

You can take a hike up to the nearest hill from where you can watch the sunset.
6. St Paul’s Beach

A place from heaven! That is how St Paul Beach looks like! It is located near Lindos and is the most beautiful beach from the island. It is a very crowded place during summer, so wake up very early if you want to get a good spot on the beach.

Top 7 best things to do in Rhodes (Greece)

St Paul’s Beach Rhodes Greece

The beach is located in a small bay with turquoise and shallow waters and beautiful landscape. It is the perfect place to relax and have fun! Definitely should be included on your list with things to do in Rhodes!
7. Monastery of Filerimos

Located 10 km away from Rhodes town, Filerimos Monastery was built in the XV century by the Knights of St John.The settlement has a gothic architecture with a large cross pattee in the stonework of the façade.

Top 7 best things to do in Rhodes (Greece)

Monastery of Filerimos Rhodes Greece

The monastery is up on a hill, having an incredible view over the nearby area.Rhodes is a very beautiful island, with very hot summers and sunny days ideal for beach lovers! It has many ancient attractions which worth paying a visit! Rhodes is a very interesting mixture of cultural elements being the perfect destination for the summer holiday!