Is Rhodes weather in August perfect for your summer holiday?

The ideal conditions of Rhodes weather in August make from this island one of the best summer destinations from all over the world.

The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is the largest of the Dodecanese islands.

Rhodes is located in the northeastern part of Athens, very close to Turkey.

It has a Mediterranean climate with warm and wet winters and dry and hot summers. Well, because of its wonderful climate and located, Rhodes is one of the best summer destinations.

Rhodes weather in august
Rhodes weather august

All year-round, the temperatures never drop below 0 degrees Celsius and on hot days of summer, it can rise above 40 degrees Celsius.

July and August are actually the hottest months of the year with average temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius.

During the hottest days, the temperatures can rise up to 38 or 40 degrees Celsius, while in the coldest days the temperatures might drop to 20 or 22 degrees Celsius.

Oh! And the air is very dry! This is one of the reasons why you will feel that there are more degrees in the air than the thermometer shows.

Another good thing about Rhodes weather in summer months like July or August is that there are no days with rain.

Yes! That is true! During summertime, there is no rain! So, you don’t have to worry about the fact that the weather might ruin your holiday! It is not the case!

You will have about 12 hours of light each day and the sea temperature around 25 degrees Celsius! What else could you wish for?!

Rhodes weather in August is just perfect!

 Actually it is so hot that during midday you will be forced to search for a place with air conditioning or to be anywhere far from the sun! Luckily Rhodes island has many beautiful and interesting places where you can escape from the mid-day hit! 

Valley of the Butterfly is just one of these places! It is located in the north part of the island, 26 kilometres away from Rhodes town. To get here you need to take a taxi or a rented car.

You know that I always advise you to rent a car when you are on an island! It is the most comfortable and sometimes the cheapest way to explore a place. 

Get the best price for your car rental today

With Rhodes is the same! I must tell you that Rhodes is not a very cheap island and taxi prices are pretty high! So, do your math and you will see that if you plan to visit the island, renting a car is the best solution!

Rhodes August Weather
Rhodes August Weather

With such great Rhodes weather in august you will spend some memorable moments up there!

But such good weather conditions come with some minuses. Because August is peak season, the island is very crowded and the prices are higher than in other months of the year.

This is one of the reasons why I recommend you to book your trip in advance!

Secure a good price and book your car and your accommodation with a few months in advance! We always do that! And we always find great deals!

When we visited Rhodes we find a great deal at Sentido Port Royal, a great hotel located on the eastern part of the island, 25 kilometres away from Rhodes city and 25 kilometres from Lindos, one of the most beautiful cities from the island.

Are you ready for your own experience at Sentido Port Royal Villas & Spa ?

The hotel is located right near the beach, has two huge outdoor pools and the services were absolutely amazing! We liked the room, the view from our room, as well as the food and the services! We relaxed each day on the beach and near the pool while sipping from a cocktail!

Great memories! 

So, to sum up, what I said: Rhodes weather in August is perfect for an unforgettable summer holiday but because it is peak season, please book everything in advance and be prepared to meet a lot of tourists everywhere!

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I use to go to Rhodes a lot as day trips from Turkey! It’s so lovely and warm there. I have very fond memories of tasty chocolate crepes 🙂

Crepes are only one of the tasty things on the Island, as Rhodes is so close to Turkey some food is also borrowed from the Turkish cuisine, so feel free to taste the sweet and savoury baklava ad Icecream while in Rhodes.

Thank you I will have to add this to our list of destinations 🙂 We have stayed in Cyprus and we really liked the climate there.

I heard that the weather in Cyprus is very similar to the weather in Rhodes. You should definitely pay Rhodes a visit when you can.

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