Visiting Athens Greece for a wonderful city break in Europe

Looking for ancient ruins, great food and welcoming people? Then visiting Athens is the best thing you can do and you won’t regret it!

Athens is one of the oldest cities from Europe, is the place where myths and legends were born, where gods and humans fight for supremacy and world fame.

This wonderful city is the capital of Greece and the historical capital of Europe.

A large part of the city, about 3 square kilometres was transformed into a pedestrian area and is the place on Europe with the densest archaeological sites per square meter.

Visiting Athens Temple of Poseidon
Temple of Poseidon

Acropolis is the centrepiece of the city and around it, there are many other important historical sites like the Temple of Zeus, the Hadrian’s Arch and the ancient Theatre of Dionysos.

Cosy bars and fancy restaurants could be found all over the city, some of them overlooking the archaeological sites.

The place is a real treasure when we talk about ancient ruins.

Visiting Athens

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