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Is Travel Insurance Necessary for Your Icelandic Adventure?

Travel insurance for Iceland?! Really? Is that necessary?

When we are talking about Iceland we imagine a very beautiful country with untamed nature, an ideal place for adventurers and tourists looking for amazing landscapes and ultimate experiences.

I was lucky to visit Iceland last year. Iceland is one of the most beautiful, wild and incredible countries I have ever been to.

It is the perfect place to test your limits, to experience new things and to discover the hidden place of nature.

Well, enough about the beauty of the island. This beautiful island has also a dark face. The nature is very unforgiving with the ones who did not know to respect it.

It is a land of extremes where things could change dramatically in a matter of seconds. I hope none of you will have the bad luck to see it.

And here I am talking about accidents or incidents which might happen when you are away from medical care and any other human help.

Travel insurance for Iceland Worldwide Cover
Best Iceland Travel insurance with Worldwide Cover

Why you need travel insurance for Iceland

1. The medical services are very expensive and you might not have such an important amount of money to pay for them. Or, all the savings you have will go in a few hours spend on a hospital.

And this is the happy scenario! There are cases when private hospitals refuse to treat you without showing them proof that you will be able to pay the bill in the end.

Travel insurance does that! Help you get free medical care!

2. If you are somewhere remote you might not even know where to call for a doctor.

But if you have a worldwide travel insurance you contact their assistance and they will guide you how to do and where to call to get help

3. If you like to practice winter sports, or water sports or any kind of activities and you will get hurt, if you have a specific holiday policy valid you will get medical treatment.

Why am I saying specific travel insurance? Well, because of the fact that not all classic travel insurance cover accidents from activities.

World Nomads are one of the most famous, flexible insurances which have the best quality-price ratio from all the products from the market.

The product covers more than 150 activities, including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, caving, camping, trekking and many other interesting activities which could be done when in Iceland.

The Flexible TRAVEL insurance COVERS 150 activities you love + more

Whether you prefer to do summer and water activities or winter and snow activities, you should have a travel insurance.

Just think about any activity you wish to do on your holiday and this travel insurance will cover it. Don't take my word for it, check and see for yourself!

It is a pity to visit Iceland and not to hike on a glacier or dive on Silfra to see where the European and American tectonic plates meet.

With travel insurance for Iceland valid you can have fun and stay safe at the same time.

4. You know Iceland weather is very changeable and you might have to cancel your trip because of that. The cancellation of the trip means lots of money lost.

But with travel insurance, valid cancellation cost is covered. I want to be very clear about some aspects.

If you cancel a trip because you are not in the mood to travel or you don’t have a very good reason then no travel insurance will cover the cancellation costs.

There should be reasons independent by you which caused the cancellation of the trip in order to be covered by the insurance.

5. You might lose your luggage and all you have inside will go.

When you travel to such beautiful and wild countries like Iceland you take with you expensive and high-quality clothes to keep you warm or your gear for activities you practice usually.

The price of the equipment and even for some of the clothes could be really high.

To buy other equipment you will need money. Well, World Nomads travel insurance for Iceland cover such costs.

Having all these potential costs covered you will feel more relaxed and save on your holiday.

You can be your own chief over your money. You will know for sure that if something bad will happen you will recover all your money if you have a travel insurance with worldwide cover.