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Exploring the Popularity of Faliraki Beach in Rhodes

Faliraki beach, a popular beach Rhodes

Faliraki beach Rhodes is the most well-known strip of sand from island.

Everyone has heard about it! Everyone wants to see it when visit Rhodes!

But why?! I mean it is a long strip of sand more than 5 kilometres wide! Yes, it is!

But in that area, you can find everything you could wish for! No matter what are you looking for, you will definitely find in Faliraki.

Why is Faliraki beach Rhodes the most popular beach from the island?

Water park Rhodes Greece


The best way to explore the area is to book your hotel exactly in the middle of the action and each day explore a part of Faliraki!

Let me give 5 good reasons to visit Faliraki and its surroundings!

1. Water sports at FALIRAKI BEACH RHODES

Water sports are popular among tourists.

And tourists visiting Faliraki are not an exception.

The local vendors try to answer tourists need and so, on the beach you can find many centres selling different experiences on the water.

For about 50 $ per day, you can do parasailing a very interesting experience. I

f parasailing is not what you are looking for, then you can try the ski jet or windsurf.

Why is Faliraki beach Rhodes the most popular beach from the island? popular beach Rhodes

Water sports Rhodes Greece| popular beach Rhodes


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2. Cafeterias, bars and restaurants

Faliraki beach Rhodes has many options when we are speaking about food and drinks.

Along the beach and in Faliraki resort there are many cafeterias, bars, restaurants and tavernas.

What could be more relaxing then to sip a glass of wine while listening to the sea sound?!

Why is Faliraki beach Rhodes the most popular beach from the island?

Beach bar Ammades Faliraki Rhodes


A large variety of cocktails are served at the beach bars and at the bars from town.

The alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink could be picked from a large number of bars from the area.

Traditional, international and Asian cuisine can be tried at local restaurants and tavernas.

There are plenty of options on the menu, suitable for every taste.

Faliraki resort and beach has one of the most diverse selections of foods and drinks from the entire island!

3. Shopping area

After a relaxing day at the beach, on your way to the hotel from one of the most popular beach Rhodes, a short session of shopping is exactly what you need!

You are in a good mood, the shops offer you a large selection of clothes, jewellery and cosmetics, so why not buy something from Faliraki?!

Each time you will use that product you will remember the beautiful days you had during your trip to Rhodes!

Why is Faliraki beach Rhodes the most popular beach from the island?

Faliraki beach Greece


The shopping area in Faliraki is not very big but is exactly what are you looking for after a day at the beach!

4. Faliraki Water Park

You cannot say you visited Rhodes if you don’t go to Faliraki Water Park.

The water park is located close to Faliraki beach Rhodes and it is very easy to reach!

It is the largest park in Europe! Yes, you read correctly! The largest park in Europe! You can spend here a whole day and would not be enough!

Why is Faliraki beach Rhodes the most popular beach from the island?

Water park Rhodes Greece


A lazy river, water slides, black holes, the giant slide which has more than 140 m long, rafting slides, a huge wave pool and an aqua gym are just some of the things to try when you visit Faliraki Water Park!

I am sure you will have a one of a kind day here! It is the best way to have fun after a few days of relaxing at the most popular beaches in Rhodes.

5. Nightlife

Faliraki has the best nightlife from Rhodes. In the resort, there are many clubs with live music and DJ mixing! The atmosphere is really great!

Why is Faliraki beach Rhodes the most popular beach from the island?

Faliraki nightlife Beach party


You will have a lot of fun in these clubs after a long day of laying in the sun on a popular beach Rhodes!

There are also clubs and bars on the area, where you can listen to good music and drink a cocktail while chatting with your friends!

Actually, Faliraki has something for everybody! It is almost impossible not to love this resort from Rhodes!

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